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    Thor's Helmet

    Been after this one for a while now. Taken over several nights with me getting up at 4am before going to work to grab what little data I could. Last night I managed to add another 6 hours worth. This target is so low bouncing along my Southern horizon in all the murk it makes getting good data virtually impossible. Had to really batter this into submission in the processing. Roughly 12 hours in total of data in HA,OIII and SII Captured and stacked in Maxim Combined and beaten into submission in PS 6 Click on the image a couple of time for full res but I warn you it isn't pretty.
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    Rosette nebula

    Hello again Still got the gear so the run of clear nights got me out under the stars. And I fell in love with Astrophotography again. This was more of a software/hardware/user shakedown than anything else having not used the gear for 18 months. I forget stuff easily. I also had to reinstall all the control software onto a new laptop. Anyway enough of the rambling... Rosette nebula. 9x600s ISO 800. Canon 450d. Processed in Pixinsight. Fit file (if you want to have a play with the data) is in Dropbox.
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    First LRGB image of not my normal fuzzies

    3 hours data LRGB, 1.5 hrs L, 30 mins RGB, 300s subs at Kelling not too disappointed as its my first attempt not in narroband, 2 processes, one pushed a little more than the other and the other one
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    M33 Work in progress

    11 B&W subs + 18 Ha subs Hydrogen alpha converted to colour to help see what i've got so far. 29 x 5 minute subs.
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    Flogging a dead pony!

    The Horsehead, quick grab after my main target. Sw150p, HEQ5, SXV-9H mono & 12nM Ha filter. 12 x 5 minute subs with false colour added.
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    Close in on Wizard NGC7380

    A try with the 130 on this target. Had trouble with processing, no idea why 15 hours Ha, Sii, Oii at 10 min subs unguided on Myt with 130 extended and QSI 690
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    N 7814 edge on in Pegasus

    4 x 10 min Luminance subs mixed process PI & PS
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    Uranus and four of her moons

    Took this last night whilst waiting for my chosen target to come up. Quality is pretty poor as it was taken in HA. Couple of hours of subs at 600 seconds. Uranus is dead centre .
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    some data from tonight spider and fly

    tak 106 native, gm mount 3 hours data so far, just a quick play with image
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    My new set up is complete

    Finally I'm nearing my perfect set up refractor wise. Just a top notch AMICI to get and a case for the disc mount I've built. Berlebach Planet Tripod - Doc's DiscMount - Esprit 120ED APO - Televue Eyepieces
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    NGC2237 NB

    Managed to get the O111 and S11 today on this, so added it to the Ha from the other day. Details Tak FSQ106 (T12) at SSO Australia. 1200 sec Ha, 1200 sec O111, 1200 sec S11 Aligned, stacked and combined in Maxim as HA=R, O111=G, S11=B Finally I have got a Rosette image after all these years.
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    Ron Clarke


    Just had to image last night didn't I!!? M33 30 Lights (60-180 secs) 10 darks 10 Bias APT - DSS - PS3 ED80 HEQ5 Canon 1000d QHY5
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    IC410 with the Tadpoles

    IC410 in Auriga with only Ha data and still work in progress. Skywatcher ED80 on NEQ6 (black) Guide cam ASI120MM with oag Filter Baader Ha 7nm Software Sequence Generator Pro; PHD2; Platesolve2 Exposure 10 x 900s and 7 x 1200s After the first session of 900s subs they looked a little weak and the extra 5 min made a big difference. Will get a few more Ha subs and then some colour; not sure whether RGB or to take the plunge with the OIII filter that has not been out of the box yet. The Ha filter is great for being able to carry on imaging when the moon is lighting up the sky.
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    Venus / Jupiter conjunction 13.11.17

    A couple of my dodgy images of this mornings conjunction (Don't zoom in ) They made a nice pairing. Canon 6D, 135mm & 16-35mm @ 35mm.
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    The Heart Nebula (IC 1805)

    I was out last night and managed to capture 13, 10 min frames on the heart nebula in h alpha before I had to pack up (school next day) Red channel Skywatcher Evostar ED80 Ds-Pro Celestron CG5 Advanced GT Canon 1200D astro modified DSLR Baader 7nm Ha filter (1.25'') No autoguiding Higher quality images: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/304759-the-heart-nebula-ic-1805/
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    Sh2-155 cave nebula

    Ts71 7nm Ha filter
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    Solar from today 26.11.2017

