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    Horse Head and Flame nebulae

    Ever since I first took up astrophotography (a very long time ago - CCDs hadn't been invented and film was the only option) I've always wanted to image the Horse Head nebula. Despite many attempts with seriously long exposures using an off-axis guider through my late 254mm F6 Newtonian, I got absolutely nothing. Having returned to astrophotography just a year ago using an unmodified DSLR, reading the literature, I had been convinced that the Horse Head was still out of my reach, especially from a light polluted sky. At the end of last nights session, I though I would just point the camera towards Alnitak and took just 4 exposures. Tonight, even though having looked at the JPEGS out of the camera to see only few stars poking out above the white background, I thought I would run them through DSS and IRIS. Now I can't wait to get another clear night to get a decent quantity of subs!
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    Venus 21-1-2020 IR807

    C11 IR807 filter 10% of 20000 frames
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    Sadr reprocessed using auto scripts

    So been playing around with Auto scripts in Pixisight. These seem to have corrected the heavy blues I was getting on a lot of stars from my filter. A lot happier with this result.
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    You wait days and days for a Meteor shot and then !!!!

    You get 2 within a couple of minuets.
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    Derbyshire Dave

    At last. Some clear sky..

    Well, OK, it wasn't night time, but lovely be out this morning. Headed up Kinder Scout for a circuit of Ringing Roger and Grindsbrook.. Sky was just beautiful at about 9AM. Saw three dippers in Grindsbrook.
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    Super hit this morning.

    This little beauty landed at 07:26 this morning. Shame it wasn't dark so we could have seen it.
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    2020 UK Astro Show Dates

    Hi, Some Astro show dates for your diary's. European Astrofest 2020 : Friday January 31 + Saturday February 1st Kensington, London. (yes, its early this year !) Links below for full details : https://europeanastrofest.com Practical Astronomy Show 2020 : Saturday 21 March 2020 Kettering Show link and speaker info just released below : https://practicalastroshow.com/speakers/?fbclid=IwAR1ZGlvAG2q_OUcRbKzONo8E9puSIqyN9ABnqfNWEtu3g5FyOp8TJFkDv_M International Astronomy Show 2020 : Dates in November to be confirmed. Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. Link below to homepage for more info : https://www.ukastroshow.com After 15 consecutive visits to Astrofest, i have decided to give it a miss this year πŸ˜“ Reasons include me being disappointed with the show in 2018 & 2019, the travel involved, as well as 2 other shows closer to home. But i will definitely be at the PAS in March and almost certainly at the IAS in November as well. I thought the PAS was excellent last year, and for a first show for them, they hit the ground running and its all for free !! @Derbyshire Dave : you may be interested in the 'APT' talk ? Hopefully i'll see some of you there in Kettering ?? Regards, Rob πŸ˜€
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    All Sky Cam: 29 Dec 2019

    Having a few days break over New Year in the southern part of Snowdonia National Park. Hoping for some clear skies I took my All-Sky camera with me and set it up hoping to catch something. I'm not totally happy with the camera settings yet, this camera has a lot of noise, but it's a good starting point. Luckily we got some nice clear skies and early in the evening I caught Elon Musk's Starlink chain passing over ..... lots more of Mr Musk's astro-interference to come ☹️ I also caught a nice bright meteor And in the early hours I got what I think was an Iridium flare. It was split over 2 images but started dim, brightened up and then dimmed again. I put the 2 imges together in an animated gif and this was the result I plan on properly merging the 2 images when I get home but for now the gif is all I could manage. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, but (apart from the noise) I'm happy that the camera and software are working in a 'portable' set up with the Stick PC. Centre/Right is NE - Centre/Left is SW Orion can be seen moving anti-clockwise to the left of the screen Al
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    Jellyfish in HOORGB and DuoBand

    Two alternative processes of IC 443 imaged a couple of days or so ago. Image 1 = 5h integration Duoband, Set-point cooled 1100D Image 2 = 5h integration Duoband, Set-point cooled 1100D + 2h RGB E-PL5. Stacked and preprocessed in APP Main processing Startools Post process Gimp & PS HLVG plugin Not sure which version I prefer, tbh. Regards
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    Chris P.

    M42 - close up and personal!

    Hi everyone - 77mins with the Hyperstar. Never get board of this one. Processed in Pixinsight and PSCC πŸ™‚
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    https://earthsky.org/space/ligo-gravitational-wave-burst-near-betelgeuse thought it was gonna be exciting but seems everything is still there in orion πŸ˜‰
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    Chris P.

    Wolf Moon over Derbyshire

    Hi everyone - This was a lovely sight tonight πŸ™‚ Taken with my Altair 72 ED scope high looking back over Chesterfield
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    Taking Flats

    A tee shirt a panel and the sky ---- I think you have just about covered all the bases there Ron πŸ˜…
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    Ron Clarke

    Sol 21-1-2020 Ha

    Good prom at 2 o'clock! πŸ‘
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    Sunny Phil

    Horse Head and Flame nebulae

    Nice shot. It's way beyond what my kit can do.
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    Sunny Phil


    Usual stuff 300mm focal length ISO 6400 and 2 seconds exposure.
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    You wait days and days for a Meteor shot and then !!!!

