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Seven Sisters
I bagged a bonus 4hrs last night to top up my data on M45 - The Pleiades. It's coming along nicely. Starting to see the surrounding dust. 7.5hrs total up to now. Pure RGB with my Redcat \ Canon 450d combo.
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Happy Halloween
 Had major issue with the laptop dying last week. Thankfully a replacement motherboard sorted it, or I would have been stuffed for EMS5!.
 So, having played with SGPro at Kelling for the first time, including autofocus on filter changes, I was keen to try it out at home. This is a single evenings images. Only 8x10 minute exposures on each of the Sii, Ha, and Oiii filters, so noise could be a bit better. Still, very pleased to have got this in one evening..
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Heart Nebula
This was taken last night through constant high cloud.
Considering the conditions I am amazed it turned out like it did.
600 second subs in HA, OIII and SII with a combined total time of 7 hours.
Williams Optics GT 81 with 0.6 FR /FF.
QSI 683 WSG.
Captured and stacked in Maxim.
Beaten into submission in PS 6.
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Steve's M31 LRGB
Ts 71 lrgb from Kelling and home
I will try to get some ha before I call this finished.
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Pickering’s Triangle
Almost forgot I’d done this one 😁 C8 & Hyperstar and just over 2 hrs integration. Hope you like it
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Sadr, Butterfly and Crescent
Hi everyone - I shot this with my Canon 5D MkII, Redcat scope and Altair astro Quadband OSC filter just before my holiday. Still catching up on my proceessing backlog. Just over 3 hrs integration of 2 min subs @ ISO 1600
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This was a double stack/stitch composed from about 150 frames with my Mak and DSLR. Focal length was about 4.6m, ISO 100 and 1/25 second exposure.
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Here Be Dragons
42 x 1800 secs in Ha with the TS 71 and QSI cam.
2 nights from kelling and 6 from home.
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Heart and Soul Nebula
I shot this just before my trip to Tenerife so I'm just catching up with my processing. Redcat 51 plus Canon 5D and Altair Astro Quadband filter did the trick for this wide field view of these 2 tagets. just over 4 hrs of data processed in Pixinsight and PSCC. Cheers ??
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Aperture envy, anyone?
Imagine what you could see or image with this!
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Steve's Stunning M31
Managed to almost beat the colour into submission
20 x 120 L 10 x 60 RGB
TS 71 IS and QSI cam
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Superb Solar Imaging
Slightly different processing today.
Annoyingly the NR's are back but that could be tuning slightly off or the seeing.
Lunt 60 mm Chameleon cam
Might need a click or 3 for full res where the NR's don't look so bad.

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Just a bit of fun!
Had a quick Lunar session with the new scope.
Very wobbly seeing so focusing was a challange.
Not a serious image ; just a bit of fun really.
140mm refractor on the DM6.
Prime focus Canon 6D2, 1/125,  iso 800  and a few tweaks done in Mac Photos.
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Cocoon Nebula at Kelling
Another image from Kelling which didn't come without gremlins aplenty, but i surprisingly did manage to get 4 hours of data despite it all.
1st night, Duo-Narrowband combined with the second of RGB.

C&C welcome.
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Steve's Kelling M31
20 x 120 s TS71 QSI cam
hopefully colour to follow if I can beta it into submission.
Itmight need a click or 2.
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Milky Way over Teide National Park
2 from last night and a load more to process. Unmodded Canon 6d 17-35mm f2.8 @ ISO 6400 - 20 sec exposures x 5 stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker. Hope you like them 🔭😉
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Kelling test of new set up
Well the first night using the new portable set up (only used it twice!) was disaster, 3-4 hours and achieving little with numerous problems.  Everyone else seemed to be having issues too.  Second night 20 minutes to set up PA, focus and start imaging and everything went without a hitch.  Just shows you how fickle astro gear
can be  LOL.
Just a quick process of subject i have done before but chose an easy target to get data and test the Losmandy GM8 with the Tak 85 and QSI 690 camera.
Stayed on Ha and got 7 hours of data.  Still need to sort plate solving in maxim .  10 min subs guided in PHD.  Yes you heard guiding so not my usual easy 
option as on the GM1000
hope you like it
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NGC 6888
Stars are a bit big but the guiding seemed to be playing ball.
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Sol 7-12-2018  ha
nowhere near my best but the drought has been toooo long



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Western Veil Nebula
OK - this was 3 hrs of integration - 180 x 1min subs to try to keep 52Cyg from blowing out too much; C8+Hyperstar+178 MC Cool; Processed in Pix1.8
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E-PL5 first light - 03/11/18 M45
107x 180s Lights
60 Darks
60 Flats
60 Bias
5h 24m total integration

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Steve's Venus
WO132 Chameleon cam
IR742 filter
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Melotte 15
Captured between 26 September and 9 October over several sessions in Ha and RGB with the ED80. 26 September I had my best guiding results to date so presumably down to some good seeing.
Camera was QHY IMG2Pro at -20 deg. Exposures were Ha 20x 900s and RGB 20 x 120s each filter. Tried a few tools from the Pixinsight box very little used (by me) before, including deconvolution, dark structure enhance and NBRGB combination. First image is the Ha processed master.

Then combined with RGB master adding some Ha to the red channel. Not happy with the star haloes, but I suppose it is a result of combining small narrowband stars with the larger RGB stars.

I am planning to add some OIII and SII data soon.
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IC 59 & IC 63
Here is one especially for Halloween.
IC 59 and IC 63.
Unfortunately the clouds moved in before I could get much data on this.
Managed to grab only 7 subs at 600 seconds in both HA and SII.
Could not find any OIII so ditched the channel after a couple of subs.
Had to frame this to loose the bright star on the top edge from blowing out the entire image.
Used a copy of the SII as a false OIII channel to process this in a semi Hubble pallet fashion.
Turned out reasonably ok for so little data.
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David's Bubble
Finally getting somewhere only 6x300sec /flats x25 Bias as darks x25  Dithered ,stacked in DSS ,processed in Startools comments welcome as usual good or bad 
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