    Beautiful crisp sunny day today so I took full advantage. Despite the Sun being so low in the murky stuff and the trees from time to time it was a great session. Managed loads and loads of AVI's. 60mm Lunt double stacked. Point Grey Camera. 1000 frame AVI captured in Fire Capture and stacked in Registax 5. False colour added in PS 6. Click on image a few times to get to full res.
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    Solar from this morning 18.11.2017

    Managed to get loads of AVI's in this morning despite the haze and the interlopers. At one point I even had a black bird sitting on the front flap of the obs staring down the scope. It did make me jump some what watching the monitor Anyway the best of the 1000 frame AVI's. Captured in Fire Capture using the Point Grey Stacked in Registax 5 False colour added in PS 6. Click on image a couple of times to get to full res. Interloper one. Interloper two.
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    A sad day for me but the beginning of something new for somebody else.

    It was a tough decision to sell the 200p and today I waved her farewell. Our journey through the cosmos started in 2012 when I bought her from a chap in Liverpool and brought her back to Derby. We spent many a night up on top of the hill staring out into the vast and wondrous Universe. My first sight through the eyepiece (yes, back in those days I did not know any better and used to look through telescopes! ) was Jupiter. From that moment on our affair took hold. We next gazed in wonder at the rings of Saturn and then at M42. Just a week or so later I saw the light and stuck the camera on the end and I was cured. We've spent many cold nights up at Belper taking photo's together. Tonight her new owner has taken her away for a life near Brum. The chap is another scope virgin and I'm sure she'll still have all the right moves, she's still a good looker afterall. It's comforting to know that she'll be used again and that the new owner, a newbie on SGL, intends trying a new hobby to share with his son instead of the X-Box. So from here hopefully starts a wondrous journey of discovery for somebody else. Farewell my lovely, I'll miss you. Our first moments together. Her first image. Almost her last image.
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    Jupiter and Venus conjunction Monday 13 Nov 2017

    As I stayed up through the night, I stayed up to look at Venus and Jupiter. I took a few quick pics. Here's one of them, taken with my 70-300 mm lens and Canon 1100d. I submitted to BBC and ITV that morning and crashed to bed. Next day, I heard that the photo was used on ITV and they even mentioned me. I missed it, darn it. If anyone can get a clip of the programme, can you let me know, thanks? I need to get round to washing that sensor. It was interesting to learn that, I normally take images at the maximum aperture of f5.6 or a stop below. The dust bunnies are blurred at that f number. But when I stopped down to about f 11-32, the dust bunnies were smaller, in focus and fully black and far more distracting. Derek
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    Luna 88.6% Waxing Gibbous 30.11.2017 (That Snow Moon)

    Yes, yet another I know...... Caught in between snow showers literally! Best 58 of 154 subs, 350D on Helios 120. Stacked in Registax 5.1 and polish in Photoshop 5
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    Its now been done for this season i can move on 5 x 600 TS71 SX694 Ha click for full size
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    Astro shop visit

    A superb presentation of telescopes. Nicely levelled and polar aligned newtonian, pointing towards the Large Magellanic Cloud and fitted with essential 90 degree diagonal prism. I bet you could even see Messier 33 through the red dot finder... if they can tilt it down a bit more without fouling the tripod leg.
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    Wymeswold monthly meet observing report

    Spent an enjoyable 2 hours observing at Wymeswold last night. Below is a little observing account of that night. Gamma Andromeda 10" sep, 2.5/5 mag, colour Blue and Yellow. 8 Andromeda 7.7" sep, 5/13 mag, the main star was red and the companion was very hard to see but I did get the occasional glimpse. Groombridge 34 Andromeda I tried to locate this one, in fact spent some time on it but couldn't find it. I don't know what went wrong here as i'm sure I was in the right area. Merarthim, Gamma Aries, 8" sep, 4.5/4.5 mag Lambda Aries, 37" sep, 5/5.7 mag Miram, Eta Perseus, 5.2"/28" Sep, I could see stars A and B and they were yellow and blue, there was star lower down which was C, 4/8/10 mag. Zeta Perseus, 13", 3/9 mag Iota Trianguluum, 4" 5/6.5 Try as I could I couldn't split this one, maybe the stars were as bright as each other and drowned each other out. Aldebaran Alpha Taurus 31"sep, 1/13.5 mag, Primary is red. This was pretty hard as it was lost in the glare but it did make the odd appearence. Double double in Lyra I could only do a peanut split of the components as I only had x70 to play with (12mm Clave), the split appeared as a peanut split. Zeta Lyra, 43" sep, 4.5/5.5 mag Castor Aplha Gemini, 2" sep, 2.5/3.5 mag, A peanut split. Trapezium Orion only split to four components Mintake Orion, 52" sep, 2/6.5 mag Regal Beta Orion, 9.4" sep, 0/7 mag Meissa Lambda Orion, quite a few stars in this system. I didn't make notes on this one. Also done quite a few of the regular Messiers. I must make better notes as well as I didn't write down any colours or position angles (PA) of the stars observed. All in all a great night out.
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    Luna in a Meade

