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    24 x 900s subs unguided with Tak 106 and QSI 683
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    Chris P.

    Bodes and Cigar Galaxy (M81 & M82)

    We're moving into galaxy season so I thought I'd kick off with a re-visit to Bodes Galaxy (M81) and the Cigar Galaxy (M82). Taken from the Astroshed@Sawley with my Altair Astro 72ED-R\Canon 450d combo; 61x2min subs
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    Ron Clarke

    NGC 2238 The Rosette Nebula

    Clear night although for some reason I did not balance the rig properly and the guiding was a hard fight!! 30 Lights 10 Darks ED80 HEQ5 Pro Canon 1000d QHY5 WiFi SynScan Stacked and processed in DSS and CS3
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    M1 Crab Nebula 1 st attempt guiding

    finally guiding with the MyT 27 x 900s subs (6.75 hrs) with the 130 at extended (1.6m)
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    Back graden observing session 15.02.2018

    15.02.2018 Back garden Skywatcher 120ED Esprit Delos and Clave eyepieces Clear skies Mild wind and cold Started off the night by visiting the Trapezium in Orion. I have visited this so many times and once again tonight bought a smile to my face. I managed to see the "E" star at 10.3 mag. It's strange as "F" is 10.2 mag but I couldn't see that one. The "E" star appeared while using the 4.5mm Delos giving me x186 and showed a clear gap between A & E. I hadn't set up my Alt/Az encoders and decided to star hop throughout the observing session, it makes good practice, my first target I tried for was the supernova 2018PV in Ngc 3941. I eventually found the area where the galaxy resides but there was no hint of a core and indeed a smudge which would detect where the galaxy was hiding. After about 20 minutes I gave up. Next is a list of the doubles I tried to separate last night: Rigel in Orion, 0.28/6.8, sep 9.5", Split using 6mm Delos Algieba ( Gamma Leo), 2.3/3.6, sep 4.7", split using a 4.5mm Delos Kappa Leo, 4.4/9.7, sep 2.4", Split using 4.5 Delos 38 Lynx, 3.8/6.0, sep 2.5", split using 4.5 Delos Cor Caroli (Alpha Canes Venacti), 2.8/5.5, sep 19.3", split using 12mm Clave Alula Borealis (Nu Ursa Major), 3.4/10.1, sep 7.8", very faint but split using 12mm Clave 57 Ursa Major, 5.3/10.6, sep 5.5", split using 6mm Delos Eta Canis Minor, 5.2/11.1, sep 4.1", Could not split Theta Hydra, 2.8/9.9, sep 20", Very faint but split using 6mm Delos Epsilon Hydra, 3.4/5.0, sep 2.8", Very hard maybe a peanut split using 4.5mm Delos Delta Hydra, 4.1/10.7, sep 2.7", Very hard but did split using 4.5mm Delos STF 1254 (Cancer), Lies within M67, 6.4/10.3, sep 20.6", split using 12mm Clave Epsilon Cancri, Lies within M67, 6.2/7.4, sep 134", Really easy at any eyepiece length I also had a look at M63 the Sunflower Galaxy a Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venacti, this appeared as just a very faint motting of the background, I could not even detect a core or a shape. The other galaxy I looked for was M94 another spiral galaxy in Canes Venacti, I had more luck with this one being mag 7.9. It showed a core but I could not detect an edge or a shape. The time was about 22.30 by now so I called it a night.
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    NGC 3941 with SN 2018PV

    200mm Toscano RC and SX694 9 x 300secs
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    Ron Clarke

    Made me smile!

