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  2. Solar from today 19.01.2018

    Nice one Graham
  3. Staff update.

    Good decision
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  5. Solar from today 19.01.2018

    Actually got to do some solar today. Almost forgotten what the sun looks like its been so long. Usual kit Click on image a couple of times for full res.
  6. Staff update.

    welcome back Martyn good to have you back
  7. Staff update.

    welcome back Baz
  8. Staff update.

    Great stuff, good to have you back Martyn
  9. Gadget tester

    Baddest thing on there was a rope with bells on you hung on a door, for training a dog that needed to go for a toilet 😂😂😂😂 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XWYX9S4
  10. Staff update.

    Welcome back Martyn
  11. Gadget tester

    That could be fun, you could get to play with some really cool stuff, you could also get a load of old pony, but then you can give it an objective review. Let me know when you get anything which says "Stand back at least 50 metres" in the instructions!
  12. Staff update.

    Good morning all. I have decided that somethings are more important than my trivial problems, the stars are up there for a good while longer than me, so I want to make the most of staring at them. Astronomy for me has been the only hobby/obsession that I have ever stuck with. I have done the other stuff like fishing, spent fortunes on all the gear and then a few years later decided to sell it all as it isn't something I have the inclination for. Astronomy is different, there is so much more to learn. True, you can spend a fortune on the gear, but you can also do some great work even with a modest bit of kit. There's the usual frustrating times, but when it goes well, that buzz lasts for days if not weeks. I hope to get back to contributing to a great forum with some great members, I'll have a catch up and see What's what. Many thanks for your warm welcomes back.
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  14. Staff update.

    Good to see you back Martyn.
  15. Staff update.

    Welcome back Martyn! 👍
  16. Staff update.

    That's great news Martyn.
  17. Staff update.

  18. Staff update.

    good old Martyn, welcome back
  19. Staff update.

    Welcome back Martyn
  20. Staff update.

    It's good to have you back Martyn
  21. Staff update.

    It gives me great pleasure to announce that Martyn aka Baz has returned to being admin after a short break. Welcome back Martyn!
  22. Gadget tester

    A while ago filled in a form that came with an item I bought my son about testing new products and giving them reviews, forgot all about it ffwd one year had an email to join said program , so after they deposited £10 into my paypal and had an email with half a dozen products picked a wireless doorbell as mine had packed up all I paid was delivery, today doorbell arrived from AMAZON , result , 51 ringtones think I will set it on ding dong . Hopefully better products to come .
  23. My next new DIY ALT/AZ Mount build thread

    Great work Mick. With you all the way on cutting out the "technology".
  24. Hi all, The January monthly meet is going to have to be put back from the last Saturday in January to the next weekend, which is Saturday 3rd February 2018. Start time is 19:30 hrs We are supposed to have the meet up at the Belper dark site, but I am just wondering what the conditions are like up there, what with all this rain and snow we have had, so the club house at Wymeswold has also been booked. So closer to the time, we will decide on a location, if it looks to be clear and the weather in the next 2 weeks has been somewhat decent, then we will give Belper a try, if its poor weather conditions on the night, then we will go to Wymeswold, so watch this space. Regardless of where we are, tea, coffee and a selection of biscuits will be available, please remember to bring your own mug and £1 to cover the costs of the refreshments. The £1 entitles you to multiple drinks and snacks. Like previous meets, there will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions, bring any kit you need us to look at, help with collimation ETC, just shout up below so we can bring the necessary kit with us. No specific agenda this month, hopefully if the sky clears then we will be able to do some observing / AP, so weather permitting, bring your kit. The moon will rise around 21:00 unfortunately and is pretty much a full moon, so could ruin and observing that we plan on doing. Any questions please feel free to ask away and I hope to see a number of you there, any newbies hoping to come along, please shout up and I will post directions / address if required. Hope to see you there. and fingers crossed for clear skies.
  25. Design your ep case

    The other brilliant features are that you can specify a depth for the eyepiece to sit in the foam and they cut it precisely to the 3d contours of the eyepiece. You can also specify neat finger cutouts and the position you want them to be so you can easily retrieve the eyepiece. Each eyepiece is an object, so you can drag it around and rearrange its position or delete it. In the settings you can make the object snap to a specified grid size (say 10mm) or position it exactly to the millimetre. Very useful features I thought.
  26. Design your ep case

    What a great idea, good find!
  27. Design your ep case

    Just found this website where you can use a simple cad program to design and then purchase your own eyepiece case with the foam cutouts professionally done. It has a library of eyepieces to just copy and paste into the drawing. At the moment the eyepiece library is not that comprehensive, but does have a lot of Televue and Explore Scientific eps and a few other makes. Or of course you can measure your own and draw it in or get a photo on screen to trace the outline. The library also contains guns, rifles and camera lenses, if you want those in your case. Once you've designed your case you can save it online for future tinkering or buy the case with the custom cutouts, or just buy the foam with cutouts to fit your own case. It is a brilliant idea, but it isn't cheap, although you can use it free of charge just to experiment on the layout of your case and then use whatever foam insert you have and cut it yourself... https://www.mycasebuilder.eu/ Here's a screenshot of a quick design...
  28. Last week

    Fingers crossed you have clear skies Dave.
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