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  2. Smithysteve

    Best of a bad bunch

    You did well Rob - i typically only got the odd glimmer through the clouds... πŸ‘
  3. Daz Type-R

    Pi server on Indigo sky

    Ahh I see you opted for the proper case, I always go third party, mainly because I’m over clocking my Pi 3B+ as its running everything from Atari 8 bit Roms upto Playstation 1 games so I need more cooling options. This is my retro gaming rig, 60,000 games on just about every console made running off a 256GB micro SD card, it also has heat sinks on every chip and a 5V fan over the main GPU running off the 5V GPIO pins...
  4. Today
  5. Stephen

    Saturn 14-7-2019

    That is a nice image Steve
  6. Stephen

    Sh2-101 - The Tulip Nebula in Cygnus

    Nice image great detail Chris
  7. Nightspore

    Best of a bad bunch

    I caught the end from about here (by courtesy of Stellarium and Ubuntu lol). I was using the 127mm Mak and WO bino's with 20mm SWAN's for 75x. I saw Jupiter up until transit. Transparency was a bit pants, but then the clouds really rolled in. The Moon was incredibly low.
  8. Bino-viewer

    Best of a bad bunch

    The moon was even lower in the sky than Saturn ! Never seen it so low down. It was fun while it lasted ! πŸ˜€
  9. Doc

    Best of a bad bunch

    Typical I left at 10.30 and you had a glimpse at 10.48. At least you saw it Rob well done.
  10. Streetbob

    Tuesday 16 July Tannenbaum for eclipse.....??

    Thanks to Rob’s optimism πŸ‘ and for the views through his Dob I got to see the eclipse, Jupiter and Saturn. I have learnt not to be such a doubting Thomas. I like the shot. That is what we saw.
  11. Ron Clarke

    Quick Lunar Eclipse

    Also got this (hand held!)
  12. Ron Clarke


  13. tuckstar

    Tuesday 16 July Tannenbaum for eclipse.....??

    Sorry guys. Had to bale on this one. At least you got to see something Rob.
  14. Bino-viewer

    Tuesday 16 July Tannenbaum for eclipse.....??

    10 mins on Jupiter 10mins on Lunar 5mins on Saturn also Arcturus and Alcor / Mizar. All after a near 2 hour wait. Warm evening, good company.
  15. Bino-viewer

    Best of a bad bunch

    I only had a 10min window in the clouds to grab this Moon very low, focus a bit iffy. Sony A73 MILC, 300mm Newtonian prime focus 22:48hrs Tannenbaum, Belper.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Chris P.

    Eclipsed by the Earth - and Clouds

    OK, so it was a bit cloudy for the partial #LunarEclipse but I'm not complaining cos you get moody images like this (if you're patient) #astronomy #astrophotography
  18. Ron Clarke

    Quick Lunar Eclipse

    A quick Lunar Eclipse from home through a gap in the clouds!
  19. Ron Clarke


  20. Ron Clarke


  21. TasKiNG

    Lunar Eclipse from Weymouth

    Just taken this pic of the lunar eclipse over the sea in Weymouth. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9lrt268cr8jj25b/LunarEclipse.jpg?dl=1
  22. Plenty of stars in this one. Had a go at deconvolution in Pixinsight using the tutorial in this months Sky at Night mag. have to say it's the first time I've got it to work. 91 x 2min subs with the Redcat and Canon 450d. Hope you like it πŸ™‚
  23. bryand

    Tuesday 16 July Tannenbaum for eclipse.....??

    My knee injury is playing up and it's looking pretty cloudy down here, so I'm giving this one a miss. Get some good pics if you can.
  24. Bottletopburly

    Pi server on Indigo sky

    Case has turned up , indigosky running , power cable coming just need to hook everything up one by one and test
  25. Graham

    A trip to Hoe Grange Quarry.

    Stunning pictures Mick. Especially like the Darters. The amount of detail you have captured in their wings is amazing.
  26. Be there about 20.00.
  27. Doc

    A trip to Hoe Grange Quarry.

    I'll be up about 20.00 Rob. Only bringing my bins as I have an early start tomorrow.
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