    Dr.Plumber said, “Jonathan,I have good and bad news!Good one is that I have a solution for your headaches.The bad new is that it will require castration. You have a very rare condition, which causes your testicles to press on your spine, and the pressure creates terrible headache. The only way to relieve the pressure is to remove the testicles.” Jonathan was shocked and collapsed. He wondered if he had anything to live for. He couldn’t concentrate for a long time to answer, but he decided that he had no choice and has to be operated. When Jonathan left the hospital he was without a headache for the first time in fifteen years, but he felt like he was missing a crucial part of his body. As he walked down the street, he noticed that he felt like a different person. He could make a new beginning and live a new life. He saw a stylish men’s clothing store and thought, “That’s what I need, a new suit.” He entered the store and told the sales clerk, “I want a suit.” The elderly tailor eyed him briefly and said, “Let’s see … size forty two long.” Jonathan laughed, “That’s right, how did you know?” “Been in the business for fifty years!” Jonathan tried on the suit. It fit perfectly. As Jonathan admired himself in the mirror, the sales clerk asked, “How about a new shirt?” Jonathan thought for a second and then said, “Sure.” The sales clerk eyed Jonathan and said, “Let’s see, thirty two sleeve and sixteen neck.” Again, Jonathan was surprised, “That’s right, how did you know?” “Been in the business for fifty years!” Jonathan tried on the shirt, and it fit perfectly. As Jonathan adjusted the collar in the mirror, the sales clerk asked, “How about new shoes?” Jonathan was on a roll and said, “Sure.” The sales clerk eyed Jonathan’s feet and said, “Let’s see … Thirty nine.” Joe was amazed, “That’s right, how did you know?” “Been in the business for fifty years!” Jonathan tried on the shoes and they fit perfectly. Jonathan walked comfortably around the shop and the sales clerk asked, “How about some new underwear?” Jonathan thought for a second and said, “Sure.” The sales clerk stepped back, eyed Jonathan’s waist and said, “Let’s see… size thirty six.” Jonathan laughed. “Finally! I got you! I’ve worn size thirty two since I was seventeen years old.” The salesman shook his head, “You can’t wear size thirty two.Your size is thirty six.Size thirty two underwear would press your testicles up against the base of your spine and give you a terrible headache.”
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    A bit more done on SH2 240

    Had a day of the steep learning curve that is Pixinsight. Managed to stack ,calibrate and put together the mosaic panels I have so far. I have added 3 more panels to complete the neb on the left hand side. Unfortunately I have lost so much data converting it to a Jpeg to post on here it is looking pretty washed out but hey ho. Next step is to work my way along the top. Will keep you updated as it progresses.
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    January 2018 monthly meet - WYMESWOLD DARK SITE.

    We really enjoyed the get together last night, shame about the weather but it was nice to sit and chat. It can be daunting meeting a new group of people but you made Vicki and I feel very welcome. Hopefully we’ll have clearer skies the next time we meet up.
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    One from daanunder this afto. NGC3324 in Carina. 10 minutes with a Sky90
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    IC417 Hubble palette

    Done, finished,final, had enough of this now (unless I update it) click through for full res
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    Been playing around a bit with exposure times etc and processing in Affinity with the stack option.
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    Ron Clarke

    Another M42

    Another go at M42 although I know I've burnt the core out I will have a play in PS3 to adjust it (when I can!) MN190, HEQ5, Canon 1000d modded, QHY5 mini guider. 36 Lights 20-60secs 15 darks
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    Worth a watch if you have 15mins spare......

    Short film i've just seen. If you are a sci-fi nut (like me ) i'm sure you'll enjoy it ! .....and if you have a nice big screen, better still.
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    Tesla roadster passes globular

    It was magnitude 20 in Hydra yesterday... http://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=142753 Roadster in space gallery... http://spaceweathergallery.com/index.php?title=tesla&title2=spacex
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    New Belper Dark Site

    Could we maybe deal with problems when they actually arise, we haven't actually set foot in the place yet. We had a twenty minute meeting with Sharon and basically agreed that we have access to the field, including the facilities, which as Daz has mentioned is very flexible. Once we have tried it out I am sure we will be a bit more at ease with things. We can further discuss with Sharon about staying over, but as it's her living, I would be happy to pay to stay over if it means I don't have to struggle to pack up in the dark and drive home tired. Surely this has got to be better than what we had over at the CC?
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    SH2 240 nearly there

    Update on the progress. Nearly there. Couple more panels to fill in the top then its just the bottom corners to do I can then crop off the edges to straighten it all up and blend it all together in Pixinsight. This is just a rough and ready Jpeg put together in Microsoft ICE. The full blown Tiff of this currently stands in at 74.2 MB Click on the image a couple of times to get to full res.
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    M101 and Friends

    Had a great night last night. Left the scopes out all night. This is my first attempt at processing the data. I've got some luminance and Ha to add as well, but quite please with my effort so far: This is 40 x 10 mins (wondering if 20 x 20 mins would have been better?). Dave
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    January 2018 monthly meet - WYMESWOLD DARK SITE.

