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  2. See, this is the problem, I was just messing on the PC this afters and I thought, "Wonder what the weather is like in Aus". So had a look on Itelescope and here is a shot of the all sky camera. So that's what a clear sky should look like? Its been so long since we had a starlit sky round these parts I've forgotten what they look like. Then I saw scope T17 (430mm Planewave CDK with FLI camera) was available so I jumped in and snagged a 5 minute shot to get more practice at sorting the scope and finding my files on their server. I was intending my next image to be a bit more specialised than a one shot but I couldn't resist this. This is from the jpeg they email you after a run so its rather noisy and basic. Yet to sort the Fits file. This is NGC5128 (Centaurus A) It was right overhead when I shot this, no moon so a 5 minute shot should have got something.
  3. Absolutely brilliant! Been watching NASA tv and wow, it's all very exciting. I feel sure this type of planetary research will increase rapidly. The Webb scope and others will dig even deeper to analyse atmospheres etc. these are fascinating times!
  4. 18:00hrs this evening (UK Time) if you fancy streaming it on NASA Tv.
  5. I though that was due even sooner on April 1st.
  6. ...There appears to be a large orderly fleet of objects including a huge Mimas type asteroid looking thingy, heading in our direction! Due to arrive on 4th July. Anyone with a pilots licence and a gung-ho outlook should make their presence known to the armed forces! 🚀
  7. https://phys.org/news/2017-02-insights-nature-star-v501-aurigae.html
  8. http://www.astronomy.com/news/2017/02/ulx-magnetic-field quite interesting
  9. Came across this site earlier worth a read quite interesting http://www.unitronhistory.com/restoration/fixed-pier-fabrication/
  10. Can i volunteer
  11. They have found the StarGate but need someone to sort it out
  12. On Windows 10,7,vista - powered ,active , 6.5m cables - you name it done it. Even on my I7 (very fast) its crap USB wise - same error. Works when it wants too. Never buying ZWO again - ok most likely never Can run it on a 1.5m cable at 200fps using mono8 and 320x230 res but thats no good for me. Emailed Starlight Express Ltd about there Kit - Terry says 10m active works ok - he has done it.
  13. been their with this camera, https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/7404-zwo-asi-120mm-slow-fps-rates/?page=1 i`m now running it on windows 10 on a newer more powerful pc with no problems, i`m still using the 6.6 meter usb cable, 5 meter usb and 1.6 meter printer cable, i`ve only used the camera for guiding but will do another speed test on the new pc to see if it has helped any.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Aliens, megastructures, earth II?
  16. Yes it does sound interesting... they normally leak the subject matter prior to a conference... so what's going on?
  17. must be funding time agian
  18. I'd have to have an outbuilding with a spectrohelioscope. Just for starters.
  19. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-to-host-news-conference-on-discovery-beyond-our-solar-system This looks interesting.
  20. Sounds like you were very busy and also lucky with the clear skies! 👍
  21. I did the above on Saturday with Eastbourne A S and Eastbourne Council at the Redout. We had for once clear skies and over 200 hundred people mostly families, we could see Venus, Mars. Uranus, Orion and some Galaxy, We were right on the sea front so had a lot of light pollution so we did well to see as much as we did Stephen
  22. The ZWO 120mm camera works continuously -,usually when used with the provided cable provided ,is ok. However for those of us that like to be a bit further away its seems to be a nightmare (me and a "few 100 others" anyway). It seems that ZWO have only one answer , see this below (taken off support site). But they do assure me that the usb3 version is hub friendly Its the same for active cables. Now ok there is a limit to everything and USB connections are no different but I think they could have made a point of this on the sales blurb ("Pigs might fly") - would have saved me a lot of wasted time and if I had hair removal of the same . After all my Canon camera works through a hub at 60FT 99.99% of the time So if you use these cameras then watch out don't go to far outside the 5m limit and remember the quote below. "sorry, our USB2.0 camera is not friendly with hub _________________ ZWO Founder Location:lon=120.6 lat=31.3 SuZhou China" To be fair when I use it for Planetary video or Polar alignment I can get away with the short Usb cable and ,most of the time 95%, it works.
  23. Thanks Graham, I hope you are now on the mend Thank you for the sound advice. Unfortunately, having just bought a Pole Master, my Mrs will definitely decline a new mount, too many shoes to buy to make up for the Polemaster! I have already done a belt mod with a Rowan Engineering kit. How much would you charge for a service/re-grease and to check out the tension on the belts etc??? Further, how do you usually receive the mount, can you recommend a careful carrier?? Kind regards Julian
  24. I would seriously doubt the claims for the 10 min unguided. even having a previous NEQ6 i could get nowhere near that even with very good PA. The only mount I know that will do this easily is the one I have, but I am afraid the costs for the mount (10 MIcron GM1000) are now extremely high, glad I bought one before the price shot up. Would totally agree with Grahams advice on this Sheila
  25. Last week
  26. Thanks Dave for that. Checked with rob it's not this Thursday but week on Friday the 3rd of march when we can get up there. Looks like the weather going to to be shite this week as well. What a surprise lol
  27. Thanks! They are very low tech.
  28. Hi Julian Sorry for the delay but as Darren says been in the wars a bit recently. My first reaction to spending £350.00 on an HEQ5 would be to say save your money. Sell the HEQ5 put the £350.00 to it and buy a second hand NEQ6. I am very dubious about claims made by some of these companies. 10 mins unguided would need perfect polar alignment to achieve, as for the guided figures if the mount can get 10 mins unguided then guided should be in the hours. I would recommend a belt mod and a service. Anything after that is really a waste of money. You are pretty much on the limit of the HEQ5 for imaging with your set up now. If you are serious about imaging I would sincerely suggest selling the HEQ5 and getting yourself an NEQ6. Hope this helps Graham
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