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  1. 8 points

    My next new DIY ALT/AZ Mount build thread

    Another few days in the workshop produced a dovetail clamp. I still need to make the three knobs and I'm going to design a mechanism to stop the scope sliding out of the dovetail, but in all honesty I doubt if this would ever occur as there is plenty of clamping force. I couldn't resist placing the scope on top of the mount, as there is no knobs yet I just used M6 nuts to tighten the dovetail clamp.
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    Well did not manage much at kelling. Mostly cloud and fog. But this is the small amount of data I managed between the clouds and fog. Not best work not much data either
  3. 6 points

    Eq6 power mod ✅

    Well tackled the Eq6 power mod today, bit nerve racking soldering , I used blue tac to protect nearby soldering points but all seems to work now , connected power up reading 14v slewed scope dropped to 13.9v which I assume is ok , red light was steady no flickering now 😅
  4. 6 points

    NGC 3372 WIP

    The Carina Nebula this morning. Ive been wanting to tackle this for some time. Some more points loaded on iTelescope gave me the chance to reserve my favourite scope at Sidings Springs for this morning, Tak FSQ106. This is 15 minutes luminence, severely stretched to see what I could get. I intend to add colour to this for an LRGB, then maybe add some Ha, we will see. Nice to get some photons to play with, its been awhile.
  5. 6 points

    California Nebula in HaRGB

    3.2 Hour total integration - Canon 1200D Full post - https://astrob.in/334257/C/
  6. 5 points
    Chris P.

    Markarian's Chain

    Here's my first go at this one.Taken from the Astroshed on 14th April - a bonus night as it turned out - the forecast had been dire all day. Taken with my Altair Astro 72 ED-R, 43 x2 min subs and the usual darks & flats
  7. 5 points


    Through the double glazing
  8. 5 points

    First Light @ Tannenbaum?

    Conditions weren't brilliant: high cloud changing constantly made setting up on small/faint targets frustrating. But it was a useful exercise and showed what might be achieved with better seeing. Kev (8472) came along for a while but didn't have much success either. I pitched camp in the corner of the field nearest the cricket club, as I was wary of softer ground lower down. Sharon was very helpful as usual but I don't think she has a tractor available if you get stuck. Nobody else was there, and Sharon said they had had several cancellations over Easter, so there will be space if you wanted to give it a try. I took a rather shaky handheld panorama to show the view from the site:
  9. 5 points
    Chris P.


    Managed to scrape together 3 hour on M51 over the past month using my Skywatcher 150 Mak. Not much time to do anything else to be honest given the weather but glad to get another galaxy in the bag for galaxy season
  10. 5 points

    More luna :)

  11. 4 points
    Chris P.

    M51 - new version

    I'm sure everyone's struggeled with the weather of late. I've had to grab some very short sessions (less than 30 mins) to grab enough data to finally construct a version of M51 I'm happy with. Cheers everyone
  12. 4 points
    Ron Clarke

    Model railway show at Cotgrave 14/4/18

    Just a few photo's of some of the layouts in different scales..
  13. 4 points

    Solar from today 14.04.2018.

    Took a couple of images today. The first one is from this morning at 10 o'clock. The second is from 2 o'clock this afternoon. The difference between the two shows just how dynamic the sun really is. The flares at the 4 o'clock position have vanished and have been replaced by some more at the eleven o'clock position. 60mm Lunt double stacked Blackfly camera Click on the images a couple of times to get to full res.
  14. 4 points

    This is a weird eyepiece.

    Just stumbled upon this weird eyepiece. https://www.vixen.co.jp/product/35203_6/ A Vixen 100mm eyepiece. You don't get many eyepieces in this focal length. In my scope: Magnification will be X 8.4 Exit pupil will be 15mm TFOV will be 6.8° Field stop will be 96mm in diameter
  15. 4 points

    Luna DSLR 28-3-2018

    ED 80 and 7D Click through for full size
  16. 4 points

    Finger slipped again!

    Resistance is futile! Just had to get one of these ES 92 degree series. The ES 92 17mm is nice, but since I already have a 17mm Ethos, I went for the 12mm. They apparently have a very easy and immersive view with long eye relief. Just look at that for an eye lens, it is a whopping 44mm in diameter! A big eye lens helps with the eye relief on wide angle eyepieces. No squinting through this one.
  17. 4 points

    My next new DIY ALT/AZ Mount build thread

    Made the knobs for the dovetail plate today. There are three of them made from 33mm hexagonal bar. There is plenty of clamping force and the whole dovetail works brilliantly. With scope attached
  18. 4 points

    Luna 25-3-2018

    Managed to get the ISS transit but I am having problems loading it to the hosting site so this is the stack ED80 and Chameleon 3
  19. 4 points

    Luna ISS transit 23-5-2018 22-41 GMT

    Lets try You Tube then Had to travel for this one and the seeing was not that good. The pass was not an illuminated one so we had to go on "time" and set the Ser file running a couple of minutes beforehand. ED80 and Chameleon 3 cam
  20. 3 points
    Sunny Phil

    Pole Dancing

    I did a wider field of the Engagement Ring than normal at 70mm.
  21. 3 points

    Flats panel

    Having got the hang of dark frames, I thought it was time to organise some flats. The panel has to fit both of my scopes, and a small ADM dovetail clamp allows the rig to be fixed in place. The panel came from eBay, and it is powered by three 18650 lithium cells to provide 12-ish volts. As well as the new saddle and puck for the mount, I replaced the standard dovetail bar for a longer one which allows the rig to be fitted. The 25cm square panel is oversized for the refractor... The same setup works with the C925's dovetail bar: The rig is lightweight and compact, and seems to do the job OK.
  22. 3 points

    Latest Purchases

    After 21 days held up in UK customs this grenade finally landed on target. BW-Optik Rodenstock Giant Groẞfeld Okular...
  23. 3 points

    Random Luna Stuff 28-3-2018

    For somebody who does not do the moon things went a bit mad last night, over 120GB of data gathered with the C11 and the Chameleon. Click through for full res. and not forgetting the terrible Jupiter image through the boiling atmosphere.
  24. 3 points
    Sunny Phil


    I am using my 127mm Mak. I occasionally use a Barlow lens. BTW, a couple more and I'm not finished yet:
  25. 3 points

    Sol 25-3-2018 Ha

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