    Thank you very much for all the help and advice offered with my telescope last night. It was nice to meet you all. As advised, I have already been out in the garden this morning to have a practice and all seems so much easier than my previous attempt. I look forward to meeting up with you all again. John.
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    Sol 31-1-2018 ha

    been a while again
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    A cautionary tale to those who take life too seriously.

    A friend of mine who I work with and his good lady who up until a month ago lived a few doors down the road from me and had done so for the best part of twenty years. He awoke this morning as per usual to come to work. He got up went down stairs to make them both a cuppa as per normal. When he took his good lady up her cuppa he realised she was dead. Out of the blue and for no good reason other than it was her time she had died in her sleep. So be warned all those who take life too seriously you just never know. Relax and enjoy the ride.
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    Luna 22-1-2018 2 pane mosaic

    yep defo do not do this object Tak 102 chameleon 3 cam Click for full res
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    Luna 22-2-2018 2 pane Mosaic

    250 of 750 frames with Tak 102 and Chameleon3 cam Stacked in AS3 sharpened and stitched imppg and PS Click through for full res.
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    New Belper Dark Site

    This lady Sharon doesn't yet know what a rowdy bunch of drunken hooligans we are at a starparty. So she seems very sensible in not giving us full entry rights from day one. Sounds like she's doing us a favour here and we need to prove to her that we can abide by her rules.
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    Allan the Plumber

    NGC 3941 more data

    Have added more Ha data think its the best i'm going to get Ha600s x5 Ha1200 x 5 Darks Bias and Flats Stretched to hell in Pixinsight finished with Ps6 SuperHa by Allan Young-Hares, on Flickr
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    Ron Clarke

    Jellyfish and Cone Nebulae

    From Thursdays clear, Moonless night. Both done with the ED80 1000d HEQ5 Wifi QHY5 Struggled with processing as I used longer timed subs, 5-10 mins when I usually use 3-5 mins. (or is it me!)
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    Coma Galaxy Cluster

    Spurred on by my previous images of M81/M82, I decided to have a go at the Coma cluster of galaxies. This is a series of 20 minutes exposures using my Moravian camera and TS-65 scope: Coma Cluster by david rose, on Flickr By inverting the image, it becomes easier to see the galaxies: Coma Cluster Invert1 by david rose, on Flickr And by playing with Stellarium it becomes possible to compare the image with the catalogues available: Coma Cluster Stellarium by david rose, on Flickr I've managed to count about 133 galaxies in the field of view that I can see in the Stellarium catalogues. There are definitely some additional galaxies that aren't in the Stellarium catalogues, at least as far as I can see. Either way, 133 x 50 billion (average no. of stars in a galaxy) is about 6.6 trillion stars. Makes you feel kind of small. Dave.
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    Amazing Supercell timelapse.

    As someone who has a life long fascination with extreme weather, and thunderstorms in partricular, i had to share this with you. Its just amazing, breath-taking, spectacular. I've run out of adjectives. If you have good Wifi, and a 4k resolution screen of decent size, its even better.
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    Day off work in Switzerland

    A few pictures taken from up higher viewing Lake Neuchatel with the Alps in the background. The telescope one of those put your money in, if i could of attached a camera i would
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    Latest Purchases

    Wifi dongle thingy.... If i can negotiate amicability between mount & wifi dongle thingy (big if) i'm hoping to be able to have the option of controlling my new mount with my iPhone (8+) with SkySafari app (v6) Purchased second hand from a chap on SGL at a bargain basement price. Its never been used either.
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    Luna 29-1-2019 6 pane mosaic

    Tak FS102 Chameleon Cam and rgb filters for 2nd image Click through for full res Mono moon Tried a bit of rgb and will not be doing it this way anytime soon
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    My next new DIY ALT/AZ Mount build thread

    Another few hours on the mount today. My last riser was a roaring success so I gave this mount one as well. But this riser will be covered by a large aluminium tube 5" in diameter and painted black. Also the top hat will be painted black to match. They will be secured to the mount via 3mm Pozzi screws.
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    A cautionary tale to those who take life too seriously.

