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  1. Peter Shah

    The Horse Head Nebula in LRGB and Ha

    LRGB and Ha The Horse Head Nebula In Orion. Imaged with the 12.5 RCOS @ f9 and FLI 16803 36x 600 in Luminance and 12x 900s in each RGB total 15hrs. High haze effected some of the data but the weather in Spain hasn't been at its best. Another one of my favourite scopes...This scope I did a complete strip down and refurbish including a nice shiny recoat of it's stunning Zerodur optics ...that was a very nerve racking day I can tell you. Thanks for looking… Peter Shah
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  2. Ibbo

    NGC 2359 Thors Helmet in Ha

    Tak 102 and Sx 694 11x 900 secs over 2 nights. Not processed in Pixinsight as it did not come out too well so back to APP and PS. Do thew clicky thing for full res.
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  3. Derbyshire Dave

    Rosette nebula in Ha, and RTFM

    Ever time I've been out over the last couple of months I've struggled with my guiding. I did a rather strange thing last night, I read the manual! Or at least I read the guiding instructions for the Losmandy mount and listened to what it said, including moving North in declination immediately before the calibration in PHD2 to take up dec backlash. Well, you know what, it calibrated beautifully. Note to self. RTFM. Anyway, by the time I'd done all that the rosette was approaching the meridian, and conditions weren't great either. Still nice to get
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  4. Chris P.

    M51 in RGB with my Celestron C8

    Hi everyone - I've swapped my refractor over for the C8. This is my first image after the initial setup. Managed to sort out back-focus for the f6.3 focal reducer. 3hrs data (1 hr on each filter) Processed in Pixinsight and PSCC. Hope you like it
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  5. Chris P.

    M106 in RGB

    Hi everyone. Managed 6 hrs on this one with the C8 and ZWO ASÍ 183 MM. Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop - cheers
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  6. 8472

    IC 443 in HOORGB

    Grabbed about 4 hour's of Ha data the other day and combined it with a previous 5 hour's worth of HOO to create this image. 130P-DS QHY294M 1x1 bin mode AVX Canon T3 Clear Skies, Kev
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  7. RonC


    IC434 better known as the Horse's Head Nebula. Good clear night but a nearly full Moon! 20 x 180s at Gain 800 Binned 2x2 Darks, flats and dark Flats added. SW 150PDS Hypercam 183c (fan) NEQ6 Guided with PHD APT DSS and PS6. (Excuse the dust bunny!)
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  8. Chris P.

    Rosette Nebula in SHO

    Hi everyone - my latest image - and just 3 hrs of data - so I really had to squeeze the pips on this one. 72ED ZWO 183MM - processed in Pixinsight and PSCC. Hope you like it πŸ˜‰πŸ”­
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  9. Peter Shah

    Integrated Flux Nebula and a couple of old friends

    Can't really say this is a shot of M81 and M82, although they are both smack in the centre of the field! Ultra wide field Integrated Flux Nebula around M81 and M82. Imaged from Spain with the 105 sigma Lens and the ZWO2600 OSC, 5hrs total exposure, 300s subs. I've also reprocessed my old data set taken with my AG12 from the UK, I merged the two to bring out some colour in 81 and 82 Thanks for looking Peter Shah
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  10. philjay

    Twas a cold winters morn'

    Just had to stop and snap this on the way to do the weekly shop this morning
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  11. 8472

    M51 in LRGB

    Bit of an experiment this one. With the moon up, I had the crazy idea of capturing galaxy luminance through my l-enhance filter, in order to attenuate the inevitable gradients. RGB is provided via pre-existing data shot a year or two ago. 130P-DS AVX QHY294M E-PL5 About 11h total integration all in all, again with Siril, Startools and PS. Clear Skies, Kev
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  12. Chris P.

