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  2. 1000mm deep whoops typo
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  4. Sounds like you had a great night. I had my first bin scanning session for ages on Friday night.
  5. I know someone equipmentally challenged but he's mentally challenged as well. Maybe he's FUNDA mentally challenged, too.
  6. My Mrs complains about how much room my telescopes take up.
  7. I would say about 30mm wing to wing.
  8. The mrs said i have ruined the lawn , i say a 600 mm sq hole 100mm deep looks good ,ok the pier base build is on thoughshe not too happy though ps how does so much soil come out of a small hole
  9. Top photographs again Mick, how big is this species??
  10. What a place, pretty awesome. Lovely hot day once again. This was an East Midlands Butterfly Trip and we went to see the Duke of Burgundy butterfly. Well we saw at least 25 of them. The first few were in excellent condition but the last ones were very tatty. Also seen were: Common Blues, Small Blue, Holly Blue, Brown Argus, Green Hairstreak, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Green Veined White, Brimstone, Small Heath, and Large White. Lovely day a few photo's of the burgundy's below.
  11. Did the crop again with not so much pushing so the Pillars stand out more
  12. I remember all except Torchy and Four Feather Falls.
  13. Taken with TakFSQ106 at SSO Australi. Just a 5 minute taster on the area. Plus a crop of the Eagle itself from the main image
  14. M92

    Super image that John. The colours are excellent.
  15. Now don't tell my Mrs but I have enough gear! As my time to go out has been seriously restricted, mostly by spending 13 hours a week getting to/from work and not getting enough time at lunchtime to do solar hydrogen alpha shoots. If I got more gear, I wouldn't have time to use it. One thing I got for £17 was an intervalometer. I can take shots while getting on with other things inside!
  16. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9aHac2P5RgVdXAyUWVEak5Tbmc/view?usp=sharing
  17. M92

    Ha ha! I think we've all be there at some point!
  18. Last week
  19. M92

    I rather like M92 but I'm not sure I could catch it in my DSLR. One really clear night, it was so bright I thought I'd discovered a new comet. Thanks to Mr. Messier, I didn't claim it.
  20. Thanks, Steve.
  21. Nice one Phil! 👍
  22. M92

    Well I managed to do some imaging over the last two nights it's been a couple of months since I've seen a clear night!! I've been setting up my dual rig after purchasing a baby 6" version of my GSO 12" RC so I now have that attached piggy back style to the big one. The goal is to try and acquire faint detail with the L data from the big scope and some RGB data from the QHY8L OSC color attached to the 6". I figured this would be OK as the eye apparently mainly perceives intensity rather than colour so less photons in the colour data probably wouldn't be to big an issue. The previous owner of the 6" scope had had problems collimating it but I identified the problem as the kendrick secondary heater that spilt out into the main optical train and created some 'orrible diffraction issues. I started trimming it back but in the end removed it completely and it solved the problem. Th 6" is now 'perfectly' collimated and producing images that it is renown for. Not much visible in my tiny slice of sky except a few globs and I have imaged M13 so many times I thought I would have another bash at M92. I say another bash as I have tried it before and it's a tricky one to capture as the core is so bright, not sure if there are some foreground stars in front of it but it always burns out. 10 Mins saturated it, so I went for a load of 5 min subs. In the end I bolted the whole lot together so this is 3 hours worth in total of L data - 1 hour of 10 min subs and 2 hour of 5 min subs through the QHY11 on the 12" RC. This next image is a combination of the above and 1 hours worth of RGB data from the OSC QHY8L attached to the 6" RC. The color data was before I managed to identify the diffraction issue associated with the heater but even so the two seem to match up quite well and prove the concept works Okish.
  23. Got this last night, guiding was out because of a USB lead problem so unguided 60 to 120 sec exposes X38 ISO 800 ED80+ reducer/flattener and modded 1000d
  24. This is a great image but it zooms in too quickly. The widefield version is only visible for less than half a second before it zooms. Any chance you could put the unzoomed version up separately please Clive?
  25. Now come on, Clive. You and Sheila will be giving me equipment envy. Having said that I'm a firm believer in that having great kit does not make an astrophotographer. There's still a lot of skill and practice.
  26. Really quite amazing! Great shot!!!!!
  27. This is not my best ever M44, not by a long way. What I did like is that I caught it at a time of year when I simply would not have expected to. It was last night.
  28. IR rgb with the C11
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