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Looking to buy something? Need to get hold of a used telescope, mount or other astronomy gear?

Important Rules
  • Trader and/or commercial adverts are prohibited.
  • East Midlands Stargazers neither endorses nor guarantees any items requested on this board by its members.
  • East Midlands Stargazers accepts no responsibility for losses, damages or injury as a result of items requested, for sale or exchange, on this board by its members.
  • You may only post requests for astronomy equipment, and astronomy related literature and memorabilia, on this board. Requests for non-astronomy related items is prohibited*.
  • For your own safety and security, please do not post personal details, such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, on this board. Please use private messaging for exchanging such details. (Credit card numbers and other sensitive information should never be exchanged on East Midlands Stargazers.)
  • Once an item is obtained, or is no longer required, please edit your post title to reflect this.
  • This board will be periodically cleaned, and posts placed for which items have either been obtained or have failed to be obtained for 90 days will be archived.


* Prohibited items include those which could be used for astronomy but which are not strictly related to astronomy, including but not limited to laptop computers, cameras, camera lenses, leisure batteries and camping equipment. 


The above rules apply to all items requested on this board.

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  7. Wanted F12 - F15 Refractor

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