    Great captures graham, you can just see Pleiades at bottom of first picture πŸ‘
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    Jellyfish in HOORGB and DuoBand

    My vote goes to # 1
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    Ron Clarke

    Two from last night!

    Such is life David!! I only imaged it to test my new shedatory roof mod!! Cheers Ron
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    Ron Clarke

    Roof Change!

    I suppose it is Clive, I've added a wedge to keep it open.. I've thought of a way to remove the bar across the front for imaging and locked in the rest of the time. Another job for tomorrow! Ron
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    M42 Orion Nebula

    From the album: JPB - Images

    17/01/2020. William Optics Zenithstar 73. Modified Canon 600D Baader IR Cut off filter Optolong L-eNhance Dual Narrowband Deep Sky Imaging Filter
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    Rusty Strings

    Tannenbaum Saturday 18th Jan? Postponed.

    I'm hoping to make up there too
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    IC 443 Ha

    I see a big jellyfish. Nice one Steve
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    IC 443 Ha

    Nice image Steve a lot of detail
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    It’s probably nothing: Gravitational wave burst detected near Betelgeuse

    Instead of the 'Armpit of the giant' (which i believe is Betelgeuse's literal meaning) how about 'The sore armpit nebula' ? πŸ˜‰
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    Anydesk question

    Only just seen this thread .... I use Anydesk on 3 laptops, 1 mini Stick PC and my phone, I find it quicker, lighter on resources and less troublesome than Teamviewer. The stick PC drop out from time to time but always reconnects if I open it again. The Stick PC only has windows firewall and I've not checked that but having read this it's certainly something I need to check.
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    Solar from today 12.01.2020

    I can just make out the AR slightly above centre and what looks to be a couple of filaments and a prom.
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    Penumbral Eclipse

    Thanks for the image. Really nice shot
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    Derbyshire Dave

    M33 reprocessed

    Nice handling of the colours, good job Clive
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    All Sky Cameras are ready to go.

    Well the new box of tricks has finally arrived. All set up and seems to be running as it should. As per normal with new kit it is now pouring with rain πŸ˜‚
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    Finally got to use my new scope

    Thanks for all the replies.. hopefully clear skies again tonight!
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    From the album: Misc

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    Happy Birthday Chris.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris have a great day
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    Ron Clarke

    Taking Flats

    Been using my new flat panel to get some decent Flats this afternoon.
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    Derbyshire Dave

    Picture of the Year 2019

    Yeah, well done Steve! Thoroughly deserved, So flipping difficult!
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    Ron Clarke

    M33 reprocessed

    You've made a good job of that Clive! 🌟
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    Happy New Year.

    I'll preemptively wish you all a very Happy 2020. May all your dreams and aspirations come true. All the best from Penny and myself.
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    Taking Flats

    Ron measure the ID of your tube. I have an old 6 inch Seben tube cover kicking around here somewhere. Here you go Ron. It will fit into a tube about 170mm internal diameter. Amazed I knew where to find it πŸ˜…
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    HHead, Flame and Barnards Loop - more data added!

    I like that. You even have the Boogeyman in there as well
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    Taking Flats

    On my panel Ron I used a layer of A4 paper sandwiched between panel and 3mm frosted acrylic , then I bought a spare Ota cover cut middle out stuck it to acrylic πŸ‘ just clicks on now
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    Venus 30-12-2019 IR807

    Great shot. 😊 SSD=solid state drive I'm guessing?
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    Hi from Burton on Trent

    Orion was nicely on display last night, I noticed when I put the bins out lol. The tip of the sword is an interesting area to view if you've not seen it before. πŸ™‚
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    Horse head and Flame in Hubble

    Superb graham πŸ‘
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    The sky was on fire this evening.....show us your images ?

    Thats a great image. I sat and admired it for a fair while. It was a much deeper Red down here. Got so lost in staring at it by the time I thought about taking a photo it had passed.
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    Mono guide camera thoughts

    USB3 for planetary. Pity the gas giants are going to be low for a while yet.
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    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Happy Birthday.
  47. 1 point

    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Thanks all. Much appreciated. Hope everyone has a nice christmas and new year. Santa bringing Clear skies. 😁🍻
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    The Orion Nebula

    Same to you Dave. I think Santa might just have his work cut out for that to happen. Have a good one
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    To update or not to update, 10 years on

    It is a beautiful scope. You would be hard pushed to find anything like it nowadays especially at a sensible price. You have to keep it Phil. Grow old gracefully together. Chances to use it may be far and few but when you do get the odd chance they will be all the better for it.
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    Film critics

    I'd collectively put film critics into 'Room 101' if i went on that show. I can't be doing with them. Mark Kermode would have a special place in the garbage chute in the original Star Wars (only he wouldn't be rescued)
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