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  2. The East Veil and The Bubble Nebulas

    Nice images Dave
  3. Happy Birthday Brantuk

    I hope you had great BIRTHDAY Kim
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  5. Massive Black hole

    https://www.universetoday.com/98678/oddball-galaxy-contains-the-biggest-black-hole-yet/?utm_content=buffere8001&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Puts things in perspective.
  6. APT &ASPS

    I had wanted to get plate solving working in APT , after getting a bit puzzled by it downloading both plate solving applications ASPS -all sky plate solver and platesolver2, finally deleted PS2 and managed to configure ASPS and solve an image posted on APT forum ,so in theory this is ready to use within APT ,i found this article on APT forum which you may find useful http://astropetros.eu/wp/?p=669 just tried solving an image i had ,didn`t have correct path for ASPS so sorted that ,retried and success it solved .
  7. The East Veil and The Bubble Nebulas

    [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  8. Happy Birthday Brantuk

    Thanks Dave
  9. Happy Birthday Brantuk

    Happy birthday Kim!
  10. Happy Birthday DaveJW

    Been a while since I've logged on by the look of it, thanks all! Wasn't at work as it was a Saturday so I think I had a good day!
  11. The East Veil and The Bubble Nebulas

    Very nice with sharp detail to zoom into at the full res.
  12. M45 07/12/17

    I read this somewhere recently, being a common beginner's mistake and tried to take it on-board before processing. I couldn't see any difference in the dust pre blackpoint adjustment, but I agree it looks way too black. I'll take a look at the data again, and see if I can do better. I must admit, Startools isn't the easiest to get to grips with for a beginner like me. A good basic workflow is what I guess I'm struggling a bit with.
  13. The AZ clone will be made out of 90mm inner diameter ABS pipe.
  14. The East Veil Nebula 10 x 600 sec @ ISO800 with darks, flats and bias frames. Canon 1000D astro modified with a UHC clip filter guided with a finder guider and PHD2. Processed in Star Tools and finished in CS2 The Bubble Nebula NGC7635 13 x 600 sec @ ISO800 with darks, flats and bias frames. Canon 1000D astro modified with a UHC clip filter guided with a finder guider and PHD2. Processed in Star Tools and finished in CS2
  15. M45 07/12/17

    To be honest Phil, my polar alignment that night was rushed to say the least. Maybe with fewer distractions at a darksite, 2 mins is doable. Others online with similar setups claim to achieve it, so I'll no doubt try again.
  16. M45 07/12/17

    I think the data will be there, it looks like the blackpoint has been clipped considerably. Don't be tempted to make the sky so black, it's invariably not black.
  17. My next new DIY ALT/AZ Mount build thread

    It is an inspiration to see your progress Mick. It makes me realise what amazing things can be crafted if you have the vision, drive and skills for this type of thing. Brilliant to know that you even have an AZ8 clone on the back burner Mick.
  18. Bah Humbug!

    Can I have some help with my winter fuel bills please? After the installation earlier this year of a superb new gas fired log burner look alike and thermonuclear device (4 oven AGA) running 24/7, our gas/electric bill went from £154 to £449/month!! Got the AGA on a timer now which is keeping it (and me) from going into meltdown. We're planning on a warm Christmas with plenty of cake and hot food.
  19. Galactic Hyperbole

    The rate that light pollution is increasing, long before we collide with Andromeda we'll barely notice a first magnitude star in a rural area, so if the collision doubles or triples the size and brightness of the current Milky Way band nobody will notice or care. Seriously though, I would have thought that if all things remained equal, then at some point in time there would be at least a doubling of the average number of stars visible in the night sky and more fuzzy Milky Way effect. I think the view woul probably be less drastic than what you might gain moving from the average urban back yard to a dark sky site. I'm sure it would be a very nice view with at least double the DSO's on your target list.
  20. My next new DIY ALT/AZ Mount build thread

    Off to a good start! You have made some excellent progress Mick, and keeping us well informed on the process too, 👍 The man shed is proving a boon!
  21. Bah Humbug!

    I think my religious views are quite well-known and I shouldn't repeat them here anyway. I just don't like the crass over-commercialism of Christmas. 'Tis the season to think that what we are all morally blackmailed to spend on it, would go a long way to getting us some new gear. In these economic times, we should save our money for the winter heating bills and only give to the poor and not Mrs Jones down the road who has more than enough money to buy her own tin of biscuits. On the subject of the poor, don't give to Age UK. Cut out the middle man and give it straight to me. Failure to do so will subject you to me posting loads of sub-standard photos of all-too-familiar objects and bore you to death!
  22. It is great just a little expensive. Metal isn't cheap especially when you don't buy it in bulk. But to buy these professionally made mounts cost a lot more then me building them. I already have an AZ8 clone in my mind with slow motion controls, that will be next one after this one.
  23. Blackpool Rock

    A friend gave me one as a souvenir from a song I sang at uni. I'd never heard of George Formby's song. It looks the same today.
  24. My next new DIY ALT/AZ Mount build thread

    Looking so professional Mick. You've really got the bit between your teeth building these mounts.
  25. M45 07/12/17

    Yes, M45 is one of the most photographed objects there is and I do my own "takes" on it. I like this photo because it is a close-up of the centre, so is original. On a related topic, it is a shame that the Star Adventurer only takes up to one minute exposures. It was on my wish list.
  26. The shaft through the centre is 25mm stainless steel. I've ordered some more bronze to make some bushes for the shaft to run in. The main housing is 5" in diameter and 60mm in length. I've had to stick to 5" as this is the biggest my chuck holds. The shafts that the arms will run on are 30mm diameter and only 32mm wide so at the moment are aluminium. At that length there will be no flex and I have no stainless at that size so will try aluminium first. The bearings are UHWMPE and will be secured in the arms once they are made. Below shows the shafts screwed into the main body they have M12 threads. After this was made I placed it on a engineers table and using a height gauge I measured the height of both shafts and they are within 0.001" of each other so I was pretty amazed at that. The arms of the mount will be pressed onto the plastic bushes and will run on the aluminium shafts. The main shaft will run in bronze bushes yet to be fitted.
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  28. M45 07/12/17

    From my back garden Thursday night. WO z61 450D SW Star Adventurer 120 Lights (120 x 60 secs) 30 Darks 30 Flats 140 Bias frames Stacked DSS, Processed in Startools. I bit disappointed with the lack of nebulosity, what with 2h total integration. Tried and failed with 2min subs (star trails). Might try somewhere in between next time. Also whats with the halo stars - focus a little off, maybe? Regards, Kev
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