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  1. 13 points
    Derbyshire Dave

    Champagne! Supernova discovered in M61 on May 6th 2020

    I'm absolutely sure that I will never, ever, ever, get the chance to use an Oasis song track in the title of apost again! I found out that there a supernova had occurred in M61, and wanted to track it down. This was a clip from the web.. So had a go with the GT81, and luminance filter, 10 x 180s exposures, darks and flats. Field is obviously quite wide.. But zoomed it you could definitely identify the beast! This is the first supernova I have ever 'seen', so pleased to have nabbed it!
  2. 13 points
    Derbyshire Dave

    Swimming Grass Snake

    We were very lucky to see this grass snake on the Cromford Canal. We had just seen our first damsel flies of the year, and had stopped to have a good look. Old snake eyes swam out silently to within a few feet of us and paused, then swam away.. And here's a still photo
  3. 13 points
    Chris P.

    Deneb + N America & Pelican Nebulae in Ha

    Hi everyone - here's my 2nd image in the series I'm creating around Cygnus. 4 more panels and I'll be able to create a mosaic. 2.5 hrs integration with the 5D and Redcat combo
  4. 12 points

    A new galaxy for me +M3

    This was a new galaxy for me, NGC6946 The Fireworks galaxy and a quick M3. 14 x 240 s lights, 9 darks and 36 flats gain 800.. And a quick M3 8 x 180 s 11 darks and 36 Flats Gain 400 I'm finding it easier to image a globular Cluster and get the focus and alignment right first before I go to the nights target. Anybody else do that?? Cheers Ron
  5. 11 points
    Chris P.

    Sadr, the butterfly and crescent in Ha

    Hi everyone - just testing out my new 3.5nm Ha filter. Ok, my Canon 5d is not the best candidate for this test but you do get a lovely wide view with the full frame connected to a wide field scope so I couldn’t resist this opportunity. .2.5 hrs of integration at ISO 1600 on the Redcat. I’m currently pondering a Mono camera as I’m switching to a mono/ filter wheel setup this year. I’ll let you know when I’ve decided where my money is going.
  6. 11 points
    Derbyshire Dave

    The Beehive, M44

    Taken last week, Messier 44, The Beehive, which is also known as Praescape, which is the Latin for Manger. You can see why. Interesting to see the different star colours. 15 two minutes exposures with each of the red, green and blue filters, darks and flats applied
  7. 11 points
    Derbyshire Dave

    Needle and Comet

    Two from this week.. This is the Needle Galaxy, taken with the luminance filter on the ZWO ASI 183MM. 15 x 180s , darks and flats applied. Comet Panstarrs. This was a bit tricky on a mono camera. When I first stacked it I got a rainbow comet, because in the time that the R G and B filters had each their go, the comet had moved on. So when I stacked in DSS for each filter, the stars were the same, but the comet for each filter had moved on. I know that DSS has a comet mode but I couldn't see how I could use that for three separate filter stacking operations. So what I did was to do the three stacks, and then 'cut out' a section containing the comet on each colour and manually jogged that section into place against its own filters shot. Then merged i bnteh normal way. Took flipping ages, but at least the comet is not rainbow coloured any more!
  8. 10 points

    Venus 21-5-20

    Quick grab with the ED80 through the clouds
  9. 10 points


    Last night was possibly the best imaging conditions I have seen here in about 5 years. Absolutely still. Whilst waiting for NGC6888 in Cygnus to get higher in the sky and there wasn't much else to capture in NB I settled on that old time waster M13. This is 1.5 hours of 5m Lum subs added to some old Lum and Colour data.
  10. 10 points

    Sh2-129 & Ou4

    21h total integration 200, 250mm vintage optics and a 61mm Apo + Star Adventurer Optolong L-eNhance 1100D & E-PL5 Stacked and preprocessed with APP Main processing in Startools Post processing with PS, Gimp and Topaz Denoise AI. Kev
  11. 10 points

    The first Jupiter of the season.

    Stayed up until daybreak to grab this. Not the best of quality but not surprising with how low she is. Taken through the murk and at daybreak. F15 scope. ZWO 120 MC 5000 frames captured in Fire Capture. Stacked in Registax. Polished in PS 6.
  12. 10 points

    Luna 5-5-2020

    So this is what was messing up my imaging last night. Eddie the 80 &ZWO178C again 3 panes this time as Mr B was just a tad too big to fit in. reduced to 75% Do the clicky thing for full res
  13. 10 points

    A quick M3

    Messier 3 approx 36 min data before clouds rolled in 200pds nikon D5300 (Flats testing issues )
  14. 10 points

    M60 and friends

    Last night was a bit of a cracker, seeing was better than average though not brilliant, but once again absolutely zero wind so guiding was spot on. Annoyingly the focus wasn't spot on and the image has suffered a bit for that reason. I'm not overly happy with the processing but NR in PI is a war of attrition at times and it's just about done me in so I'm settling for this for now.
  15. 10 points

    NGC 4565 at last.

