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  3. Just sorting it all out but yes.
  4. Is this still on after the loss of the payload?
  5. could be there was a few in the wood this one flew to a tree just outside
  6. Looks like one of this years birds??
  7. As you say blends in very well, took me a while to see it
  8. On the way back the other night as we walked up the side of the wood there was a lot of noise from woodpeckers cackling then one landed on a oak tree and froze as i got nearer took a snap ,blends in to the bark really well
  9. God give me strength i ordered a piece of mild steel from lasermaster simple task on their website ,from a list of shapes picked washer so 300mm dia 55mm dia hole in middle in 10mm mild steel today i had through letterbox thank god i have carpets not tiles, a 300x55mm rectangle x10mm mild steel ,though invoice clearly says shape type WASHER on a better note the pier adapter turned up .
  10. Awesome. You keep digging up these little nuggets Sheila.
  11. And of course it depends on where you are shooting from - Really Dark sky sites give good milky way shots even with a slooooweeer lens. Then there is light pollution etc etc Its a hobby which you will never be 100% satisfied - with the kit you have - sorry but that's the truth. Especially if you are a AP perfectionist (OCD ) Be warned it can be a dark large money pit! Which ever kit you go for - clear skies. Example of Canon 100d 55mm lens (does say which) milky way widefield shots BUT using Star Adventure mount using 10 x 30 secs lights darks and bias AND in a relative dark place in Spain https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/278000-holiday-pix/
  12. Ask about the number of exposures it's done first - there's an exposure count somewhere in the software. A couple of thousand shots is nothing on these cameras. Also check if it's been used for daytime or if it's astro modded - astro shots can typically be 5 or 10 min exposures - good indicator of wear. You could go for a 1200D which has a few better facitilites on it - shouldn't be more than £200 and I've seen them as low as £150.
  13. Haha yeah most people with hobbies would love to be able to afford it or get gifts like these but oh well we never do lol. hmm d1000 i can get a condition 100£ online but the only thing which makes me a lil wary is that its an old model and the megapixels might affect pic quality ?
  14. Difficult to answer cos I'm not in that market. I think I'd just get the 1000D body and pick a lens to go with it for the purpose of the shooting I was planning to do. In fact that's what I did and I'm still looking for a reasonably priced second hand 70x200 IS L USM lens to go with it - I also want to get it modified for astro use but I'm a bit out of the game at the moment. All my astronomy is currently reduced to armchair astronomy lol.
  15. Yeah id love to be able to spend 250£ or even more on the rokinon lenses but unfortunately if my mrs finds out im in trouble lol And hey brantuk if i gave u a choice of canon eos m with 22mm f2 or the canon slr with 18-55 which eould u personally select .
  16. In the article the writer says you can use the 18x55mm lens but you'll be "squeezing by" with it. In the recommended kit list you'll see the f2.8 lens similar to the one I linked above for you. Usually with the lesser or cheaper gear you'll find it can be done, but with a lot of experience and appropriate settings/conditions. It's nearly always the case that investing in the right gear proves more cost effective in the long run. The only thing you can really do is try it and see - you can always borrow a lens meantime until budget allows purchase of better equipment - or sell off a lens you don't want and put the money towards a better one.
  17. Second hand from ebay as ive found excellent deals there. Yes i know its about the person whos using the cameras and ive read and read many forums online but im just asking is it possible with the 18-55mm f3.5-5.5 or not... and plz have a read of this b4 replying plz http://www.lonelyspeck.com/how-to-make-an-amazing-photo-of-the-milky-way-galaxy/
  18. are you looking at brand new or have you considered 2nd hand, there is a web site I use whcih sells quality DSLR bodies and lenses, " mpb.com. " might be an alternative to buying high end equipment at top dollar, Also, try the cameraa club in your area, these are usually keen to impart their knowledge, bit like this site, good luck with your camera choice. Lum,
  19. The answer is both "yes" and "no". Yes in the sense you can point any lens at anything and get a shot - but "no" you might not get a very good shot with that particular lens. There are no emphatic yes/no answers in astro imaging - it's all down to the skill of the photographer and what he does with the gear. Like Mick says - a wide and fast lens would be really good - something like this is the kind of thing astronomers use: https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-lenses/used-canon-fit-lenses/canon-ef-70-200mm-f-2-8-l-usm/sku-670311/ You find the 18x55mm supplied lenses are the first thing to get ditched by everyone - but even the lens above would be useless in the wrong hands. Like mine lol
  20. Right doc and thats why im stuck ive seen proof on internet lf canon eos m and the 22mm but no proof of the eos rebel sl1 but i want to buy and not regret i want to buy sl1 because ita a dslr but thats where im stuck i dont want to buy and then spend even more getting another lens . eos m seems better but i need someone who owns one
  21. Maybe there is no answer, maybe this is one of those times you need to purchase first and see how you go with your new kit. At the end of the day it's the person behind the lens that makes the picture not always the kit.
  22. Yes i will get a better lens but it still hasnt answered my questions
  23. Don't get hooked up on the body, it's not the body that makes a good photo. The lens is much more important, it needs to be a fast lens so you gather more light then a slow lens. I don't shoot a lot of astro hardly ever but I have taken the odd milky way shot many years ago (no samples to show) and I used a Canon 1000d and the stock 18-55 lens and I was not impressed. I borrowed a 50mm F1.4 and that was a lot better. Now I'm no expert but I would go for a faster lens then the one you mention especially as you are not tracking or stacking.
  24. Yep tried rebel sl1 too and dont get many results... thats why im wondering is the rebel sl1 a good option for mily way shots or not and by shots i mean single exposure of 20/30secs at iso 3200 or so without stacking! 1)and as u use the rebel sl1(eos 100d) is it a good camera for taking milky way pics?? 2)and which lens would you reccomend with sl1 3) is the 18-55mm 3.5f-5.5 good enough for milkyway shots or not?
  25. Try looking for EOS Rebel SL1 pictures of the Milky way - this is the American name for the canon 100d camera - p.s. I use one and a number of people on ELAC use the 100D its a good mid range camera - lens (as all canon low price lens seem to be) is not very well made IMO
  26. Yeah canon 1000d is great and ive read that thanks brantuk its a great guide. but im still stuck between these 2 cameras the eos m ive seen great reviews on for astro use with the 22mm lens but the canon eos 100d ivr not seen any so thats why im wondering ehich to get as the dslr can serve multiple purposes
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