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  2. Delphinus and Vulpecula

    It was a bit hazy last night and my camera lens is overdue for a clean. I split a larger photo and processed regions individually. Here's some lesser-known constellations. I stacked 11 light frames (out of about 30) and 18 dark frames.
  3. Waning Crescent 6.4%

    Excellent shot.
  4. Today
  5. Waning Crescent 6.4%

    A quick spur of the moment capture at 06:50 UTC. Quite noisy but it was pretty light by that time. ED80 and Point Grey Blackfly.
  6. Eddie's Coffin

    Looking good Mike, especially like Thor's Hammer will have to make myself one of them.
  7. Out in the field at SGL

    That's good for a phone!
  8. Eddie's Coffin

    Tidier than my shed mine looks like a grenades gone off
  9. Eddie's Coffin

    It will stop armour piercing rounds though. Nice bit of shedding there. You have to detune your shed tidiness emotions when you have a project on the go, the project and sustaining the average brew rate are priorities.
  10. Yesterday
  11. September monthly meet.

    Wondered if the meet will be next sat (orionids and newish moon) . Of course it looks at the mo, like its a dodgy night for clear skies, but that could change.
  12. Eddie's Coffin

    I have for a long time been transporting the ED80 wrapped in a duvet. Time for a change! Searching through my extensive stockpile of odds and ends of ply I found a likely candidate piece of 2 x 4ft 3/4 ply. So I ripped it down with the circular whirling wheel of death into strips to make the sides and ends. A piece of 1/4 ply forms the base and is glued and pinned on. This will not be load bearing when complete, it is just there to stop things falling out of the bottom and to keep the whole thing enclosed. Another piece of 1/4 will form the lid top. I have a deadline of making it functional by the end of this week as I am off away for a couple of nights with the rig. I have some over centre latches in my collection of "precious items" as well as a pair of sturdy handles. A length of piano hinge will be the only purchase required. So far I have the sides and ends fixed to the bottom. Tomorrow comes the chopping off of the top 3 inches to form the lid and also the cradle for inside to hold the ED80 secure. I do intend making a couple of lift out trays for odds and ends, a bahtinov mask retention device and filter rack in the voids left over in the box. It is also the first time I have had proper need to use the mallet I made out of firewood earlier in the year. P.s. The man cave is usually much tidier! It's giving me shivers looking at the mess lately.
  13. IAS Show 2017

    Its usually December time, at the earliest, before you can buy tickets. (i think) And it may be new year before the speaker line up is confirmed.
  14. Out in the field at SGL

    Visual for me. But I took this on me phone Saturday morning about 4am
  15. TotalNoob

    I've been working in Switzerland for the past 10 years but only recently got into astronomy. For the first time in my life I'm blown away by the stars. Just sitting for 30 minutes on the edge of the lake I can see the outlines of the Milky Way . Least to say I will be investing in some binos 😀

  16. IAS Show 2017

    Thanks Rob for confirming about Astrofest. Looks like it was a great line up for 2017, will be interesting to see who is lecturing next year. I will get tickets shortly. All the best Richard
  17. A bit of Dob Modding.

    That's not a bad idea Steve, I wondered about mounting it underneath, but that was a step too far. There is a large needle roller thrust bearing between the base and rotating table. That's just a large washer to spread the load so it doesn't pull clean through the board.
  18. A bit of Dob Modding.

    A ‘lot’of dob modding, more like! That looks a solid mod after all your graft! I can imagine your frustration having to raise the dob to clear the encoder... I like how you have captivated the encoder shaft in your center bolt. Does your center bolt have a thrust bearing under it to allow your rocker box to turn easily? For future consideration, I was wondering if it might be possible to design a 1 to 1 set of drive cogs+chain or a small 1 to 1 belt drive that might allow the encoder to be mounted away from the base of your scope swing...?
  19. Sol 16.10.17 Hydrogen iPhone

    Here's mine...
  20. A bit of Dob Modding.

    Ooooo, nice mod. Think I will stick to the analogue version, but loving that.
  21. Sol 16.10.17 Hydrogen iPhone

    It did look very weird. That is just how I saw it earlier today.
  22. Sol 16.10.17 Hydrogen iPhone

    Would this pass as an acceptable solar image.....? I can pretend its a HA Solar pic, even though its not.... Camera iPhone 8+ taken 12:20hrs near Liverpool The 'Red sun' i'm told was caused by a mixture of Saharan dust, and Iberian wildfire smoke, carried along with Ophelia's winds. It looked quite striking anyway, like a midday sunset.
  23. A bit of Dob Modding.

    Good job mate.
  24. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    Welcome advice, philjay. I have since made the switch to iso 800, with a wide field milky way image I took a few days ago. No time to process it as yet but initial impressions point to less sensor noise. I didn't know flats weren't a must have for short exposures. I'm only half way through an led light box build too! I may as well complete it, as I'm sure I'll find use. I can confidently say 1 minute subs are somewhere between unlikely and never gonna happen with my current homebrew eq platform. I could be wrong, but i believe that is even beyond the (very expensive) commercially available dual axis units, if you can find one. They are really only meant for visual use and any rudimentary imaging is a bonus. Cheers Kev
  25. Out in the field at SGL

    Very nice, as always Sheila! Shame we was only there for the Friday/Saturday. Clear for 5hrs on Saturday, so I went home happy.
  26. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    Nice one. The 450d handles noise reasonably well but sticking to 800 max is will give you a good speed to noise ratio. For an image of this depth with short subs darks and flats weren't really essential unless your sensor is very mucky and has a lot of dead / hot pixels and you suffer from vignetting but it's good practice for when you go for longer subs. Try stretching the subs out to a minute if your platform can track for that long, you will really see the difference in the subs then.
  27. Out in the field at SGL

    LIke, like and double like!!!
  28. My first attempt at imaging - M31

    I've had a go with Gimp and a 7-day trial with Photoshop. To say the learning curve is steep for my feeble brain is an understatement! I don't suppose my colour blindness helps any, either. Gonna persevere with Gimp, though. Fortunately having read my copy of "Making every photon count", there are some useful guides I can refer to. I had no idea the post-processing stage was so involved and time consuming!
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