    Finally an image I am happy with. Well I was until I had to reduce it to a jpeg to upload it on here. It lost a lot of its detail and has darkened down and sharpened up considerably. But hey ho 😪 5 inch Helios refractor QSI 683 21 x 200 second subs in LRGB Captured and stacked in Maxim Compiled in PS 6
  16. 10 points


    quick try with extended tak 130.... must learn how to do calibration in maxim LOL
  17. 9 points

    Mercury and Venus conjunction 22-05-20

    Second attempt at this, this time with both planets at the same altitude. Captured at 20:21, 200mm lens, hand held and blowing a gale.
  18. 9 points

    Two Clusters

    Two clusters from me last night. I used M13 to check focus etc but stayed on and did 50 x 90s at Unity Gain. Then IC1311 in Cygnus, a new one for me (I wanted to do the Eastern Veil but it was behind a tree!) Just 6 x 120s at 600 Gain.
  19. 9 points
    Derbyshire Dave

    The Jellyfish Nebula

    This is IC443 the Jellyfish Nebula in the constellation of Gemini. The Jellyfish Nebula is 5000 light years away, and has an angular diameter of 50 arcmin, which compares to the full moon which is 30 arcmin across. The Jellyfish may be the remains of a supernva that happened in the last 30,000 years. This was taken over three nights in March, finally got around to processing it. A total of 80 Ten minute subs, i.e. over 13 hours of data. This is by far the longest set of data I have taken. The subs were split between Ha, Oiii and Sii stacked in DSS and processed in PixInsight and Photoshop. Worth a full zoom in on the attached jpg file.
  20. 9 points

    M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy

    2h 10m total integration APP, Startools & PS Kev
  21. 9 points
    Chris P.

    'tis finished! Cygnus Mosaic in Ha

    OK - the final image is now over 350mb as a TIFF so this version on Flickr is a reduced PNG in terms of resolution. Still retained some lovey detail and its begging to be printed large scale. Hope you like it - I'm planning my next target 😉
  22. 9 points

    2 from last night 11/05/20

    First time that I've used this 183c on the 150PDS and I'm very happy! First: M5 10 x 180s Dks x 17 Flats x 35 Binned 2x2 Gain 400 Then NGC 7023 The Iris Nebula 11 x 180s Dks x 17 Flats x 35 Binned 2x2 Gain 400 Both taken with a Baader Moon and Skyglow filter, Stacked in DSS and finished in PS6 Very pleased with these, comments please.. Ron
  23. 9 points

    Comet Atlas

    captured a few weeks ago forgot i had stacked image sitting on desktop not too sure on colours but you can tell where the comet is .
  24. 9 points

    Solar from this morning 10.05.2020 with massive flare.

    Managed to grab this lot before the bad weather arrived this morning. Although the seeing was rubbish that flare is something else. False colour added in PS 6. Close up using the 5 X Barlow. Wide field
  25. 9 points

    First Saturn of the season.

    Stayed up until daybreak to grab this. Not the best of quality but not surprising with how low she is. Taken through the murk and at daybreak. F15 scope. ZWO 120 MC 5000 frames captured in Fire Capture. Stacked in Registax. Polished in PS 6.
  26. 9 points

    Meteor going past the Bubble

    Found this little beauty whilst going through my pile of subs from the Lobster claw run. Confirmed by the detector.
  27. 9 points

    NGC 7822

    Cannot remember ever doing this target before. I will be going back to this area again as there is loads more stuff to get. Blobby was just too bright for anything but HA tonight so that is what I stuck with. GT 81 QSI 630 This is 34 subs at 600 seconds. Captured and stacked in Maxim. Stacked image was so clean it needed very little polishing in PS 6.
  28. 9 points

    Lobster Claw and Friends in Hubble (ish) pallet.

