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  3. It's Enallagma cyathigerum, Blue Damselfly.
  4. Another sunny day, ideal for butterflies. Went to Skylarks at Holme Pierrepoint in Nottingham. Lovely walk around and took some great photo's. Not sure what the third one is? Brown Argus Brown Argus Unsure what this one is. Small Copper
  5. Cheers Andy. Saturday is the only day that I cannot get there lol. we going to get there about 10ish tomorrow night
  6. I would join you but the only night I can make it is Saturday. You're better off at belper if you don't need facilities, the skies are better there. Hope you have a good night.
  7. thanks folks
  8. Looks like it only me and thee going then rob. Would go to wymeswold but as you say never been there yet and would like to go there if someone else was there. so may go to Belper after dusk unless another site member decided to go to wymeswold. It's a shame cause there has not been a monthly meeting in may and Friday at the moment is perfect with the weather still
  9. Seems pretty damn good to me Still remember my first frustrating trip to belper with the famed EQ5 that would not even cooperate with you to find targets. At least I got to see this through your scope which made the trip worthwhile
  10. As others have said to get the division and banding at such a low altitude I think is well good
  11. Not only is it low down in the murk but the planet is only 18 arcseconds across! Looks great.
  12. Nice image Steve and detail
  13. Excellent, despite the low altitude! Lots of detail too! 👍
  14. These turned out way better than I expected -not great but OK given the seeing at low altitude C11 and Chameleon cam
  15. Yesterday
  16. oh dear so did I, i thought it looked like a firework too
  17. Just had a look at Stellarium, and it might be interesting to note that a little over 50% of the Fireworks Galaxy NGC6946 including the nucleus is in Cygnus. The Supernova is in Cepheus, about half an arcminute from the border with Cygnus. Anyway it is as near to both constellations as makes no difference. Some sources state that the (galaxy and/or supernova) is in Cepheus, some Cygnus and some mention both. I'd like to know how some of these official constellation boundaries got so unnecessarily convoluted, as it is certainly a bit of a jigsaw puzzle near this galaxy. Ten supernovae have been observed in the galaxy in the last 100 years, giving rise to the it's name. I originally thought it was called the Fireworks Galaxy because it looked like a catherine wheel.
  18. doubt if the weather is going to hold for that. but might try if it does
  19. Nice image Sheila! The nova is still bright... Do you intend further images over the next few weeks (weather permitting) it would be good to see how quickly it fades... 👍
  20. I see it is only 11 degrees above the galactic equator, so we are seeing it through a fairly dense part of the Milky Way.
  21. nice record of the N Yes I believe there is a fair amount of dust and stuff between us
  22. Very nice image with a lot of detail.
  23. I remember the burning hot sands there. Stayed a bit further west in Taurito. Nice to see some southern stars.
  24. yup seems to be lasting well there. Was a difficult target to get looking through a lot of stuff in between i think
  25. Lovely image Sheila. The supernova still looks large and bright.
  26. finally got a spare hour or two last night and saw there was a super nova about so had a quick go with the 130 and the MyT Also did unguided on the MyT, not up to the GM standard but not bad 18 subs Luminescence at 300s, was a bit murky but happy I got something
  27. Yea, can be very windy at times also. Not sure about camels though, they always miserable and got the hump. Must add > click on the images as the ones that come out on the forum are weird and blurry. Clicking on 'em makes it all good. (look better in their original resolution)
  28. First time for a while the Met office, accu weather, and bbc all say clear for Friday (I think bbc and met office share same data anyway) . Not sure whether to goto Wymeswold, or Belper after the plane folks. If its Wymeswold, would be nice if someone/or more was there, coz I have never been before. I will go wherever the majority want to go. (that be the pub then)
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