    Ive had a similar eyeopener which has made me grateful to be alive. Since retirement 2 friends of mine (a married couple) who I used to work with some years ago have had nothing but bad luck healthwise over the past few years. She developed cancer and suffered terribly with the treatment, he developed serious heart problems and had a couple of ops . Their health generally deteriorated and she reacted badly to meds. Last week he was rushed in to hospital with a heart attack, she found life too much and took her life tragically. I am still reeling from the news. Make the most of life whilst you have it and no matter what you are suffering from there is always someone having to go through life with worse. Be thankful
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    Latest Purchases

    A second hand purchase which i've just picked up a few days ago for a great price. A hardly used William Optics FLT 98 triplet apo. F / 6.3 @ 618mm focal length. It has a Starlight Instruments Feathertouch (FT 3035) focuser. I was given a William Optics Field Flattener (for DSLR use) and also a WO AFR-IV 0.8 Reducer / flattener All in a WO padded carry bag. My primary goal is to use this scope for imaging with my new mount, and also i think it would make a nice birding / nature scope.
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    Luna 22 02 2018

    Two different scopes ED80 and Williams Optics Zenithstar 61. Both shots ISO 200 at 1/125 .... 5 images stacked in infinity Photo. I bought the WO 61 to leave at work in Switzerland nice little scope.
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    Daz Type-R

    New Belper Dark Site

    Spot on Pete. We have to remember that this is new ground for her, she doesn't know us, doesn't know what we are like and is very generously letting us use her land, she is a very reasonable person and I think in time, we may be able to get the access sorted and come to some arrangement about people stopping over, but we need to remember this, primarily, this is a dark site, not a EMS sleep over, we have never stopped over at our dark sites before, so before we all start dragging our tents and tin snails over, lets use it for what we primarily got it for and in time, I am sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. I too am keen to take a tent or something over on a Saturday night and rather than pack up at 2 am, put my head down in the tent, but small steps first, I think we are a little way off doing that yet but lets not rule it out. Appreciate the responses all, keep the ideas coming. Thanks all.
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    A few visitors from this morning.

    After the success of the ST 80 I decided to push things a bit so I mounted the Cannon onto the back of my 5 inch Helios. My ever obliging Robin sat for his portrait . This is un-cropped. Click on image a couple of times for full res.
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    Two hours on Sirius and his Pup.

    Placed my scope out on the patio at about tea time so it had time to cool down then went inside to make dinner. The idea was to go out after dinner but my dad turned up and his not been very well lately so I spent two hours listening to his ills and woes. By the time he went it was nearly 21.00 and I had to push myself to go out. Looked at all the normal targets you do and while doing this I noticed that the skies were pretty good and seemed darker then normal. Decided to look ar Rigel and noticed I could split this very easy. My 6mm Delos showed a very clean break at X140. The seperation is about 9.5" and the colours I noticed were a very muted blue and white. Having split Rigel I went over to Sirius, I have tried numerous times to split the pup from his parent but I had to try again. Tried the 6mm first and after about 10 minutes decided the magnification was to low. I inserted the 4.5mm Delos which gives X186 and once again except for a very faint maybe I decided to low magnification, so I inseted the 3.5mm Delos that gives X240 magnification. At this mag Sirius only takes about 30 seconds to sweep the FOV but with perserverance and about 30 sweeps of the field of view something appeared to the left of Sirius in about the 10 o'clock position. It was just outside the glare and just above the line the AMICI Prism makes while observing brighter objects. The view didn't last long, it was only a few seconds and then I lost it. I tried and tried to find it again, even changed to the older diagonal which in fact I conclude is worse then the new Badder Amici. I decided to drape a towel over my head at this stage and went through the whole procedure again, and after another 30 sweeps I did glimpse it again but very faint. But there was definitely a pinpoint of light just outside the glare of Sirius. This is one tough cookie to see. I can see that my scope is excellent but not the correct scope to split the Pup as the focal length is too small, it needs to be longer to achieve more magnification. So in the end I spent nearly two hours on Sirius and his Pup. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun. It's very unusual of me to spend most of the night on one target but it was worth it.
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    NGC 2903

