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  1. Peter Shah

    A late Rigel and the Witches Head Nebula

    The Witches Head Nebula, I'm not entirely sure I like this process. I was imaging late in the season and quite low down in the muck..I found this one of the trickiest images to Process .I thought I'd post it anyway. I may revisit it next season.. Imaged with the 105 f1.4 Sigma lens and ASI2600MC. 120s exposures a total of nearly 4 and a half hours. Processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop. Thanks for looking Peter Shah
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  2. alis80b

    The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51)

    It's been raining and cloudy here for the past week πŸ˜” It has given me the chance to process the images I took on 9th and 12th April. 180 light frames 54 flat frames 60 bias frames 70 second exposures ISO 800 Sky watcher 80ED Canon Ra
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  3. Derbyshire Dave

    Messier 104 The Sombrero Galaxy

    Messier M104, The sombrero galaxy. Taken with the Meade LX200 as LRGB. Not much data, 17x180 Lum, 10*180 of each of RGB. Stacked in PixInsight, processed in PI and Photoshop.. Could do with some data to sharpen things up a bit. Click and click again in Flickr for full res..
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  4. Peter Shah

    A deep look at the North

    Not often photographed, Polaris surrounded by Integrated Flux Nebula. I took this remotely from Spain with 105 f1.4 Sigma lens and ASI2600MC. 53x 300s exposures a total of nearly 4 and a half hours. Processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop. Thank for looking Peter
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  5. Chris P.

    NGC6888 - Crescent Nebula in HaO3 - β€˜Tis finished!

    Hi everyone - I grabbed another 3 hrs OIII data to add to the Ha and OIII I already had on this target; C8 @f6.3; 183MM camera and Baader filters. Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop. I generated a false green from the Ha and O3 data using Pixelmath in Pixinsight so really it’s more like an RGB image - but you get the idea πŸ˜‰
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  6. 8472

    Flying Bat and Squid in HOORGB

    I thought I'd revisit this DSO I shot last year with an entirely new dataset and see if i could bring out the squid a little better. Long story short - not in any way shape or form an easy image to process! 5h Ha 35h Oiii 1h 20m RGB 200mm SMC Pentax Takumar @ F4/8 QHY294M Olympus PEN E-PL5 Optolong 7nm Ha, 6.5nm Oiii Siril, Startools & PS Thanks for looking, Kev
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  7. Peter Shah

    The Blue Horse Head Nebula

    The Blue Horse Head Nebula Imaged with the 105 f1.4 Sigma lens and ASI2600MC 60x 300s exposures a total of five hours. Imaged remotely from Spain, processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop. Thanks for looking Peter Shah
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  8. Derbyshire Dave

    The Flaming Star Nebula in Ha

    I revereted last night to the William Optics GT81, to try and grab something in narrowband before they become inaccessible in galaxy season. ZWO ASI 183 mono cooled camera, 2 hours of data, 24 x 300 seconds. Stacked using WBPP in Pixinsight using master darks and flats, integrated in PI also, slight star reduction and sharpening in Photoshop. Click, and click again on the Flickr image for full resolution..
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  9. Carastro

    Bok's globules (data from 4 different years)

    As I am new here but have not been doing any imaging for a few weeks, I thought I'd post up one of my recent images I completed. Combined data from 4 different years done with different equipment. All done from my Home Observatory in Bortle 8. Including Atik383L and Atik460EX William Optics ZS71, Skywatcher 130PDS, Skywatcher Esprit100 2014 4h 20m 2015 3h 40m 2019 2h 15m 2021 8h Total imaging time per filter Ha 11h 10m Oiii 4h 25m Sii 2h 40m Grand total 18 1/4 hours. Cropped for detail on the "Animal Parade" I can see left to right: Peacock(
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  10. Brady


    Im on a bit of a galaxy run at the moment while i get to grips with the new software, this is a first for me with the full 5 hours of LRGB using N.I.N.A with full automation, set it up for a 4 filter run including focusing each filter, meridian flip and focusing while sleeping all the way through...bonus πŸ‘
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  11. Chris P.

    NGC6888 - The Crescent Nebula in HOO

    Ahh! some narrowband at last. Only 3.5 hrs (2 on Ha;1.5 on OIII) but coming along nicely as a HOO image. Even started to pick up the OIII outershell which wasn't bad given the moonlight last night
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  12. Doc

    Pied flycatchers.

    Pied flycatchers taken at Padley gorge today
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  13. Chris P.

    Sunrise over the Great Ridge, Edale

    That was an early start to get this one! Canon EOS R and 17-40mm lens; ISO 100. Processed in Photoshop
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  14. alis80b

    Leo triplet

    I had a try at the Leo triplet last night. 136 x 70 seconds ISO 800 50 Flats 24 Darks 62 bias (not sure why the numbers are so random πŸ˜‚) (Sky-Watcher 80ED, Canon Ra) I did things differently this time and just stacked all the photos in DSS without checking them or deleting any first (which is maybe why the stars aren't great?) I'm not sure about my processing. I know the sky looks really dark but if I don't do that it looks really patchy? Also ignore the fake diffraction spikes I bought the 'Astronomy tools actions' for P
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  15. philjay

    Old Moon in the New Moons arms in Taurus

    Even though I was doing visual last night, I took one look at this sight and had to photograph it. Each single image Taken with Nikon Df with 80-400 Nikkor. ISO800. Wide at 80mm approx 1/5s Zoom ay 400mm 2s
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  16. Chris P.

