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  3. Bought the camera and filters etc 3 and a half years ago, this is my very first NB DSO! Ergo, my first attempt at HST Palette. Taken at Kelling over Friday and Saturday night. Ha = 16 x 5mins, OIII = 3 x 5mins, SI = 2 x 5mins. Atik 314l+ mono, Baader 7nm Filters, ED80. Processed in DSS and Photoshop 5. No calibration and very little idea Needs a lot more work before I get it to it's best but it also needs about 100 x more data!
  4. Lego Apollo Saturn 5 Rocket.

    Finished it an hour ago after getting it at 11am Sat. Couldn't stop apart from meals and natural breaks lol. Fabulous kit - well worth the money and tons of fun. Will put build pics up soon.
  5. Dear me I thought I was getting on then you mentioned lost in space, I’m sure that was on the radio in late 40s early 50s
  6. My Kelling efforts!

    Nice images and a first M42. Glad you got some clear skies. Steve Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. Latest Purchases

    In all seriousness it is a great purchase. I had realised I had left my mat at home and I was tramping mud, grass and water in to the tent. Went into the town with the intention to buy a cheap carpet type one. This is so much better, it really gets the crud off before going in and doesn't hod the moisture. £3.99 well spent I'd say.

    H Hi Sheila Had a great time at kelling Heath. Managed to buy a scope and mount and see some objects whilst the skies were clear. Also met a load of very nice people. So: Could I please book pitch 234 again for 2018. Dennis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My Kelling efforts!

    Very nice.
  10. New member

    Thx think more luck than skill as I said all new to me. Just been looking at some of the pictures posted from Kelling amazing Need to get myself to Belper see if I capture something else.
  11. New member

    Nice detailed close up.
  12. Latest Purchases

    seriously i need a door mat like that not joking lols
  13. What a brilliant week at Kelling.

    Kelling Heath Our first ever stargazing event and my Wife and I realy enjoyed the whole event so I guess it’s time to find some used equipment for now until we get used to things, have already booked Kelling Heath For next year so it’s lots of reading and searching. I guess the journey begins. Once again thanks to Sheila.
  14. My Kelling efforts!

    I managed just 2 subjects over the 4 days, both with the Canon 1000d, I then bought a small CCD camera and spent what clear sky time I had trying to get it focused!! First M42 at 4.30 am! Then a few subs of NGC 7380 (The Wizard nebula)
  15. Hit on the head

    One of my own: An astronomer was crossing a busy road when a huge fireball flashed across the sky. He stopped to look and was run over by a lorry. The verdict at the inquest was death by natural causes. I've just got a working dog for the unemployed.
  16. Hit on the head

    This is the corniest joke I've ever heard: Q. What do you call a fish without an eye? A. Fsh
  17. One is amused

    Amazing to see one's ancestors on the telly: http://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/fwwx2v/victoria--s2-e5-entente-cordiale/
  18. Like landing someone on the Moon, it's not rocket science. I just use high ISO and short exposures and spend cloudy days paging through hundreds of frames. If it appears on successive frames, it is a satellite trail. I caught this one 3 days ago in the Summer Triangle: P.S. The fainter trail above it and to the right is a satellite.
  19. Latest Purchases

    That mat is everything you could would wish for and if not you can hang it on a wall and store all your 17mm nuts in it
  20. Kelling 2017 the aftermath.

    Likewise Ron On my bino capture list I had: M13,M31,33,M42,M45,M51,M81,M82 Double cluster, Owl cluster, some other couple or so clusters (I'd need Phil to tell me which ones as he was guiding both Dave and myself around Cas.) I got a reasonable amount of imaging done too but I need to go through the data yet. Clouds were causing a lot of issues, particularly on Saturday night but it was a jolly good couple of nights. The tea tent seems pretty good and will be a real bonus up Belper. It has the added bonus of being a decent amount warmer in there too with the urn acting like a little radiator too. It was really good to catch up with everybody, it has been far too long since I was at Kelling. Next year is all booked and paid for though and the dates marked in SWMBO's diary so there's no excuses for me not making it next year.
  21. A few from Kelling 2017

    Thanks Pete. Too tired to process properly. I will try to get this Cocoon to load again. Well that didn't work so I will do it the old fashioned way.
  22. New member

    Shot this sometime back before getting the ZWO camera, still interesting to see [USB2.0 3M UVC Camera] Resolution=2048x1536 FPS=15.00 Colour Space=MJPG Output Format=AVI files (*.avi) Frame Rate Limit=Maximum Roll=0 Exposure=15.6ms(Auto) Timestamp Frames=Off Brightness=128 Contrast=32 Hue=0 Saturation=32 Sharpness=16 Gamma=120 Backlight Compensation=0 Gain=128 Apply Flat=None Subtract Dark=None Display Brightness=1 Display Contrast=1 Display Gamma=1 TimeStamp=2017-07-16T18:10:04.6523926Z
  23. A few from Kelling 2017

    All very nice, you have been busy.
  24. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I have just ordered a copy of "Making every photon count" so hopefully that will give me a better understanding of what's involved in all of this.
  25. Latest Purchases

    I couldn't resist sharing your excitement Mike, and can confirm that this is a superb and fully featured door mat. Never has a door matt performed so flawlessly for so long. We've had no serious problems with ours over the last 20 years and would never want to part with it. I just can't emphasise enough how these mats can enhance your life for the better. I'm surprised that you haven't had people offering to swap you a big Nagler or Ethos for it. You have an incredible investment there and I hope it makes you as happy as ours has made us.
  26. A few from Kelling 2017

    I see Dropbox is playing silly beggars again. The Cocoon might appear at some point
  27. What a brilliant week at Kelling.

    It was good to meet up with you again Mike.
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