    Had a good run tonight until the clouds rolled in. I still have an image train alignment issue as you can see with the oval stars on the left hand side. I have made another adjustment so hopefully this will be cured for the next outing. Blobby was a real PITA tonight so I made up an extension for the dew shield to try and counteract his effects. I also forgot to take it off 2 x 2 binning hence the blown out Bubble and other bits. WO GT 81 QSI 630 14 subs in HA, OIII ans SII all at 300 seconds Captured and stacked in Maxim Image compiled in PS 6.
  29. 9 points


    Another great night last night though I fear that may be the end of a good run of astro friendly weather. Finished at 430am not long after the cameras started picking up the morning glow. Crazy haven't been to bed before 3am for the last few nights. Most of the earlier part of the session was spent acquiring 3 hours of Lum data on M100 which I have yet to process but the last couple of hours was spent on M56, a lovely globuler in an incredible star field in Lyra. This is 25 minutes of RGB binned at 1x1. I was to tired to get flats last night but will hopefully get some regardless of the weather this evening when I stand a chance of getting the camera back to -20. Surprised how well this has come out without any flats. I've got used to imaging galaxies and having to stretch the image to the very limit, this was a nice change in that respect.
  30. 8 points

    M51 LRGB

    Using the dual rig of the Tak FS102 and the QSI doing LRGB and the WO132 and the SX694 doing L. A series of 300sec subs over 3 nights(well 5 actually but 2 nights data was dumped) Total Tak & QSI 5700secs L (19 subs) 8100secs Red (27 subs) 7800secs Green (26 subs) 7500secs Blue (25 subs) WO132 & SX694 23700secs L (79 subs) Do the clicky thing for full res.
  31. 8 points

    Dumbell Nebula

    Dumbell nebula 3x3min subs 21 flats 21 dark flats Dithered 200pds Nikon D5300 ,Dss processed in Startools
  32. 8 points

    The case they should have supplied

    The MaxBright II comes in a tiny armoured case for the binoviewer and a diagonal which is very nice, but is only a partial solution since there is nowhere to put the eyepieces you'll need. In an attempt to rationalise the number of boxes I need to load into the car I got a Hurricane case and some bolt cases. The size of the original MaxBright box is indicated by the foam insert, which I transferred to its new home. The whole lot weighs just over 6 Kg and is supposed to float and survive being driven over. I'll not be verifying either of those claims.
  33. 8 points

    Lunar 99.4% waxing

    Lunar 99.4% 200pds nikon d5300
  34. 8 points

    Venus from tonight 07.05.2020

    Had another go at Venus tonight with the F15 scope and the ZWO 120 MC. This time I put the 2 X Barlow into the mix. The resulting enlargement of the image on the chip had a remarkable effect on the cameras performance. As well as producing a much more detailed image it also came out the correct colour loosing the Blue colour from last nights attempt. Best 30% of a 10,000 frame SER Stacked in Registax Subtle polish in PS 6
  35. 8 points
    Derbyshire Dave

    A feast of blue!

    We are so luck that we can walk from home and find views llike this. These woods near Lea in Derbyshire were just gorgeous this morning..
  36. 8 points

    My Second Attempt at Imaging - M51

    Here's my second image - M51. 26 minutes ISO 1000. I finally managed to set up and use the Polemaster and it made such a difference - no bad back from trying to peer through the polarscope for a start! I managed to get 30 second subs and would have got longer if my intervalometer had been working 😒
  37. 8 points

    NGC 5907

    Taken over several nights with the QSI and the reduced Toscano RC running at about 1400 f/l 29 x 600 s L 16 ea 300 s RGB give it a click or 3 for full res.
  38. 8 points