    M57 and IC1296 in HaRGB

    Hi everyone - 3 hrs of RGB and 4 hrs of Ha to reveal the outer ring around the Ring Nebula. IC1296 making a distant appearance in the background. C8\183MM pro and Pixinsight\Photoshop processing - cheers
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  17. bryand

    Rutland Redcat

    Having found a UK supplier (Widescreen) my WO RedCat arrived today, accompanied by the mandatory deluge. Impatient to try it out, and desperate to justify its cost as a daytime lens as well as an astrograph, I took it to Rutland Water to look at the Ospreys. Two of their three eggs have now hatched but the chicks are low down in the nest. The view from the Waderscape hide: The whole scene through the RedCat: A full resolution crop of the scene above: On the whole, a satifactory first outing. The focussing is hypercritical and the ball
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  18. alis80b


    Had a try at M3 on Friday night. I was going to try M13 but it was out of view behind my house πŸ˜” 89 x 60 seconds light frames ISO 800 27 darks 54 flats 62 bias The numbers are random because I lose track how many I've taken when I press the button πŸ˜‚ I love these cluster things, they are so pretty! 😍 Let me know what you think. I added a bit of saturation but not sure if I overdid it?
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  19. Derbyshire Dave

    M51 on the Lx200

    Messier 51, the Whirlpool Galaxy. Taken through Meade Lx200.. There have been some considerable issues in getting the LX200 working, I had weird circles in the frame - see previous post. So more than pleased to have got this on Wednesday night. I have taken LRG and B data, this first process is just the luminance 22 x 3 minutes. Darks and skyflats applied. I think I can probably do better with the flats.. Click and click again in Flickr for full resolution..
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  20. philjay

    Picture of the Month April 2021

    Quite a good start to the month weather wise which was nice for getting out under the stars and capturing a few photons. So due to the good weather and numbers of images posted this month, the following is a prΓ©cis of the posts to keep things manageable for reading. Comets, Asteroids, Meteors Graham captured a large meteor on his detector https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/19350-this-must-have-been-visible-this-morning/ SunnyPhil and Graham compared notes on images and hits on the detector to track down a meteor https://www.eastmidland
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  21. Derbyshire Dave

    Blue Heaven

    Morning walk in our local wood, beautiful morning, orange-tips fluttering, jays flying... and just the odd bluebell or two! Lovely Light... ...And it's May tomorrow, how is that even possible?
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  22. Ibbo

    Sol 22-4-21 Cak FD

    80mm SW ED 80 Lunt 600 Cak filter ZWO178 cam
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  23. bryand

    A little bit of normality

    Having got a bad back from too much stooping at the scope, I decided the time had come for an observing chair. I wasn't about to pay Β£185 for a Berlebach but I like the simplicity of the design so I borrowed it and added the seat adjustment from the S@N chair. It may need tweaking for strength/stability but it was a good day's work: I was so wrapped up in the constructrion I forgot to go shopping, so after a quick visit to Wymeswold (looks good and the ground is firm) I stopped off for some food: ... my first fish chips & mushy peas for well over a y
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  24. Brady


    I managed 5 hours worth of lrgb data while trying out N.i.N.A the other night and just had a lazy day messing around with it, excellent software i might add..
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  25. RonC

    More M51 test s

    Taken last night, 20 x 120s at Unity gain but with DSS FIT's setting changed from 1 to 3.5. darks, Flats and dark flats added.
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  26. Chris P.

    The moon with earthshine under the Pleiades

    Hi everyone - just a single image processed in Photoshop. 5 second exposure with my 70-200mm lens and Canon EOS R
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  27. Chris P.

    NGC4631 - The Whale Galaxy

    Hi everyone - just over 6 hrs data on this one with my Celestron C8. Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop - cheers
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  28. alis80b

    Supermoon 'mineral' edit

    I know this isn't to everyone's taste (me included) but I've seen a few really good 'mineral' moon photos recently and thought I'd give it a go. It's not a great image. Quick set up and lots of camera wobble but it's interesting to see what colours you can pull out of RAW camera data. Think I over did it a bit, it looks a bit like a disco ball!! πŸ˜‚ 1 shot 1/250 ISO 100
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  29. Streetbob

    Latest Purchases

    'Tis a thing of beauty. https://www.dropbox.com/s/iaxnlbea2xrj5uo/IMG_0489.JPG?raw=1
    7 points
  30. Doc

    A trip to Warren Hills .....

