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A solar treat from Steve!
Sol 20-5-2018 Ha
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Andy's M13, NGC6207 and IC4617
M13 plus NGC6207 and IC4617 galaxies.
90x30 second subs.
Megrez 72fd + Altair Hypercam 183c
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Jupiter through Steve's 8" SCT
8"SCT  x2.5 powermate  binned 2x2 as it was not good at 1x1
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Graham's Solar
Managed to grab this between the clouds today.
Usual kit.
Click on image a couple of times to get to full res.

And in false colour added in PS 6
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Dave's superb Iris Nebula
I haven't seen to many of this one so I thought I'd give it a try.
12 x 600 and 4 x 300 with darks flats and bias frames but only used the bias frames to create the master flat.
Stacked in DSS and processed in Star Tool finished in CS2 final noise reduction was done in Topaz Studio using the noise reduction plug in (which I will buy after the free trial runs out as it is fantastic). 
I hope y'all enjoy as usual all comments greatly received.
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Derbyshire Dave's M51
Taken on Sunday night from Holloway.
I took about an hour and fifteen of 4 minute subs, but when I came to look at them I found I had a lot with movement in them. I shoot from my patio, and I reckon those were the ones when I was moving around, and my rig is very prone to vibrations. Lesson learnt there I think. So I rejected most(on the premise of rubbish in- rubbish out) and stacked 9 good ones, giving 36 minutes at ISO 800. Applied darks (8) flats (25) and bias(25) in DSS.
Processed in Photoshop CS5.
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Kev's Widefield
Mismatched exposure length darks and lights, plus dodgy twilight flats replaced with items generated from my trusty lightbox the next day (note to self: if it aint broke, don't fix it), so Entropy stacking used in DSS, as opposed to my usual Kappa-Sigma route. Again, processed in Startools. 
The 135mm takumar lens used seems to suffer from considerable red star halos. Post processing seems to diminish it but ultimately at the expense of sharpness. Price you pay with a nodded dslr, i guess.
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More sun from Steve!
Sol 14-5-2018 Ha
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Chris's North America and Pelican Nebula
Hi everyone - Here's the North America and Pelican Nebula, taken from the Astroshed onvernight (14th May). Personally I think the Pelican is more Pterodactyl but that's just me. 77x2 min subs; darks,flats and bias (20 of each) thru my 72mm refractor, 0.8 reducer and Canon 450D combo. Cheers
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More sun from Steve!
Sol 13-5-2018 Ha
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Brady's Elephants Trunk
First light of the new ZWO1600MMC that fell through the letterbox a few weeks back, I'm still trying to get my head around it all after the transition from DSLR but enjoying it all the same, this was 13x5 minute subs. 
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Alec's first attempt at M13
First attempt at this last night
30 x 150 second , 10 Darks, 10 Bios, 10 Flats ISO 1600 Processed in Affinity. 
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Baz's Belper Report
I got to Belper fairly early, as I hadn't had any tea and had packed some nice cobs. I got there around 20.00, I got set up, made a brew and had my tea. It was lovely and warm and had been tee shirt weather all day. There wasn't a breath of wind either, which is unusual for the top of the hill up there.
As it started to get dark, Venus was the first on the menu, as that was fairly easy to spot even as it just began to turn dusk. It's getting on 80% lit and shining at around magnitude -3.5.
Jupiter was dragging itself out of the hedge and was glowing a dull yellow as it was so low.
At 21.53 we saw an Iriduim pedaling just below Mizar moving to the west, it wasn't one of the brightest but it wasn't that dark either.  
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M81 & M82
Hi everyone - firstly a disclaimer as this isn't all my work, but I wanted to share it with you and pose a question of the group. Data from the image of M81 and M82 I shared yesterday has been kindly re-processed for me by Stanley Dimant, a member of a facebook group I joined recently. I watched him do this over a live link and was simply amazed at the power of the application to denoise and stretch my data to the point where the integrated flux nebula started to become visible in the image, as well as 2 further galaxies in the distance. Who else is using Pixinsight for image processing? I understand the learning curve for the package is steep, as well as the price but to be honest the difference between this image and my original is startling. Welcome your comments and views...... cheers everyone
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Steve's Sol from 10th May
60mm Lunt Double stacked with 60mm Coronado and PGR Blackfly cam
Much happier with todays image.
Click through for full size

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Derbyshire Dave's superb M81!
Hi guys,

This is my first picture post on EMSG. This was taken from my back garden in Holloway, near Matlock. I used no light pollution filter. This is 1 hour 15 minutes of 3.5 minute exposures at ISO 800, stacked in DSS.
Only recently sorted mu guiding out, and the registration of the images was excellent
I had taken darks, lights and flats, but managed to mess this process up, as they were the wrong orientation for DSS to stack them. This was particularly frustrating, as I had only recently got round to using them regularly. I thought that potentially I could rotate them, but I guess you could be 180 degrees out, so best not to use them.

The images were rather red but I managed to clean up the resultant DSS image in Photoshop CS5, and managed to maintain the colours of the stars
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Some stunning shots of NGC3372 by Phil!
Finally managed to get some colour to the luminance channel I took last month. Getting the colour took 3 attempts due to various things, they have rain and clouds in Aus you know 😀
Scope TAK FSQ106 at SSO
Luminance 15 minutes bin 1
Red, green and Blue all 15 minutes Bin 2
This is the first ever LRGB Ive done using binning and processing in Maxim wasnt inuitive for me so be gentle.

Centre Detail

Aligned and stacked in Maxim. Processed in PS.
It was nice to actually do some imaging again, even if it is using remote scopes. Due to health restrictions forcing early nights on me at the moment though this is the only way I can do any, and I would sooner do this than none at all.
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