    Moonrise over Cranfleet Cut, Sawley

    Hi everyone - a couple of images of the Snow Moon rise over Cranfleet Cut, Sawley on Saturday evening. Canon 80D and 70-200mm Zoom. ISO400
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  13. Ibbo

    Luna 6 pane mosaic 1-3-2021

    Taken with the shaving mirror - 200mm RC and SX694 with ha filter. Do the clicky thing for full res.
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  14. Chris P.

    Snow moon setting over All Saints Church, Sawley

    Well, sometimes my insomnia pays off. 125th sec at ISO400. Taken with my 70-200mm Canon L and Canon EOS R.
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  15. Derbyshire Dave

    The Soul Nebula

    After (hopefully) sorting out my guiding issues earlier in the week, I was keen to try it out, and miraculously, it was as clear as i've seen it for a while last night. It behaved really well, multi-star guiding meant the guding stayed at just below 0.5 arcsecs/pixel all night. Unfortunatley the nebula dissappeared behing my neighbours house, or I would have tried for more data. Pleased with the result in near full moon conditons. The guiding seems to have given me really good stars. 27 x 300 secs in Ha of the soul nebula Click and click again in Flickr for
    9 points
  16. RonC


    To add to Grahams M81! Just 10x 120s Gain 400 Binned 1x1! Usual kit.
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  17. Graham

    A bit of colour visits the Ivy.

    I had some lovely surprise visitors this morning feasting on the Ivy berries in my garden. This pair of Red Wings.
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  18. 8472

    CTB-1, Sh2-168 & Sh2-173 in HaRGB

    This dim region in Cassiopeia consists of about 2.5h of RGB combined with about 4.75h of Ha. 200mm Pentax SMC Takumar SWSA Olympus E-PL5 QHY294M Processed with Siril, Startools and PS. Clear Skies, Kev
    8 points
  19. Brady

    Bodes and friends

    Hard work last night as there seemed to be a big hole in the sky letting light in but managed a few hours on this before i swap the 80ED out for something a bit bigger for galaxy season..
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  20. Neo_uk

    First narrow band image

    Hi ... here is my first ever narrow band image .. 12x300s ha 12x300s oiii 5x300s sii I could only get five sii subs because it dipped down below the roof tops before imaging plan had finished. Processing narrow band images is tricky ..but it's been that long since I did any processing I've forgot so much ...so it's a real learning curve . There is some stacking artifacts on the left hand side mainly due to a meridian flip ...so really should go back and adjust it ..but thought I'd just share were I've got up too. Thanks for looking Chris.
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  21. philjay

    Lunar 220221

    Continuing my theme of imaging with a long fl achro and MFT camera combo. Here's my shot from last night. Stack of 100 subs through vintage Towa 339 F15 80mm with Olympus OM D EM1 mirrorless. Each sub ISO200 at 1/200s. PIPP and AS3 then sharpened in Photoshop and a little colour adjustment. Quite pleased with this. It's in colour, Chromatic Aberration quite lowbecause the F15 was collimated well and nicely cooled. Evidence of CA at the limb, being blown a bit but the bits that matter are quite good. I reckon there's still some wobbly frames in there, one day when I have
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  22. Graham

    M81 in LRGB

    First clear night in ages. Second time out with the RC. Things went a little better tonight. The guiding was behaving itself. First half a dozen subs in all sets came in and were looking promising then the high cloud arrived and things went downhill a bit. Still a vast improvement on my last attempt. 10 inch RC QSI 683 Lum -- 11 subs at 300 seconds. Red -- 11 subs at 200 seconds Green -- 11 subs at 200 seconds Blue -- 11 subs at 200 seconds Darks -- 11 subs at 300 Seconds Captured and stacked in Maxim
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  23. RonC

    M42 revisited

    Had a problem with the Wifi last night so went for an easy target while it's still visible for me! 31 x 45s +darks and Flats. Gain 400 Binned 1x1! (Not usual for me!) SW 150 PDS NEQ6 Guided and processed in APT DSS and PS6 I realised I've blown the Trapezium but I wanted as must nebulosity as possible!
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  24. Derbyshire Dave

    At last.... a wonderful day..

