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  2. The setting circle and wixey make all the difference when hunting those faint fuzzies. I remember seeing the witches broom with my dob. Managed to see it with out a filter, but it was in Scotland under exceptional skies. Sounds like you had quite a night.
  3. Sounds like a really enjoyable session Steve.
  4. Unable to logout for about 2 weeks, click logout and the screen refreshes but still logged in
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  6. I was invited over to an Astro buddies house for a star gazing session last night. Well, I was a bit dubious about the weather at first, there was light cloud across half the sky, but no moon, and it was pleasantly warm. But I thought what the heck! Let's do it! So I gathered a few bits, 3 sets of bins and an iPad, and headed over to Bilsthorpe, a village 4 miles away. He had already got his 10” Meade ‘push to’ dob set up and was searching for M27 when I arrived. We had, over time, modded his scope with a lazy Susan, azimuth 360 deg. Setting Circle, and wixey inclinometer etc (as per Daz Type-R mods, cheers Darren!) and these along with live info from Sky Safari 5 Pro, about each objects altitude in degrees above horizon and it's current azimuth position really works well in locating faint fuzzies. We dropped on M27, M57, M56, M13, and M31 was observable… several other globs were seen too. We also spent an enjoyable time trying to see the Western veil NGC 6960, we had located 52 Cyg easily but could not see the veil at first. We tried various eyepieces with an OIII, but finally cracked it with a UHC filter. This was a first time see for my friend, an 81 year old, life long veteran of astronomy. He was quite emotional and very excited about the experience too! The Milky Way was eminently visible by 00.30 hrs… wow! We used my Vixen 2.1 mag bins and scanned the Milky Way running through Cygnus to Cassiopeia taking in the tens of thousands of stars… the coat hanger burst into view, the North America neb… so much richness in countless stars across the whole sky…! It was a great show! Perseus was there and the double cluster could easily be seen naked eye… Saturn was still visible but low to the horizon. The ISS floated over bright and beautiful! We wrapped up around 01.15 am, Yes, another wonderful, memorable night spent with a happy likeminded astro buddy. Brilliant stuff! Thanks for reading! 😊👍
  7. Once again very nice images Steve
  8. I hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve
  9. Very nice
  10. you did well to see it let alone image it! Nice clean image that, and even though relatively quiet still plenty to see.
  11. Cleared a bit late in the day Todya I manged o get the plastic bag flat to work on a full disc image Best viewd at full res
  12. Yesterday
  13. Happy Birthday Steve
  14. Please use my full title in future Grumpy Old fart
  15. Before yesterday I have had 0 problems - not that helps much
  16. Hmmm, I will pass this on to our web guru Craig, I don't understand why it's only affecting a very small number of people. I access EMS from 3 different devices both at home, work and mobile and have never had an issue like this. Its the really bizzare randomness that's making it difficult to pin down.
  17. Hi D, Not that lucky (login) just said site didnt respond in time - I am on SSE Fibre. If I ping'd the IP address it replied ok. Once it came back I was straight back in no password problem and as yet it hasn't kicked me out. As per Pete all other sites were 100%
  18. Thanks....get it done Rob
  19. I'm with VirginMedia and had that problem from Saturday evening till this morning. Could not get on the ems website never mind log in. The odd thing was that I had exactly the same problem on my phone on 4G (not Virgin). Virgin told me that my ip address had been blocked by the ems server. All other websites worked perfectly. All very unusual.
  20. Hi, Who is your ISP? In the last 4-5 weeks we have had 5 people complaining of access issues (your the 5th), the previous 4 have all been on Virgin Media, we have done nothing from an upgrade perspective, nothing has changed, nothing has been altered, yet in the last month, a very small percentage of people have been unable to log on, or EMS keeps forgetting their passwords, or lets them in then kicks them out ETC.
  21. Happy Birthday you old fart
  22. Is EMS been having problems or just me but I have been unable to connect to EMS since Sunday around 3.00pm just back now 17.30pm but is very slow. Every other site I go too has been fine. Please dont tell me to press F5 etc - it made no difference
  23. What a great day, and the weather wasn't as bad as I was expecting - though it did throw it down as we left the site! That was good timing! After the rain we had had on Friday and Saturday I was expecting the field to be waterlogged, but it wasn't at all bad. Good bits: showing off the Sun to members of the public, and talking rubbish to other Society members throughout the day Not so good bits: didn't take any sandwiches, and had a dog pee over our large society poster A big thank you to all the members who came along for the day - it was well worth the effort. All in all, and really good day, and one we are sure to do next year. Regards Monmouth3817
  24. This review is from January. Looks like it was the prototype so I would think it's been polished up by know.
  25. always good to see kingy's
  26. The mechanism bolts to the OTA only and just sits in the side of the rocker box. Will probably need a minor modification to get it to fit in the woodwork. So yes you'll be able to lift it straight out just as before. I intend to be able to do the same with my beast - just.
  27. Very nice job.
  28. Thanks for arranging Daz. Such is, I can't make it thanks to work. Fingers crossed for next month. Cheers Rich
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