    200mm Toscano RC and SX694 27 x 300secstest run ,scope needs collimating and a not to the user to do flats before removing CCD in future
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    12 minute Rosette

    Due to misshapen stars after the Meridian flip & focuser rotation (36 subs) here is the 4 subs prior to the flip. Canon 550d (Modded), WO Megraz 72fd + FF, EQ6 4x 3 minute subs + Darks & Flats.
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    Allan the Plumber

    Supernova in NGC3941

    A very quick Ha data of the supernova in NGC 3941 5 x 10min Ha subs SuperHa by Allan Young-Hares, on Flickr
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    Another pup thread

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    Wymeswold 9th Feb 2018

    ED80, HEQ5. Clear but windy. The first chance I have had to take out the HEQ5 and put it through its paces after the belt mod I did late last year. 3 star alignment was successful first time which was good news and the mount is so quiet, no more grinding of gears, excellent. The following objects were chosen to stretch the mounts legs so to speak as well as re acquaint me with some old favourites, I have not been at the back of a scope for 3 months for various reasons. · M42 and trapezium, no chance of E&F stars with the unsteady seeing · M35 and 2158 · M31,32,110 · M45,36,37,38,44,41,39,47,34,46,81,82,67 · NGC2264 Christmas Tree cluster · NGC2392 Eskimo · NGC7662 Blue Snowball · Almach · Double Cluster · SHJ49 triple system in Orion · Lambda Orionis · Theta Orionis · NGC457 After 3 hours I was a bit cold and flagging as I had an hours drive back so packed away but this was a good enjoyable session. It was nice to get some of the southern horizon Messiers, 41, 46, 47 these I havent been able to see for decades from my garden due to neighbours trees growing and blocking my views. The southern horizon aspect at WW is ideal
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    Sol 7-2-2018

    60mm Lunt Double stacked with 60mm Coronado and PGR Blackfly cam
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    Aurora.... not very good images :)

    not my best work
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    650 Billion Stars

    I took this image with my TS-65 scope and QHY8L camera. I reckon there's at least 13 galaxies in the frame, probably a few more. If an average galaxy has 50 billion stars, that means there's at least 650 billion stars in this image. Makes you feel kind of small: http://astrob.in/330506/B/ Hope you like it. Dave
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    Luna 26-1-2018 4 Pane mosaic

    Tak 102 and chameleon cam Click through for full res image
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    Sol 26-1-2018 Ha

    About time as well single stack to start followed by the double stack click for full res
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    My Refractors

    My recent, second hand purchase of a WO FLT 98 at 618mm focal length fills the gap between my smaller 350mm focal length and larger 925mm focal length refractors. The plan is to use the FLT 98 as an imaging scope with the smaller 70mm Petzval on a variety of targets with my Canon 6D DSLR on my new TTS mounting platform. In this purchase the seller very generously 'threw in' a new, unused WO TMB field flattener which is a sizable piece of glass in its own right. It will currently only work with a Canon APS-C DSLR, and not my Full Frame 6D. I plan to address this though. And also included was a 0.8 x reducer / flattener, although i think i can only use this with a dedicated CCD camera. My larger FLT 132, with its immense focuser is my primary visual binoviewing scope and it works excellently with the Mk V, particularly with the long focusing travel needed to reach focus with various amplifiers. I've had a quick visual session with the 98. It impressed, although it doesn't have the extra long focus travel i need for 2 eyed viewing. I'm also hoping to use it as a daytime scope for nature and birdwatching. Its much smaller and a lot lighter than my 132. Take a look.
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    Monster eyepiece arrived

    Good idea Steve.

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