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  1. Yesterday
  2. ts71 sx694ccd o3/ha/s2 filters 1800secs at least 15 of each on several dates over the last couple of months no cal;ibration frames were used in the making of this image thanks folks
  3. If you need more than one finder, these triple brackets are good... http://www.omegon.eu/mounting-brackets-and-accessories/omegon-tri-finder-finderscope-mount/p,46164 There are dual ones as well... http://www.astroshop.eu/mounting-brackets-and-accessories/orion-dual-finder-mounting-bracket/p,43584 Shop around for better prices.
  4. Hi Chris and welcome. I like the RACI finders but I think that you should keep the red dot as well. It can be difficult to be sure you're pointing at the star/position you think you are since both scope and finder will be at a right angle to where the scope is aimed. An RDF (Red Dot Finder) ensures that you are where you think you are. It sounds like you're already doing pretty well with what you've got.
  5. HI Chris, a warm welcome to EMS.
  6. Hi Richard, a warm welcome to EMS.
  7. I'll do some reccy-ing over the next week or so. Staunton Harold (the end of the reservoir near Calke Abbey) is in a dip so you lose a lot of the the horizon but might well lose some of the pollution as a result. I'll let you know.
  8. Better now they have finished the runway repairs it was like daylight at the weekends with all the floodlights I've heard that its pretty dark near Staunton Harold too. I have a mate who lives near Ticknall and he gets really dark skies.
  9. That's a great image Steve. Love the colour scheme.
  10. very nice especially in full screen size. Please can we have the details - with what,how long ,iso, etc etc just gives people a better idea
  11. A great image Steve 👍 Lots to take in... Lovely!
  12. Welcome to EMS Richard! I hope you enjoy the forum, That was a good first post 👌 Now looking forward to more posts from you, Including some images - any probs just post em, cheers! 👍
  13. Life and clouds do seem to scupper plans so regularly. I have the Baader MPCC for visual. It is lightweight and handy for screwing into 2" eyepieces, but needs different combinations of fine tuning rings to get the best out of different eyepieces, which can be a bit fiddly in the dark. Got the Altair Astro version also, which is heavier and looks more like a barlow making EP's stick out even more. (Most of my eyepieces stick out a lot without it ). The AA also slightly amplifies/reduces FOV by about 1.15x whereas the Baader is neutral.
  14. So many DSO's to look at in there and so crisp and clear.
  15. Welcome to EMS Richard. You were obviously very lucky getting to see the VLT, must have been an incredible sight, as I'm sure we're the night skies. To put images in a post... At the bottom of the reply text box, click "Insert other media" and then click "Insert image from URL". Copy/paste the image URL from Astrobin or Dropbox etc., and it should appear in your post. It would be good to see some of your images.
  16. Hi Richard. Welcome to EMS. I see you've been to Chile. Thats on my bucket list of places to see. As are the Isles of Scilly. Enjoy the forum, we are a very friendly group. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like, no matter how daft they may seem. Hope to meet you sometime.
  17. Hi Richard and welcome to EMS.
  18. Hello, I live very close to Loughborough. So that we have the glow from Leicester and Nottingham to the north and south! Been taking photos with a number of wide field lenses using a EOS650 canon SLR. Over the last year I've been using a Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX lens. Very recently for a working trip to the Isles of Scilly brought a Skywatcher Star Adventurer Astronomy Bundle and took it with me. Sadly other than a few time-lapse sequences of the moon and clouds it barely came out of the box. Couldn't see Polaris for the clouds. Back in 2013 was working in Chile in the Atacama desert. We'd been told by a local that we wouldn't have a chance of getting a visit to the VLT during our time there as they are booked up for months, but sent an email anyhow and they were awesomely accommodating. They setup a visit with an English speaking guide to see the VLT and I could gaze in wonder at the huge telescopes. Well worth a 3 hour each-way drive through the desert! Working in the desert was rather primitive, but late at night the views of the milky way more than made up for it. Sadly when I went back with a SLR a few months later, wasn't lucky with the haze and was rather busy with commissioning the water plant that I was there to do! Over the last few years been in a few places with pretty dark sky's. My favourite is the Isles of Scilly. Have had a few goes at stacking with some success but tonnes more to learn. Want to get a EQ mount and expand more with visiting darker areas in the UK. Got the Star Adventurer to have a portable kit that can travel with me. For family reasons tend to limit my travel to the UK and Europe now. Can't see if I can attach some images. Is it best to put some on Astrobin or somewhere? All the best Richard
  19. Middle of last year I was just about ready to dabble into guiding then we had bad weather then I started patio so didn't do any astronomy as an incentive to get it done then more bad weather just don't seem to get a minute these days
  20. Haha! Yes I hear ya! - I'm very experienced at having all the gear and no idea lol.
  21. Nice image Steve great detail I like the colour
  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY of yesterday I hope you had a great day
  23. No Dob -eq6 though seem to spend more time buying kit than using these days
  24. Like the look of the finderscope in the link. Will have a more in depth look tomorrow. Seems well priced as well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  25. It must be even worse for you up in Castle D. My stargazing is constantly disturbed from about 1900hours onward as the first of (what seems like) DHL's entire cargo fleet comes in to land over my house! Can't have it all though... I've heard it's pretty dark around Staunton Harold reservoir so might head over there at some point soon with the binoculars and see what I can see Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  26. I would have gone with the Baader too. Is your dob motorised Dave?
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