    Getting back in the saddle after 3 years

    25th April A surprise clear night The other day I had sorted a spacer for the Atik on the SW ED80 reducer to get close to the required 55mm spacing, this was in fact the body of a Off Axis Guider which did the trick. So with one of the tubes from my ED80 Binoscope robbed, fitted with tube extender I made last year and onto a homebrew Losmandy style dovetail with SW rings I was eagerly awaiting getting this lot on my HEQ5 for a shake down. Not only was I shaking down the kit, It,s been 3 years since I took a DSO image with my own gear so I am very rusty, add to this a new gaff, no observatory, this was going to be fun. I wasnt bothered about the quality of any image coming out of this shake down, I was concentrating on getting everything working together including me. I have LP filters for 1.25 and 2 inch threads plus a clip on one for my Canon BUT apart from the Canon one, could I find them in the new house? No chance, I searched high and low. So I knew long exposures would be a problem even though my skies here arent too bad. So the scope and mount was set up on the Astro balcony and aligned during twilight so I was ready for imaging something. I put my laptop inside the bedroom balcony door so my movements wouldnt transmit through the floor and away I went. I focused on Capella with a Bhartinov mask, final focus could have been better, but for the test it was good enough. I wanted something bright and reasonably big so I chose M81,in a nice high a position and one which wouldnt tangle the spaghetti of cables. And away I went. I set the Artemis software on 6 minute runs and watched the setting of the moon and then Venus plus listened to Planet Rock blues till PHD started binging due to cloud obscuring the guide star at 00:15 hours. The cloud was not going to go away anytime soon so I packed away. I felt really pleased that everything had been running OK, including me, and things just need a little fine tuning. A quick check process the next morning showed the LP was a problem , as expected, and the focus was a bit soft, so I didnt spend too long processing but hey for a shakedown of me and the gear after a 3 year absence I'm quite pleased. I must clean the sensor and reducer to clear the 2 massive bunnies. Oh, here is the guide graph, I know its on M81 near the pole but I am quite pleased with the results that the belt mod on the mount is giving. 27th April Stop press I have finally found my 2" (48mm) IDAS LP filter, so next on the agenda is to get that into the image train, then clean everything up and await a clear night aaaaaaand at the same time I found the filter I found my SW autofocus kit wooohoo getting there 😀
  39. 8 points

    Two from last night.

    Two from last night, M13 and M97/108 Still testing various settings and a problem with my Dark's which seem to be unevenly dark? M13 40x90s Gain400 + Dks,Flats and Bias. And M97/108 33x90s G400 +Dks,flats and Bias Comments please? Ron
  40. 7 points
    Chris P.

    ISS 22nd May 2020 at 22:05

    ISS pass 22/05/2020 at 22:05 - Not the best photo I'll take this year but a bucket list item ticked and a keeper. C8 @f10 and Altair Astro GPCAM 290C running at a ridiculous frame rate. 7,000 frames in total - one single usable frame.
  41. 7 points
    Derbyshire Dave

    Congrats to Chris

    Hey, that man Chris P has an image of the Needle Galaxy in the Sky at Night Magazine in this issue (June). Congrats, well done Chris!
  42. 7 points

    Saturn from this morning 20.05.2020

    Remembering to add the IR filter I set about imaging the grand old lady. F15 scope with the ZWO 120 MC This is the best 2000 frames from the combination of 5 ser's at 1000 frames. Considering it was actually daylight when I took this I am really happy with it.
  43. 7 points

    M61 three in one

    After @Derbyshire Dave highlighted the super nova had a go imaging m61 for the first time managed to get m61 a supernova and Starrlink all in one shot 1hr 30 on the 200pds Nikon d5300
  44. 7 points

    A little stroll at Padley Gorge

    Now lockdown is finished I ventured out to Padley Gorge, it was pretty busy but it's a big place so managed to find some quieter spots. Saw 6 Pied Flycatchers, 4 Spotted Flycatchers, 3 wonderful singing Wood Warblers, 2 Redstarts. The light was terrible it kept fleeting from full sun to shade, it drove me mad in the end. Afterwards went to Cut throat bridge by Ladybower and managed Ring Ouzels and Red Grouse. All in all a great day with 7 new birds for the year, puts me on 146 not bad considering lockdown. Wood Warbler Pied Flycatcher Redstart Spotted Flycatcher Red Grouse
  45. 7 points

    Jupiter from this morning 09.05.2020

    Been chasing the planets again. This was taken in the early morning daylight as the sun was coming up. F 15 scope 2 X Barlow ZWO 120 MC 1000 frames captured in Fire Capture. Stacked in Registax Polished in PS 6. Focus is a little soft to say the least.
  46. 7 points

    Crescent Neb from last night 08.05.2020

    After a few attempts to find a target I decided to go and do a staple narrow band target. WO GT 81 QSI 630 18 subs at 600 seconds Captured and stacked in Maxim. Quick polish in PS 6.
  47. 7 points

    The Cave Nebular

    This is a favorite of mine. 31 subs at 600 seconds in HA. Its a bit washed out but that is not too surprising with the huge Blobby floodlight glaring out all night.
  48. 7 points

    Sol prom vid

  49. 7 points

    M82 with extended Tak 130

    bout 4 1/2 hours data on Tak 130 extended. 5 min subs LRGB
  50. 7 points

    Bodes Galaxies

    M81 & 82 I added all my test exposures together and ran through PS. 33 x 90s added Darks, Flats and Biases (all odd numbers!)
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