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  2. ngc7000

    Nicely done Sheila, I am looking forward to seeing this again visually. You never know, you might even stick the old mark 1 on an eyepiece again.
  3. August Monthly meet.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, I was aiming to, but the youngest loin fruit and his awesome partner who has just passed her nursing degree in Oxford will be staying over. It wasn't a done thing until today. Ah well have a good one and I'll defo make the next one.
  4. Darktower

    Yes i hear good thing of it pete I like eldris elba if you have never seen the Book of Eli give that a watch top film
  5. ngc7000

    Wow, that is dramatic.
  6. Darktower

    Will have to give that a try. Saw Dunkirk the other night, and was quite shell-shocked when I came out of the cinema. I recommend it.
  7. ngc7000

    10 hours data Ha, Sii and Oiii Tak 106 reduced
  8. Sharpless 2-129 Flying bat in ha

    That is a really faint one, but you've got a lot of it.
  9. Today
  10. Darktower

    Last day of hols finished with a trip to the cinema to see darktower - starring idris elba, based on stephen king novels i quite enjoyedit ignoring the critics views ,looking forward to the prequel
  11. latitude eq6 mod

    Had a play earlier and initial thoughts are this is definitely a mod worth doing movement seems really smooth compared to before ,which was jerky and stiff and usually meant you were fighting to get at the correct elevation and you overshot whilst eyeing through the polarscope ,set angle using my iphone to 52° so shouldn`t be miles away once i PA next time i setup which probably won't be for a while ,oh and if you do decide to do this mod don't do what i did, make a mark where the latitude scale is DOH.
  12. 4 pane in Ha with TS IS 71 and sx694 600s binned 2x2. A bit miffed its not framed properly but I can more later.
  13. August Monthly meet.

    Yes, please.
  14. Ship in Jaw story found - sad really

    Interesting stuff.
  15. Think this was the reference, by Mr Robert Shaw in Jaws, to the Naval ship (US) that created the statement https://neilchughes.com/2013/03/10/the-indianapolis-speech-by-robert-shaw-in-jaws-1975/ - well its now been found http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40991326. And for once the facts were true and unaltered - except for Mr Shaw being their !
  16. Usual Bresser 635/127 Frac ,Canon 100d mod and live stacked with Astrotoaster. Thanks Pete - will try and find some more
  17. August Monthly meet.

    I'll bring that book Derek if your still interested.
  18. Perseid 13/8/17

    Excellent Derek.
  19. Perseid 13/8/17

    Very nice derek well done
  20. Another unusual local group irregular galaxy that rarely sees the limelight. It is a bit closer to us than M31 or M33 but is difficult because it is trying to shine through a rich area of Milky Way gas and dust in Cassiopiea. This is an active starburst galaxy and is quite unusual in that it is embedded in a mostly invisible envelope of hydrogen gas hundreds of times larger than the galaxy and rotating in a different direction to the galaxy itself. Great to see these lesser known galaxies Clive.
  21. Thats a good catch what kit were you using ?
  22. Perseids have started

    2 visuals tonight. I will see if I caught something on camera later. Over 400 5 second exposures to examine.
  23. ic10-confirmed by clive stachon, on Flickr
  24. Happy birthday TasKiNG

    happy birthday
  25. https://www.flickr.com/gp/151518481@N05/i9o2DZ
  26. Yesterday
  27. August Monthly meet.

    I'm away again... hopefully make the next one. It's been too long Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  28. August Monthly meet.

    Think I will be there, currently in Loughborough
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