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  2. Nightspore

    Altair Starwave Balance Tests

    I feel it's getting close. I'm pretty happy with the overall balance and clutch tension. Next stage will be getting it all outside!
  3. Doc

    White Tailed Sea Eagles

    I think they were around Loch Na Keel Dave.
  4. Derbyshire Dave

    White Tailed Sea Eagles

    Lovely Mick, they look like flying barn doors! Just huge. Love Mull, been a few times looking for otters primarily. Which part were the Sea Eagles?
  5. Sunny Phil

    Moon news

    I prefer armadillo hats. Can't remember which film it was.
  6. Bino-viewer

    How " NOT " to park a lorry.

    It would take them a week to do a 'risk assessment' 😀
  7. philjay

    How " NOT " to park a lorry.

    Nah, it wouldnt happen in Derby because all roads are closed with roadworks, marathons, sewer repairs, fibre optic installation, bridge building/repair or just for the hell of it.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Sunny Phil

    Moon with DSLR only

    Two more since:
  10. bryand

    Bryanz bitz

  11. Sunny Phil

    Westbury White Horse

    I like it! I tried horse racing but the horses kept beating me!
  12. Sunny Phil

    The Moon and Jupiter June 15th

    Full details in my blog. I created it from two sets of images.
  13. BAZ

    Westbury White Horse

    It's got more chance of winning the Grand National sweep than the one's I pick. 😅
  14. Sunny Phil

    Westbury White Horse

    I think it dates back to the 1800s. The one at Cherill (nearer to us) was done in the 1880s, with someone shouting instructions through a megaphone. The Uffington white horse is much older but when I saw it as a child, thought it looked more like a greyhound. It is possible that a few millenia of selective horse breeding has made them more like the body shape we know today. Also, ancient Britons did not have the use of a megaphone. If we did one today. we would probably use drones. The Uffington one is much more historic but I think the Westbury one is nicer looking.
  15. Last week
  16. Doc

    White Tailed Sea Eagles

    We had three days of sunshine in Scotland compared to three days of rain here, and yes Rob it was pretty awesome to see one of these eagles.
  17. Bottletopburly

    Latest Purchases

  18. Bino-viewer

    White Tailed Sea Eagles

    They're great pictures Mick. Seeing an eagle in flight must have been a real treat.😊 (....and the blue sky !! That must have been an even bigger treat !)
  19. Bottletopburly

    White Tailed Sea Eagles

    great shots
  20. Ron Clarke

    White Tailed Sea Eagles

    They're all great photo's Mick, quite jealous!!!
  21. Graham

    White Tailed Sea Eagles

    What a magnificent bird. Great shots Mick
  22. Got pretty good views of a white tailed sea eagles on mull last week, still too far for brilliant photos but these below are the best of the bunch. The golden eagles were to distant and even when zoomed in were only fuzzy blobs.
  23. This little beauty showed up a short time ago. Shame it is total cloud cover might have been able to see it.
  24. I've been indoor testing the Starwave with the Vixen SXG Half Pillar. Seems to be behaving even with heavy eyepieces and diagonal. All I need now is a lack of clouds!
  25. It picked up really well mid week. Just have to wait to see what next week brings
  26. Ibbo

    Just to prove it does still exist.

    about time somebody saw it
  27. Ron Clarke

    Just to prove it does still exist.

    Yes but it's fast asleep!!
  28. Ron Clarke

    Startech Hub fitted to NEQ6

    New hub has arrived, I chose the same make as my original one. I'll decide where to mount it when it stops raining (when!!)
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