    Well, it seemed rude not to have a go. Meade LX200 16" @ 4.1m f/l, Point Grey Blackfly USB3 Best 40 of circa 250 or so frames at 5ms. Stacked in AutoStakkert, Wavelets in IMPPG (or whatever it's called), levels and flip in Photoshop. Cropped edges off to avoid rough edges and downsized to 70%. Click through for full size (70%) Very poor seeing, 29/11/2017 @ approx 18:30 UTC Copernicus Tycho
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    DWB 111 in HA

    Another new one for me tonight. DWB 111 or the Propeller Neb. Started off running with subs of 600 seconds but decided to up this after a couple of hours to subs of half an hour in length to try and combat the hazy skies. 8 hours in total. Captured and stacked in Maxim. Another first for me -- Processed in Pixinsight. ( well sort of as it baffles the heck out of me ) Click on the image a couple of times for full res.
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    Luna 49.7% First Quarter 26.11.2017

    As close as I am able to get this time around to first quarter. 16 of 157 subs. Canon 350D on Helios 120
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    M15 24 11 2107 AMD

    One off the list Mike M15
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    Latest Purchases

    Oops, another £50!!! eyepiece on its way https://www.telescopehouse.com/eyepieces/explore-scientific-9mm-100-series-nitrogen-purged-wp-100.html
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    Allan the Plumber

    Elephant's Trunk nebula IC1396 Narrowband

    6.5hrs Narrowband data taken at Kelling (Winterfest) and home Nottingham Thanks for looking Elephant's Trunk nebula IC18396 by Allan Young-Hares, on Flickr Subs Ha 11 x 900s Darks 10 Flats 21 Bias 31 upscaled with Pixi to SuperBias 100+ SII 8 x 900s Darks 7 Flats 20 Bias 31 upscaled with Pixi to SuperBias 100+ OIII 7 x 900s Darks 5 Flats 25 Bias 31 upscaled with Pixi to SuperBias 100+ LumHa 7x 900s Darks 4 Flats 21 Bias 31 upscaled with Pixi to SuperBias 100+ Equipment Sky-watcher AZ-EQ6GT, Williams Optics GT81 APO, Altair Astro 10X80 guide scope ATIK 460EX mono, Guide camera: QHY5L II, ATIK EFW2 Filter Wheel: Baader LRGB & Astrodon Ha5nm, SII5nm, OIII5nm filters .80x Reducer/Flattener GT81 QHYCCD Polemaster, Lakeside Motorised Focuser, software Neb 3 capture Guiding Phd2 Processed with Pixinsight a Ps6
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    The Pleiades RE-EDITED

    I had a problem on my old picture where I had orange rings around all my stars (earlier post), and after some research, I found they were caused by my hot pixel detection being too high. Surely enough I re-stacked my images and it seemed to fix the problem. The picture was taken on my astro canon 1200D with 4 min subs (2h total). No auto guiding.
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    NGC 2237 NB WIP

    I'm tempting fate here by calling this work in progress. In all the years I have been imaging I have only ever taken one short exposure shot of this donkeys years ago. Since then, just about every year I have tried and failed due to weather or gremlins. This time I am using SSO's Tak FSQ106 in the belief that at least they will have better weather down there. I reserved a run of 3x10mins in Ha only to have a bad 3rd sub due to meridian flip I think, the run log is gobbledegook at that point, (got a refund for the sub though). Anyhoo, 2x10 mins in Ha, will add O111 and S to this when I can get on the scope again, its proving a popular scope this one.
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    NGC 2264 The Christmas Tree Neb

    Another new one to me tonight. After switching to this target I had to wait nearly two hours for it to emerge from behind the neighbours fir tree. After a first run through the filters at 600 seconds exposure I realised it was going to be a bit on the faint side in the OIII and SII so I upped the exposure time to 1200 seconds. Managed to keep it going till a little after six this morning giving me total of a tad under six hours data in HA, OIII and SII. Going to add to this as there seems to be a lot more going on out of frame I need to investigate. I feel a mosaic coming on. Click on the image a couple of times to get to full res.
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    NGC281 2 ways quick process from Kelling

    ha is 4 hours Sii is 5 hours and Oiii is 5 hours two ways of combiining HaSO SHaO
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    A bit of Dob Modding.

