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  3. Graham

    Wiring up the mount.

    Against all expectations my Servo motors turned up today. After going to collect and pay the import duty I finally had my motors safe at home. First job was to unpack everything and lay it out on a table. As the sun was shining the garden was the perfect place. This is all the kit I am going to be fitting. After examining the Servos and their cables it dawned on me that although I had requested the longest cables they did these were not going to be long enough. Time for another cunning plan. After some careful measuring and marking out I let rip with the angle grinder. I decided to mount the Servo CAT unit inside the mount's body. After cutting a letter box out of the side I then welded a plate in to act as a shelf for the Servo CAT to sit on. It was then time to remove the covers and start threading the wire up through the mount. RA Axis Dec Axis. It was then a matter of drilling and cutting a slot in the side of the bodies to allow the motor and encoder cable to pass through. After fitting the cables through a grommet the covers were screwed back into place. This is what the business side of things now looks like. I will make a bespoke cover to tidy up the letter box once I get back to work. Tomorrow I will see if I can make the brackets for mounting the motors. More to follow as it happens.
  4. Ibbo

    Luna 20-4-2019 6 pane mosaic

    WO 132 ZWO 178 MC cam do the clicky thing for full res
  5. dave.hardy2

    Regim stacking Software

    I have combined 10 x 300sec with the 49 x 90sec in Regim and it worked a treat I did it just how you suggested. I do have an issue with the gradient removal though, when it finishes it flashes up with an image with the gradient removed then it just goes back to the image with the original gradient so not sure what is going on with that.
  6. Ron Clarke

    Bright Moon night!

    It was a very bright full Moon last night but I managed to add 4 more to my Messier imaged list and a extra M13.. Ron
  7. Ron Clarke

    Ron's Photo's

    My images, mostly astro taken with a Canon DSLR
  8. Ron Clarke

    Messier list 2019

  9. dave.hardy2

    Regim stacking Software

    I have now. Here is my latest just reprocessed, my last one didn't get the gradient to work but I have now sorted it I will have a go at multiple nights later.
  10. Cracking pics Mick, they really show off the colours well.
  11. BAZ

    Jupiter 12-4-2019

    Very nice images there, it's been a while since the planets got a look in.
  12. Bottletopburly

    Regim stacking Software

    Excellent result Dave well done 👍 I imaged m13 last night so will see later how it went , I think I sussed multiple nights images just need to have a play in startools and see if I was successful, basically you stack in regim as normal save result for each separate night then you redo a stack but you only use the final images produced and untick do calibration this should add both images together then from this you can run gradient removal b-v colour etc, well that’s how I think it happens if I followed Andreas correctly, Andreas looked over my workflow and says all seems correct, have you tried the plate solving and gradient remover Dave ?
  13. dave.hardy2

    Regim stacking Software

    I think I have it this was last night 50 x 90secs with flats and bias frames no darks with a near full moon Stacked in Regim Processed in Startools and CS6 M44 The Beehive Cluster
  14. Yesterday
  15. Graham

    Jupiter 12-4-2019

    Thats a great set of images you have there Steve.
  16. Ibbo

    Jupiter 12-4-2019

    WO 132 ZWO 178MC ADC x 2.5 P/M
  17. Ibbo

    Sol 19-4-2019 Ha

    60mm Lunt D/S Chameleon cam click for full res
  18. They are small about the size of a 20 pence piece.
  19. They are pretty little things
  20. Ron Clarke

    A few Green Hairstreaks from today

    Great photo's Mick, they look quite small?? Ron
  21. Just a quick 2hrs on this one. Usual kit and processing in Pixinsight. Thanks for looking 🔭😉
  22. Went to Warren Hills today and there were at least 30 of these stunning newly emerged hairstreaks.
  23. Graham


    He is a handsome chap Great photo Ron.
  24. Graham

    A bit more progress today.

    A couple of photos of the new rig. This give you a good idea of the size of this lot. This is my AZ EQ6 in the foreground. I had to relocate it in the obs to give me enough room to rotate the new set up. ST 80 fitted as a finder scope. Straight down the middle. I have now set up the secondary using a laser. All I need now is a clear night so I can collimate the primary.
  25. Graham

    Solar from today 19.04.2019

    Had a great couple of hours this morning before the haze descended once again. Usual kit. False colour added in PS 6.
  26. This weeks offerings. Had loads and loads of very small hits last night that were not captured on the screen display as an image. Possible shower ??
  27. MeadeUser

    Round Ali plate, for Pier Adapter

    That’s very kind of you, I think I will order it, and see what it’s like when it arrives, it may well be fine But many thanks for the offer.... 🙂
  28. Doc


    Lovely photo Ron.
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