    After all of the rain and murk, this morning's dog walk was a corker.. Badger Tracks And rabbit.. And a rather snowy pooch.. Looking across the Derwent Valley to the High Peak Trail rising through the trees.. Let's have more days like this please .. and of course, the appropriate nights too... Tomorrow night clear?
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  25. alis80b

    My first photo of something other than the moon! M42

    Well, here it is... My first photo of something other than the moon!!! πŸ˜‚ I finally managed to polar align for the first time with thanks to my new Polemaster (not without some teething problems). I also bought a bahtinov mask which I used for the first time last night, although I'm not sure if there is a correct up/down way to put it on?! I forgot to lock my focuser and forgot to balance the telescope πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ There is too much to remember. I took 36 lights and 21 darks at ISO800 at 60 seconds ish each. I haven't set up APT yet so was pressing the shutter release on a
    7 points
  26. Graham

    M81 My first Pixinsight image.

    It took a lot of time to get my head around this program. Thanks goes to Chris P for giving me some pointers. Ok first issue was my flats were total rubbish and did not work so I had to redo this with just darks hence the huge bunny on the bottom. I tried to save the finished image as a TIFF so I could put it back into PS 6 for some noise reduction and tweaking but PS 6 could not read the saved file, Well it did open it but I could not do anything with the image. I have no idea why so if you do please tell me. This is my original image I did in PS
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  27. 7 points
  28. Graham

    M1 in LRGB

    Been out with the RC again. After cleaning off the grease from the primary and fudging up a light shroud thing seemed a lot better tonight. That is until blobby came along and obliterated everything thing else up there πŸ˜• Managed to get 7 subs in Lum at 300 seconds and 7 subs each at 600 seconds for the RGB. Captured and stacked in Maxim along with Darks, Flats and Bias subs. Compiled in PS 6.
    6 points
  29. alis80b

    Almost full moon 26/02/2021

    After FINALLY managing to polar align my mount, I spent a few hours outside this evening trying to get a photo of M42. Couldn't resist getting a quick photo of the moon as well! It was so bright in the sky.
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  30. Al Long

    New mount arrived!! 🎊

    New mount arrived over the weekend!! Cannot wait to get it up and running! I’ve fired it up, got the laptop talking to it, and the Raspberry Pi, I just need some tube rings and a decent dovetail as the ones they sent are slightly too small! so I am now the proud owner of an iOptron GEM45 😁
    6 points
  31. RonC

    Moon 210221

    Testing out my WiFi on the laptop instead of my phone. The Moon was handy if a bit hazy! Single shot 1/4 sec at Gain 400 Binned 2x2 Focus was set for DSO'S so not quite 100% focus.
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  32. Chris P.

    My latest Youtube video

    Me talking nonsense again!
    6 points
  33. Sunny Phil


    The constellation of #Orion: https://www.flickr.com/photos/philippughastronomer/50939809537/in/dateposted-public/ Trade secrets in the description.
    6 points
  34. Bassinghamobservatory

    Fireball of 28 February

    Sadly, I did not see the fireball but it was captured by my ASI120MM with meteor lens. This housed in a weatherproof box with a clear acrylic dome and small dew heater and attached to the side of the observatory. Images are saved to a WIN7 laptop inside the observatory using Sharpcap. I have had some success using this system - over 90 meteors imaged in the 3 main nights of the Geminids in 2020. I usually take exposures of 8 to 10 seconds, but these were reduced to 4 sec with the Moon being so bright. Examining the images is done by visual inspection. I have tried Allskeye but could not get it
    5 points
  35. Neo_uk

    Rosette nebula re-worked

    Hi .. I have re-worked my rosette image ..in the hubble palette and by adding More data ..bad frames removed that gave a nasty line down the left hand side of the image . Image details as follows.. 2hr and 25 mins ..ha 2 hrs and 12 mins... oiii 45 mins ....sii. Stacked in dss and processed in ps. Thanks for looking .. Chris.
    5 points
  36. Ibbo

    Sol 27-2-2021 Ha & Cak

    Lunt 60mm Ha ED 80 for Cak Do the clicky thing for full res.
    5 points
  37. Chris P.

