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  2. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    For a first attempt that is one to be proud of. You will be better off next time to knock the iso down to 800. This will produce less noise in your images.
  3. Thurs 21st Belper

    Look forward to the next time. I find I weird how I am using an avx eq mount and have to do polar alignment, level the scope, then do 2 star alignment and then I add 3 more calibration stars, and yet the goto is about 1degree out all the time. Tony uses his dob, just points it north, 2 star alignment, and its done (not to an exact science, but way better than mine). So I end up looking at the usual suspects as I know where they are . Can't wait for the next time. SGL2017 maybe?
  4. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    Hey that's pretty good Kev. Hope the guys (caretakers?) on the field didn't ruin any images (when they drove off pointing the car headlights at us). Look forward to next time.
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  6. New member

    I'm lucky enough to work for a Swiss company and travel quite frequently to the country. There is a mountain peak 1606 meters up and accessible by road all year long, just need to workout how to take my kit on a work trip and wangle a weekend stop over ! A quick look on the net and there really are some stunning visuals taken there. Chasseral Switerland
  7. New member

    Do we have postcodes for the sites. Is there a Long Eaton site ?
  8. New member

    Back in the good old UK. Joined the dark site, just need a clear night and will visit
  9. Circumference but no radius...

    Amazing, and excellent on my 27" iMac screen. Thanks for the share.
  10. Thurs 21st Belper

    Kev : as sure as day follows night.....it will get expensive !
  11. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    Thanks Mick. Something tells me my camera setup isn't optimal (not to mention my f5.9 ota and lack of neq6 as well!) . I think I maybe need to tinker with the iso and exposure length, maybe? All the terrestrial amateur photographers I've spoken to tell me I need a lower iso level, but I'm not sure they're all too familiar with deep sky imaging. I think a bit more experimentation is on the cards.
  12. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    Dobs are never easy to image with so with the equipment you used I think it's turned out great. An itch well scratched I would say
  13. My Alt/Az Mount build diary

    Thanks guys it means a lot too me that you are following my progress. Thinking ahead a bit. I'm going to struggle with the bottom disc it's 5" long and 5 1/2" wide and once in the lathe I cannot cut the entire length as the end hits the saddle. I wanted a slight taper on it and some decorative grooving to give it some character. I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on here and come with a solution.
  14. Bought my 200p Dob, diy equatorial platform, a newly aquired dslr (an unmodded Canon 450d) and various other gubbins along to the Belper meet on 21/09/17, to attempt some rough and ready imaging. I'm well aware these are far from the ideal tools for the job, but regardless, I had a major itch i needed to scratch! First things first was to take some "flats" near the horizon before the sun set. As a photographic luddite (photography is largely a mystery to me) I set iso to 1600 and exposure length to 6 seconds for the night (not sure my eq platform will permit subs >20 seconds). Next was to polar align and level my platform and Dob. Then connect the dslr and focus setup with my diy Bahtinov mask. Next came the "darks". All taken with the same settings as above, but with the scope cover on. My main subject of the night, was M31. So all in all I took 40 flats, 40 darks and 189(?) lights. All at 6s exp, Iso 1600. Thanks to the dew heater batteries in my telrad going flat, finding my subjects were trickier than they should have been. As a consequence, my other dso images (m51, m57 and m13) never materialized. Better learn to walk before I run, as they say. So after some post processing with deep sky stacker (again with my prior experience of this stuff being virtually non-existent) i came up with this ropey effort. Any opinions on how I can improve much appreciated!
  15. Thurs 21st Belper

    Great to meet you both. The views from your Nagler were truly spectacular. Now I see what your paying for when you invest in one! I had a mixed bag, imaging wise. It's a steep learning curve but it's my first go, so I guess I need to keep my expectations in check, especially with my limited equipment. I can see this getting expensive. 😁
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  17. Thurs 21st Belper

    Glad you had a good night.
  18. New member

    Lets hope. Clear skies are rarer than pearls in oysters
  19. Thurs 21st Belper

    Was a good session. Hope your Astropics worked out well Kev. We observed the usual suspects (m13,31,57,27,81/82) plus the blue snowball, NGC 869 (double cluster), Neptune, lots of double stars. Was nice to try my new panoptic, and 22m nagler, very impressed. However I am still having mega probs aligning the scope for goto. AVX mount > if anyone has insights perhaps at the next meet, or the SGL 2017 star party. Hope kelling goes well. And clear skies for all!
  20. My Alt/Az Mount build diary

    Indeed it is. Its really taking shape now Mick. Great work.
  21. another M45

    That is very pretty.
  22. My Alt/Az Mount build diary

    Superb workmanship.
  23. My Alt/Az Mount build diary

    Thanks for the info Rob. A little bit more done today. First attatched one of the discs onto the side of the mount with M6 cap head screws. Then Cut out the plastic with a hacksaw and mounted them into the lathe to round them off. I then drilled M5 and with countersunk screws attached them to the disks. The M10 threaded bar is only there to align the discs. My next job is to increase the bore size to 1" and secure this into the end disc with a M12 thread. This shows the bearing which has a 1" inner diameter, a 1.500" outer diameter and is 1.750" long. I will make the shaft originally from aluminium but once it is all working will make a stainless steel shaft. Problem is i have trouble cutting stainless on the myford especially threading, the material is so damn hard. You can see both discs sandwiching two 6mm discs of UHMWPE.
  24. My Alt/Az Mount build diary

    All it is is a standard 3/8" (i think) standard photo tripod thread. Nothing more to it than that. Berlebach don't charge anything for that, as theres no specific fit / adapter as such Check out the webpage : look at the dropdown options for 'mount' and you'll see DM6 listed. https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=350&sprache=english You don't have to have that fitting though ? One advantage is that i can mount other photo gear on the same tripod. If you are ordering direct the poor Pound / Euro exchange may penalise you. Theres other vendors that may be cheaper such as FLO. They may not have a DM6 fit though. Whatever fit you opt for, i can recommend the spread stopper ( with tray) So much better than those awful chains. Double leg clamps are good too, under a heavy load. HTH
  25. Sol 22-9-2017 WL

    WO 132 herschel wedge PGR Chameleon cam Click for full res
  26. My Alt/Az Mount build diary

    Rob just wondering what size is the thread that connects the DM6 to the tripod. I asking this as I'm hoping to get the Barlebach Planet tripod with the DM6 head.
  27. https://www.screwfix.com/p/british-general-922wr-13a-2g-single-pole-wi-fi-extender-socket-white/7706v Note limit of 15m
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