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  2. A lot of interesting stuff happening 93 million miles away.
  3. Today
  4. Excellent images Wayne 👍 I hope you get some more opportunities in the near future too.
  5. forgot the ring of fire
  6. Baader Coma corrector eventually turned up ,Bernard at Modern Astronomy had to get it from the european distributor as the UK dealer had no stock
  7. Looking good there.
  8. Great images, yes it sure was cold!!
  9. Very nice.
  10. Morning all.. Its been a while with a hell of a lot on my plate for the past few months but managed to extend my pier last weekend and get back into the swing of things...just a quick test last night on my equipment after being sat for a good few months so a hours worth on each image...core of the Rosette and a touch of the Horsehead....its bloody good to be cold again
  11. Great image Graham and great detail I have not seen that one be for
  12. Nice images Steve I like the top one
  13. Nice one Steve not a lot going on
  14. Yup I see the face - upside down bottom right of center. Nice image indeed.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Cazz

    House move stuck :-/ and no Sammy :-(

  17. Thanks. Can anyone else see the face.
  18.   how dare you think of that lol. It will be odd though, I've had a dog since 2001. I have just sponsored a dog near the WW site, that I can go and visit, she's called Molly
  19. That is a lovely Graham.
  20. Hope you've done the right thing with the dog-free flat Cazz. Once a dog lover, always a .... Not sure a hamster will suffice.
  21. Thanks everyone, it means a lot :-) It's very weird without him being here! There'll not me another Astro Dog as I'm due to move into a dog free flat soon :-/ How about an Astro Hamster or two? ;-)
  22. Thanks folks. It's a new one for me as well.
  23. That's a lot going on there, cracking image Graham.
  24. New one to me Graham, good image mate
  25. in a simple nutshell yes I will not get started on intelligent design either
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