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  2. Proof of concept IC 1396

    Like your style that will be some image when you get it finished
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  4. Proof of concept IC 1396

    Full NB for the finished project but I'll do it in filter order I think, ie start and do the whole thing in Ha, then in Oiii and then either Sii or ESO pallette with wideband blue. Depends if I go natural or Hubble Pallette.
  5. Proof of concept IC 1396

    Is that going to be the full set of narrow band Mike or just the HA
  6. Celestron 11inch cpc XLT

    I think telescope choice is down to the individual. One man's meat is another man's poison. In my case, I don't have anywhere to permanently mount a telescope and a 127mm Maksutov is as heavy as I can manage. When I have a bad back, I cannot even manage that. However much money we have, we ALL moan about budget or the lack of it. One thing I always consider is how often I use my kit. These days I use my Nikon D3200 more than my other kit combined. I should add that I hope you enjoy your new 'scope but I encourage you to consider photography. It doesn't take lots of bucks and is easier than I ever realised.
  7. Proof of concept IC 1396

    you could very well be right on that one
  8. Proof of concept IC 1396

    I figure between 70 and 140 hours in total. It's up all year round, I stand half a chance.
  9. Proof of concept IC 1396

    that one will take some doing, Stephen and I did it and it took over 24hrs of data, and that was just Ha. Good luck
  10. Proof of concept IC 1396

    That looks pretty sharp to me Mike. I always compile mosaics in Microsoft ICE as it is much better at aligning stuff than I am I always crop the edges off each stacked sub to remove stacking artefacts then let ICE do its thing.
  11. Latest Purchases

    Not being a visual person myself I wouldn't know but that sure looks like an expensive case full. Looks great though.
  12. Solar from this morning 18.11.2017

    real nice those are
  13. Solar from this morning 18.11.2017

    It is since they changed the flight path into Stansted airport. It's the reason I am limited to 600 second subs any longer and I am more than likely to get a bloody plane going through. I would like to run half hour subs on some targets but cannot afford to chuck subs that long in the bin.
  14. Proof of concept IC 1396

    Thanks Phil, I'm not sure focus was quite as good as it could be due to the nut behind the keyboard trying to focus on a bright looking star that turned out to be 3
  15. Proof of concept IC 1396

    The guiding is a bit of alright at 10 minute subs, well done mate. Stars are pretty good shapes.
  16. Celestron 11inch cpc XLT

    Tried the 1100cpc on Thursday. We got there too early really , as it was so misty. I bought the scope from someone in Lincoln (ABS) . Needs a lil clean, but nothing drastic. Anyway I am happy, just sorting some things out (namely the cables getting tangled). Got a bumbag from ebay for a couple quid, cut a hole in it and Velcro strapped it to one side (for the dew controller). Ordered two more Velcro buckles to strap the power supply to the right hand side (its a tracer and quite small). Got my eyepiece case sorted, and ordered a telrad, rather than the 50mil finderscope . Ohh also got some pec pads, and solution to clean the corrector (rocket blower on it's way) , as for the primary its not that bad, so will get it professionally cleaned in a year or so. As for observing, well we got there at 7pm, baz arrived just after 9pm (we left at 10pm, sorry baz, short n sweet). But it was so misty initially that car headlights were like laser beams. It did settle a bit. Next time I think we will get there around 10pm after the atmosphere settles a bit. Saw a few bits n bobs, m81 looked great. So cant wait till the next time I can try it. Clear skies!
  17. The other week I made a few small adjustments to the EQ6 so last night I gave it a run to see if it had helped. The guide graph was many times better than the last time out so I am happy. I also tried pinpoint out to solve and slew to a new pane, this is going to need a lot of panes and a lot of data. Below image is 2 panes badly thrown together just to see if it worked. 40 mins each, 10 min subs, Ha. Atik 314+/L on ED80. Finder guider and SPC900 webcam. Capture in Maxim. Stack in Maxim and bolted together in Photoshop. It ain't pretty but it has worked so now to add more data. I'm aiming for a couple of hours in each filter on each pane to start with then see where we get to. Full res looks a lot less noisy but not worth uploading at this stage.
  18. A bit of Dob Modding.

    Good one Martyn, you will be having goto next
  19. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Dave
  20. Solar from this morning 18.11.2017

    Nice Graham. Its busy near you isnt it?
  21. Roypow power bank.

    It will be interesting to see how you get along with this, it looks good.
  22. Solar from this morning 18.11.2017

    Great images Graham, nice jets, nice proms!👍
  23. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  24. Latest Purchases

    Nice set up Rob
  25. At full res they are both pretty amazing with the amount of fine detail.
  26. I reckon they both are good and show slightly different aspects. More fainter stuff in the second but better star detail as Graham says, in the first. Nice comparison
  27. well thats my quick processing I think
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