    Further to the above shenanigans, I managed to get the scope out to Belper and assess it's performance. This was Thursday night after helping Andy at the Brownies with the 5" frac, the Dob was left to quietly wait it's turn in the car. I arrived at Belper at about half nine after a slight detour via Georges chippie on the A610. The sky wasn't brilliant, there was a lot of moisture in the air and this was evident from the headlamp beams of passing cars. The temperature was dropping as well, so I hoped that the moisture would drop out after a while. I set up the Dob and whacked on the dew heaters, after a quick set up via Polaris, I did a better calibration of the angle gauges with Aldebaran and Vega. My first target was Uranus, I had already seen this with the frac, so I knew where it was in the star field. I got the co ordinates off Sky Safari and there it was slightly off centre in the eyepiece. I then had a go at the Cats eye Nebula, a few more stars and then Polaris again, all were acceptably in the eyepiece. (Sky Watcher 26mm Panaview, 57X). I have to say I was quite impressed, I didn't get the compound errors that the previous encoder gave me and even if I did it's a lot easier to zero and re-calibrate again. By this time the dew was getting really bad and at 00.30 the cloud started to roll in from the Northwest. The temp had also risen to 4° as well. I gave it an hour, but it didn't improve so I wrapped it all up. All in all I am happy now with the angle gauges and it makes finding faint stuff a bit easier, I even pulled M74 (Spiral galaxy, face on in Pisces) out of the murk, again slightly off centre in the eyepiece. Very difficult to see, but with averted vision and a scope shaking it was there. Just got to make a new base for it now! It was good to bump into Rob and Tony again, I hope you get the power cable issues sorted on your new scope.
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    Big big dob

    I can think off a couple of people on here who I could see with one of these!!
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    Capture-the-Asteroid Competition 2017 - Asteroid Florence 3 Sept 2017 -II

    Capture-the-Asteroid Competition 2017 Today, I received a delivery of a box with an unknown content. I didn’t think I had any outstanding orders to receive, so it was a puzzle. But when I saw it was from Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, I remembered what it was. It was a gift from Airbus Defence for my submission of an image of asteroid Florence for their competition “Capture-the-Asteroid 2017”. It was judged to be 5th place. My pictures submitted are linked below to my original post of titled "Asteroid Florence 3 Sept 2017". The gift is a nice mug with the NEOShield-2 logo and an asteroid approaching the Earth. It was all a pleasant surprise. I suppose I should get a pic taken of me with the cup. Pictures of their top three are shown in the second NEOShield link below http://www.neoshield.eu http://www.neoshield.eu/capture-asteroid-2017/ facebook.com/NEOshield @NEOShieldTeam My thanks go to Guy Wells of Northolt Branch Observatory and NEOShield-2 Team.
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    Olympus 10 x 50 Bino's

    After see the heads up post from Big Al I decided that I needed some Bino's and these looked like a very good deal. Ordered from Amazon. Came the next day. Complete with a carry case and a neck strap. For just £48.00 got to be worth it. Had a quick look around the area tonight when I got home and they seem really good.
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    Back garden observing session 29.11.2017

