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  1. Chris P.

    NGC1499 - California Nebula - first 90 mins integration WIP

    Not finished but worth a progress update at least - 90 mins in SHO with the usual kit - cheers
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  2. Bottletopburly

    Messier 16- The Eagle Nebula

    M16 approx 2.4 hrs sw 200pds Nikon D5300, stacked in ASTAP processed in ( alpha testing) Startools 1.8 guiding was poor that night so dropped down to 80 sec subs eggy stars fixed in Startools ,i need a night of better guiding to check my issues with baader cc spacing properley but i think i have nailed it along with pinched primary ,removing primary clips totally ,using the M48 fitting on the CC the only issue is as i have the baader clicklock its thicker and have only about 3mm play left on focus tube ,ideally long term i would like something like a baader steeltrack focuser or similar but for now its all working .
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  3. Derbyshire Dave

    The Elephant Trunk Nebula (IC1396) in Ha

    Well, a long time since I grabbed an image. Been having issues with my polemaster - the adaptor fell apart, and when it was drilled, tapped, countersunk and re-attached, it seemed to be working oddly.. but after quite a while of doubts, decided that it was just my interpretation in the end, it's actually working fine. I've also been struggling with guiding, a lot over the past couple of months. This started when I was using the LX200, but even when I went back to the GT81, I was struggling to clear the backlash.. Last chance saloon Tuesday night. Thankfully sorted it. I moved the mount much futher northward at the start to take up the backlash initially, and then I got a good calibration. Modified that in PHD2 with the guiding assistant, used multi-star guiding, and the total error was aboy 0.5 as/pix. I was pleased with that, blimey I could image again. So quick hour and a half of 5 minute exposures on the Trunk, and then blimey it was light again Processed in PI and PS.. Pleased with the result for an hour and a half... Click and cllick again in Flicr for full res
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  4. 8472

    IC1396 in SHO

    Hi all, I've been grabbing data here and there for my latest Elephant's Trunk image. This started out as bicolour, but I later added some Sii sometime later. 53100s Ha 53100s Oiii 20640s Sii Pentax 200mm SMC Takumar @ F/4.8 QHY294M AVX Click for full scale image. Regards, Kev
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  5. Derbyshire Dave


    This was captured on my phone about three weeks ago, so quality not great, and wind noise pretty awful, but still great to have captured the call of the bird. Ptarmigan at the top of Quinag (809 metres), which is in the North West of Scotland above Ullapool
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  6. Carastro

    Propeller, Tulip Widefield, Clamshell and a Mosaic

    Managed to get some imaging done since Cygnus appeared over the rooftops, albeit during Astro twilight. Tulip Nebula SH2-101 Samyang 135mm F2 (@f2.8), Atik460EX on HEQ5 I added some data taken last year with a smaller lens and tried to add it into the mix, so the right hand side has twice as much Ha data than the left hand side. Ha 20 x 600secs on Left and 43 x 600secs on the right. Baader 7.5nm Oiii 16 x 300 binned x 2 Sii 13 x 300 binned x 2 Atik460EX and Atik428EX with Samyang 135mm F2 lens @ f2.8 HEQ5 Total imaging time 9h 35m Clamshell Nebula Sh2-119 SHO with some RGB stars. Taken from Bortle 8. A lot of hard work went into producing this because the Oiii and Sii was so faint from my location. Had to use the Equalize function in Photoshop to bring out the faint stuff. Ha 13 x 900 Oiii 4 x 450binned Sii 2 x 450 binned I know I should have got more Oiii and Sii, but was so disappointed with so little data showing I gave up and went for HaRGB instead. But today i decided to "have a go" and see what I could do with SHO and the equalize function. Samyang 135mm lens @ f2.8 and Atik460EX Baader filters on HEQ5 Propeller Nebula - Simeis 57 Taken over 2 nights just before summer solstice so very little darkness from Bortle 8. Atik460EX, Skywatcher Esprit100 + Fr x0.79 Ha 18 x 600 (3 hours) Oiii 11 x 300secs binned (55mins) Sii 11 x 300secs binned (55mins) Total imaging time 4 hours 50mins Finally, I decided to see if I could attach my widefield tulip Nebula to a 4 pane Mosaic I did last year of the Cygnus region so now consists of 5 panes. Sadr region was around 7 hours. Crescent region was 5 hours 20mins, and the rest was made up of the two smaller corners I had to fill in making 15hours 17 1/2 minutes for the 1st four panels. Now added the Tulip region a further 9 1/2 hours. Total time for all 5 panels = 24 hours and 47 1/2 mins. Atik 460EX, Samyang 135mm F2 lens @ F2.8 Guided on HEQ5
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  7. philjay

    Tis finished

    Got this SW Pier a few months back off a FB group, no mount adaptor and at standard Newt height. So off and on over the past couple of months I have been mostly metal bashing to make an extension piece plus coupler so it is at a more sensible height for a refractor and a pier head piece for HEQ5 Pro and EQ5 mounts. All finished in Hammerite Gloss Garage door paint. The head has 3 hand screws so fitting the mount is tool free. Pier is 1.9m high which puts the scope with mount at a nice comfy height Going to make a proper north peg soon but for the mo M8 stainless stud will do.
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  8. Doc

    Manual setting circle DIY

    I have decided to add manual setting circles to my DocMount and RocketMount. This thread is about the DIY dials I'm adding to the DocMount which is a DM6 clone. I've added a few photos as they describe the process better then words. This dial is then machined to fit around the UHWPE bearings. Once fitted it looks like this. A = The pointer which will be scribed this does not move and is fixed. B = This dial moves 360° and will be scribed 0° to 360° C = This is a locking screw once toghtened it will lock B to the plate connected to the dovetail. A = The pointer which will be scribed this does not move and is fixed. B = This dial moves 360° and will be scribed 0° to 360° C = This is a locking screw once tightened it will lock B to the plate connected to the body where the pointer is. Finished article Now the maths: Setting circle dial is 132mm in diameter. So Pi (3.141) x D 3.141 x 132 = 414.612 414.612 divided by 360° = 1.151 So am I correct in saying there is a gap of 1.151 between each division. Is this a division in degrees or millimetres? Also does anyone know a UK company that can laser print, or laser engrave degree circles so it looks similar to this TIA
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  9. philjay

    Our Neighbours

    After a busy day I was going to veg out in front of the telly watching Masters of Photography. Looked outside, saw what a lovely evening it was, switche the telly off and went outside for a wander around the garden with the Nikon. I was rewarded with these sights. The badger was the earliest we have seen them out this year. This one I call scar because of the scar on his front shoulder. He is a cub still but quite hefty. His sibling came out a bit later but light was too low even for the Nikon. I had the camera on quiet but it still makes a little noise, I was about 25 metres away but he still heard it. Whilst wandering I spotted these 2 on the newly mowed field next door Then a single Hare and a Curlew in the same frame The light was really good in the low sun, showing patterns in the new mown grass
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