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  3. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9aHac2P5RgVWmVGQ2FXSFpRd0U
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  5. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9aHac2P5RgVVGRmNVRnTkgteGc
  6. First of tonight before the rain comes https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9aHac2P5RgVQzdSQ3hKZXJ5ZnM
  7. Or indeed it's own name... but let's face it, they're all guilty to one degree or another. I mean, even the BBC can barely spell anymore.
  8. I'm suprised the Express gets the date right on its front cover
  9. Well I'm looking forward to this heatwave. After returning from the south of France (we saw the fires), and 30+ degrees everyday and 25 every night, it has been a bit of a shock coming back to UK weather. Of course The Express is always right and my weather apps are way out predicting maximums of 21 c for the foreseeable future. What absolute drivel!!!
  10. Happy Birthday Derek hope you had a good one [emoji437][emoji513][emoji324][emoji482][emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry Graham it doesn't work like that - lots of overhead traffic just being connected. Should slow down and check good old M/S isn't doing an update download etc = only zero mb's is pull the plug on the Dongle.
  12. I get my interweb via a dongle. Now I have just had to top up my data allowance yet again. If I turn off the web and emails on my PC the used MB total on the dongle is climbing at around 40MB an hour. Why is this ???? Surely if the PC is not doing anything the total should remain static.
  13. What a load of old b------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ladderdash I nearly typed somehthing else then
  14. Lets hope they do it Graham!!
  15. Awesome Steve, best I've seen!
  16. Update. Amazon are refunding my money but more importantly they are going to check out my claim once they have received this pile of c**p back and when satisfied what I have been saying is correct this company will be removed from Amazon. That I will believe when I see it but I live in hope.
  17. Wow! That really shows off the whole region.
  18. Superb job, thanks very much Graham.
  19. Yup I like that one too. Great work from so little data.
  20. That's a cracker. Dave
  21. 6 pane of Ha and O3 taken over 2 nights. Just 3 subs /pane /filter of 600 secs TSIS 71 and SX694 I may go back and reprocess but quite like this one. click for larger image
  22. http://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/828381/bbc-weather-forecast-hot-uk-heatwave-news?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=DX%2FSolarFlareUK&utm_term=DX%2FSolarFlareUK&utm_content=DX%2FSolarFlareUK Now lets not get started on what utter, utter bottom gravy this is... Predicting solar flares 3 weeks ahead, having an adverse effect to the degree described on weather etc, nauseating etc. What i'm really getting at is, as astronomers, amateur or otherwise who hopefully talk reasonably good science on the whole, what chance have we got when a national newspaper posts such drivel to be read by the largely uniformed (no crime in that) masses who take this stuff as red/read (which one is is it by the way, I'm never sure!). I give up. I think i'm going to sell up my gear, keep the charts and planisphere and take up astrology! (amazed, thought the bad language checker would pick that word up - note to moderators...) And the Moon landings? Saw the mountain ranges they filmed them in on the A Team the other night, they just used black and white film so you couldn't see the blue sky. Bring me my tinfoil helmet! Nurse Nurse! More of those funny tasting Smarties.
  23. happy birthday matey
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