    .... To search for Green Hairstreaks. And there was quite a few I would say I saw at least 20 examples.
    7 points
  31. Graham

    M 108 in LRGB

    Took this last night. 43 subs at 120 seconds in every channel. Process in a slightly different way in Pixinsight. I have got a serious misalignment in the channels somehow.
    7 points
  32. Ibbo


    Given up trying to get it to stitch - I did take more to complete the bow.
    6 points
  33. I decided to head off on a totally different tract today to see if I could get better results from the 10 inch RC. I decided I would try my modded Canon 1100. This meant I had to find a way of guiding the RC with the Canon attached. So this afternoon I removed the rear part of an old finder scope and modified the adapter plate on the lathe so I could attach a 1.25 eyepiece holder to it. This modified adapter was then swapped for the rear of the finder scope on the RC. My thinking behind this meant I could then use my Loadstar and by sliding it in and out
    6 points
  34. Ibbo

    M13 29-4-2021 RGB

    25 each RGB 30secs binned x2 Toscano 200mm RC Sx 694 cam. I think this is the first one I've done RGB in PI
    6 points
  35. RonC


    Checking out a mod I made to the scope yesterday, I flocked the top 6" of the 150PDS to see if I could rid myself of the gradient on a lot of my images. Think it's worked reasonably well but more testing to do! M51 40 x 150s at Gain 800 150 PDS NEQ6 Hypercam 183c Triband Filter guided. Don't mention Gradient Exterminator, tried to add it and lost my HLVG!!
    6 points
  36. Graham

    M13 in LRGB with the F15 refractor.

    I have been playing again tonight. Swapped the RC with the F15 refractor just to see what I could achieve with it. After trying several targets I settled on M13 which was just far enough from Blobby to get away with it. Antares 105 F15 refractor. QSI 683 at 2x2 binning. 11 x 200 second subs in all 4 channels Captured and stacked in Maxim Processed and compiled in PS 6.
    6 points
  37. RonC

    NGC 4631 (The Whale)

    Still a work in progress as I get nearer to the right exposures etc... 20 x 60s at gain 800 Hypercam 183c NEQ6 SW 150 PDS guided in PHD Captured in APT (newest version) DSS and PS6
    6 points
  38. Graham

    NGC 2403

    This is a new target for me. Taken over 2 nights . Had a lot of trouble with light pollution due to a neighbour's flood light which kept coming on. 😭 10 inch RC QSI 683 running at 2x2 binning. 52 x 120 second subs in each of the LRGB channels. Captured in Maxim Processed in Pixinsight.
    6 points
  39. Graham

    M51 in LRGB from Monday night 12/13. 04.2021

    Took the chance of a possible clear night on Monday and left the scope running all night whilst I got a decent nights sleep to get up at stupid O'clock for work. The net result was a haul of 204 X 120 second subs. 51 in each of the 4 channels. I had ago with the processing of this data this afternoon using Pixinsight. To my horror I discovered there must have been a fair amount of cloud floating about during the night as a good percentage of the subs were pretty poor. ( some were absolutely terrible 😒 ) I made the decision to go ahead and process t
    6 points
  40. Graham

    They do work this way up

    Might have let this run a touch too long. πŸ˜‚ Still tracking perfectly even if it does look a bit wrong .
    6 points
  41. Ibbo

    Sol 26-4-21 Ha reprocess

    As the title says a reprocess.
    5 points
  42. Graham

    Solar from today 24.04.2021

    Had a real task on my hands to capture this today. Shot through the high cloud. False colour added in PS 6.
    5 points
  43. Ibbo

    Sol 22-4-21 Ha

    Lunt 60mm D/S Coronado richfield ZWO178 cam
    5 points
  44. tuckstar

    Latest Purchases

    And they have arrived, only a four week wait which really isn't bad at the moment. Pentax xf 12mm to go with the 8mm. I do like matchy matchy. Now, hottub or la luna???
    5 points
  45. Graham

    This must have been visible this morning.

    Someone just has to have seen this little beauty come through at 03.23 this morning. I know the chart says 04 22 but it is still on UTC.
    5 points
  46. Ibbo

    Sol 19-4-21

    Ha full discs with the 60 mm Lunt Quark Ha ED 80 and the Bresser 127 Looks like the ED80 is the way to go at the moment Cak ED 80 and some decent stuff with the Bresser
    5 points
  47. Bottletopburly

    Homeopathic A&E πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5 points
  48. Sunny Phil

    M44 Widefield

    My planned Beehive shoot, using different camera focal lengths and exposures did not go to plan. However, the widefield shot worked very well. As usual details via the link below the photo:
    4 points
  49. Graham

    Solar from today 11.04.2021

    Managed to grab a few SER's between the clouds this morning. Glad I did as activity seems to be stepping up a bit. Lots of proms on show today. False colour added in PS 6.
    4 points
  50. RonC

    NGC 4565 and M13

    After lots of tests I think I've 'nailed it' ! NGC 4564 The Needle Galaxy 60 x 90 secs at gain 800 + darks, flats and dark flats. AND M13 10 x 60 secs (10 mins!) Gain 800 + darks, flats and dark flats. using a higher gain and a lower exposure has rid me of the amp glow on the LH Side I also moved the FIT's brightness in DSS from 1 to 2 and counted many more stars!
    4 points
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