    97% illuminated Moon

    Hi everyone - this is a stack of 10 TIFF images taken with a Canon 80D and Celtestron C8 @ f6.3. Processed in Lightroom and Registax. I talk about this image on my latest Youtube video.
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  38. RonC

    M42 with a Tri band filter.

    With such a bright full Moon I thought I would try my AA Tri Band filter out on M42. Not to bad I think considering the LP from the Moon. Core blown out but lots of nebula! Seems a bit more Cyan than a non filter image? 15 x 60s at Gain 400 binned 2x2, usual kit.
    5 points
  39. alis80b

    My second moon photo

    The skies finally cleared tonight and I went outside for my second try at astrophotography with the hope of getting my mount polar aligned, but no luck! So here is 'another' photo of the moon! I feel like I'm becoming a one trick pony!! πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ It doesn't look as good quality on here as the original, does anyone know why?! Here is the link on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/2kEaiYq Single shot ISO 100 1/250
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  40. Graham

    Solar from today 21.02.2021

    Set the Double stacked 60mm Lunt up this morning, had it tracking the Sun just in case. Had to wait patiently for a couple of hours for the clouds to clear away to get these. It proved to be worth the wait with a superb prom firing off. Up close with a 2 X Barlow. Maybe pushing things a bit too far. Up real close with the 5 X Powermate.
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  41. Ibbo

    Sol 10-2-2021

    Between the snow showers Lunt 60mm ZWO 178 cam Do the clicky thing for full res.
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  42. RonC

    Building a jet engine.

    Finished the model..
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  43. Sunny Phil

    Moon with DSLR

    #themoon last night: Follow the link for details:https://www.flickr.com/photos/philippughastronomer/50994296081/in/dateposted-public/
    4 points
  44. Graham

    Solar from today 28.02.2021

    What started out as a very cold and foggy morning turned into a beautiful day. Double stacked 60mm Lunt Point Grey camera. Captured in Fire capture. Stacked in Registax Polished up in PS 6. False colour added in PS 6
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  45. Graham

    Been playing again -- M82 in LRGB

    Had to have another go with the RC tonight despite the floodlight. Only managed to get 5 X 600 second subs in each of the 4 channels before I ran out of room . Don't know what was in the air tonight but my primary mirror is now coated in a film of an oil like substance so that will need a wash in the morning. This is a quick process to see what I have got. Stacked in Maxim and combined in PS 6. I will try and put it through Pixinsight later on after I have had some sleep.
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  46. Ibbo

    Sol 25-2-2021 Ha

    Lunt 60mm double stacked with the x2.5 powermate and 178 cam Do the clicky thing for full res.
    4 points
  47. Ibbo

    Shed alteration!

    I was going to ask for 2 teas and a bacon sarnie 🀣
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  48. Derbyshire Dave

    Did you see this... Perseverence Landing Video

    4 points
  49. Hi everyone - as promised, here's the link and passcode to join Tuesday's zoom meeting. Hope to see you there! Chris Platkiw is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Pixinsight Meet & Greet - East Midlands Stargazers Time: Feb 9, 2021 07:00 PM London Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/73387202670?pwd=RVJqWFNnU0s2bVBWS2NCNURQOUM0dz09 Meeting ID: 733 8720 2670 Passcode: BJJ1dS
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  50. Derbyshire Dave

    A Challenge for the weeken-Dock with the ISS

    Just discovered Space X's simulator for docking with the ISS. It's really good, you need to orientate the spacecraft and then move in and dock ...VERY slowly, good fun,, it can be found here.. https://iss-sim.spacex.com/ It looks like this.. And you are aiming for this .. If you need any help, this is good.. HAVE FUN!
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