    Went out in the back garden last night. Managed four hours between 18.30 and 22.30. Almost all of the double stars below were observed with the 12mm Clave' eyepiece. I'm really astounded by these Clave's, the 12mm is really sharp and shows pin point stars right to the edge. The 12mm Clave' gives a magnification of x70. I know they are not ortho's but they do act like such. Perseus Epsilon Per - 2.91/8.88 - Easy - White/White Eta Per - 3.75/8.50 - Easy - Yellow/White Zeta Per - 2.88/9.16 - Easy - White/White Theta Per - 4.11/20.25 - 20.4" - Hard and only glimpsed on and off - White/White Aries Gamma Ari - 3.88/4.58 - 7.5" - Medium - White/White 41 Ari - 3.61/11.04 - 34" - Hard only glimpse it occasionally as it's 11.04 mag and on the limit of the scope - White/White Auriga Theta Aur - 2.65/7.20 - 4" - Hard - White/White Cepheus Beta Cep - 3.23/8.63 - 14.8" - Easy - White/White Garnet Star - 4.01 - Couldn't detect any of the companions - Red Xi Cep - 4.40/6.40 - 8.4" - Medium - White/White Gemini Alpha Gem (Castor) - 1.58/2.97 - 5.3" - Medium - White/White 77 Gem - 3.56/8.20 - 7.9" - Hard - Whte/White Eta Gem - 3.29/6.15 - 1.6" - Only managed a peanut split even with the 6mm Delos Epsilon Gem - 3.00/9.64 - 110" - Very Easy - White/White Delta Gem - 3.53/8.18 - 5.5" - Easy - White/White Zeta Gem - 4.07/10.70 - 87.4" - Easy Ursa Major 23 UrMa - 3.65/9.18 - 23.2" - Easy - White/White Iota UrMa - 3.14/9.20 - 1.9" - Only managed a peanut split Orion Lambda Ori - 3.51/5.45/10.72 - 4.9"/28.7" - All three stars split Zeta Ori - 1.9/3.7/9.6 - 2.3"/58" - Medium - All three stars split Epsilon Ori - 1.72/10.5 - 179" - Easy Beta Ori (Rigel) - 0.28/6.80 - 9.3" - Easy - White/White Tau Ori - 3.59/11.00 - 33.3" - Hard - Only glimpsed with averted vision Eta Ori - 3.39/4.87 - 1.8" - Only managed a peanut split. 31 Ori - 4.69/9.70 - 12.7" - Medium - Secondary looked very dim, I would say dimmer then 9.70 mag Iota Ori - 2.9/7.0/9.7 - 10.8"/49.4" - All three seen - Easy
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    28th November Moon Remix

    Determined to find out why Registax was continually hanging when stacking my lunar shots I finally sussed it now so have managed a remix with better stacking of the image from the 28th using 100 from 180 subs that I took. Warning, big file Scope = Philjay Modified 1970s Towa 339 80mm F15 refractor Camera = Olympus OM D EM1 Mk1 Mirrorless (I love this little camera) Click a couple of times to get full res Just an example of what one can do with an 80mm Achro
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    Heads up BBC 4 tonight.

    From 9pm Voyagers journey.
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    Last nights moon..

    A bit of patchwork from last night with the 2.25 Barlow, still getting to grips with firecapture though, 64 panels at 800x600, wasn't the best seeing but beggars and all that
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    Luna 61.0% Waxing Gibbous 27.11.2017

    Had real trouble with this one for some reason. Taken between the chimney and the roof in a window of opportunity of about 10-15 mins only. 151 subs taken 41 stacked. Usual suspects, 350D on Helios 120. Stacking in Registax just wasn't working sooooooo........ Convert to AVI in PIPP Stack in AutoStakkert Decon in Astra Image Polish in Photoshop. Seems a bit flat compared to others I have done but I'm reasonably happy with it. Click through twice for full res.
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    Water Rail

    One for the birders on here. Snapped at Drakelow reserve last week
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    SH2 188 -- The Dolphin Neb

    Another new target. SH2 188 -- The Dolphin Neb. 7.5 hours of half an hour subs in HA. Captured and stacked in Maxim. Badly processed in Pixinsight. ( I need to have another go at this when I have had some sleep. )
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    Lunar 24th November

    Despite poor atmospherics and freezing toes I had to have a go at lunar last night. Stack of 30 from 50 subs taken with Olympus OM D EM1 on my Meade EDT127. Registax and Photoshop
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    Sol 23-11-2017 ha

    not the best conditions today as i had to wait after a bit of a lie in after the first day of the Ashes. single stack with the Lunt 60 best 101 frames of the only 200 I manged to grab
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    Sh2 -205 with NGC1491

    Click for full res 4 pane mosaic shown here at 50% 28 hours total imaging time with 1800s subs with the TS71mm SX694 and the baader7nm Ha filter.
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    Latest Purchases

    Finally got my Berlebach Planet Tripod, meant to be a Xmas present (thanks FLO) but I sweet talked the missus into leting me have it now. This was double packed and just feels and oozes quality, fantastic piece of kit and well chuffed. Have took some photo's with my mount and scope on it and will post later. It came with the DM6 head, double clamps, and both sets of feet.
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    Helios 120 Mods.

    Nothing too exciting but I have been modding the latest edition to my herd. First job was to flock the dew shield with dc fix velour. Next came a solar filter cell fitted inside the cap. Baader film with a ply holder. For use with the smaller cap removed only. Lastly a telrad base holder that doubles as a handle to assist with lifting the scope on and off the mount.