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Joe's Crescent Nebula
The Crescent Nebula in HaRGB -
120x180s (2h RGB and 4h Ha)
Canon 1200D (modded)
Skywatcher 80ED
These hot summer nights are making it very hard to keep noise levels on my camera low enough to get any good data, so a cooled camera is definitely on the list of things I want. 
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Jupiter Flyby
I'm not sure if this has been shared before or not, but it's simply stunning so I just had to share it.
This is a result of images taken during a flyby of Jupiter on 24th October 2017 by NASA's Juno probe. 
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The Milky Way, with a smartphone?!
Just got back from our family break in Lanzarote a couple of days ago, and I'd wanted to image the Galactic core while we were there, if at all possible.
As I was precluded from taking my regular imaging setup, my smartphone, a bluetooth remote shutter and mini tripod were all I packed. So limited to 10 second static tripod subs, i still wanted to see what was doable. The resort was Bortle scale 5 thanks to the local lighting, so no better than my backyard, but with the upside of the core being just about visible as a vague smudge to the naked eye at a good height.
The phone's lens I believe is an effective 26mm, taking into account the crop factor (Samsung S7, for what it's worth).
341 10s Lights
61 Darks
53 Flats
50 Bias
Stacked in DSS
PP in Startools and Gimp.

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Steve's Super Saturn
C11 x 2.5 pm rgb ir filters binned 2 x2

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Found: Bakewell Pudding
It's not a headline I expected to see on the BBC, but here it is:
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Chris's M31
From the Astroshed@Sawley - nice to see this one clearing my neighbours roof. Plenty of tie to get more data on this one. 84 x 120 sec exposures ISO 800 with My Altair 72 ED-R and Canon 450d combo
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Flare at 5 O'Clock
I was going to throw this data away but I have manged to squeeze and image out of it despite the poor seeing.
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Wymeswold, Saturday 14 July?
Myself and rob are planning to go to Wymeswold on Saturday night about 21:00 ish. Wondered if anyone else fancied it?
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Peter Shah's NGC 281
This is another version of NGC281 the Pacman Nebula in Cassiopeia. Going over all my old data to produce a combination of narrow band and RGB. Exposure time was 3 hours in each RGB and 7 and a half hours in H-alpha 1 hour 20mins in both OIII and SII. Total exposure time was 19 hours 10 mins. Imaged with my AG12 Newtonian and H35 camera by Starlight Xpress and My AG8 and H16 for the narrow band data.
Quite a complex process in Photoshop first combining the RGB as doing the normal curve stretches. Adding a separate layer in the Ha to get a real nice deep emission across the field. Then processing the S2, Ha and O3 and giving a soft layered blend to accentuate the core detail. Image data acquired with Maxim dl and CCD Autopilot.  
Thanks for looking
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Thursday's Transit... From Pluto?!
Get your scopes ready. Last chance to see it for 161 years! The transit will be visible for nearly 10 hours though!
On Thursday 12th July 2018 the earth and moon transit the sun - as seen from Pluto. 😉
With Pluto's orbital period and inclination, I thought this would be a much rarer event than it actually is.
Some interesting info in this article...
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First Light
After seeing Steve's brilliant images I just could not let another day go by without doing some Solar.
I spent the morning fitting the antiquated motor drive back onto the new scope and trying to get my head around the wiring.
Eventually got it sorted with the only casualty being my power supply which decided it could not handle the load and went pop.
Back up twin power supplies installed and I was off.
I must say for a DC motor drive it is really pretty good.
Having said that I still cannot wait to get the stepper motor drive up and running.
It took a while adjusting the motor speed to get it tracking correctly but I got there in the end.
I was fighting a fair amount of haze and high cloud but for a first light with the new scope I am very pleased with the result.
Doubled stacked 60mm Lunt
Black fly camera.
Captured in Firecap
Stacked in Registax
Tweaked in PS 6

False colour added in PS 6
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More Stunning Solar Work
60mm Lunt Double stacked with 60mm Coronado and PGR Chameleon cam

Arrrrgggghhh the NR's are back




and an over cooked stretch to show the faint prom
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July Monthly Meeting
This month's monthly meeting coincides with a lunar eclipse! Let's hope the clear skies continue! 🔭🌑🧐
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Alec's First Jupiter
Brushed the dust of the Mak 127 and ZWO 120MC 
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Brady's Jupiter & Saturn
A quick hit on the two before my house jumped in the way...i wonder how much it would cost to move it 10ft 😕
I was struggling a bit for focus, they was all over the sky as usual.
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June Picture of the Month
Well who would of thought it, clear sunlit and starlit skies in the UK? Its been more like the med these past weeks than dear old blighty and you folks have taken advantage of the conditions which is great to see.
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Steve's Saturn
C11 x 2.5 pm chamelen cam binned 2 x2
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Some folks are just too clever...
The other night I was having a bit of trouble with eratic guiding.
Went out and looked at the mount and noticed the Dec motor was at a funny angle.
Then I spotted the crack in the casting
After a quick and dirty temp fix I did get a few usable images.
yesterday aevening I cut a block of aluminium into an "L" shape on the band saw and then onto the milling machine.
After a few hours an new motor block was formed, installed and tested.
Yippeee round stars again
Finished off this afters and readjusted the new bit looks a little beefier
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July Monthly Meeting
July's monthly meet is scheduled for Friday 27th July, start time of 20:00 to 20:30 hrs at our Wymeswold dark site.
This meet has been arranged to coincide with the lunar eclipse that is happening on this night.
Please do not arrive any earlier than 20:00 hrs as the club house and car park will still be in use by the previous group.
The moon does not rise above the horizon until 21:00 hrs but the eclipse will have already started, we should be able to catch the moon leaving the Earth's shadow but not until approximately 22:00 hrs due to the trees surrounding the site (at 21:30 hrs the moon is only 9 degrees above the horizon).
The eclipse will end around 23:20, which will then leave us with a blindingly bright, 100% illuminated, mag -12.4 full moon!!!!
Assuming the moon is visible above the trees at 22:00 hrs, that should give us over an hour of observing time.
Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will also be on display but unfortunately quite low down but hopefully will be visible.
It should still be quite warm at this time of night but do bring warm clothing just in case, as the temperature can drop once the sun has set and do not forget your tea / coffee mugs.
Refreshments / snacks will be available, remember its £1 for unlimited drinks.
I hope to see a lot of you there, it should be a good night.
Any body wanting to come who is not a dark site member, remember your first visit is free and to any members who have not been before, if you need directions just shout up.
One last note, we normally set up close to the clubhouse but I think it will be best if we set up off to the right hand side (with the clubhouse / patio area behind you), that way you may be able to grab the eclipse sooner as it rises over the trees.
Fingers crossed for clear skies.
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Brady's Pelican Nebula
Last one for a while and please excuse the elongated stars on the edges, these subs were taken before i nailed the spacing between the ZWO1600 and reducer, the spacing was only 4mm out but what a difference..
Anyway around an hour each of the 3 filters, processed in PS
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Ron's M13 Test
Practising using the focus controls on APT last night and a quick 30 x 2 min mono (unguided) + some flats.
Quite pleased with that!
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Steve's NGC 6888 HA
15 x 600 ha with the 132
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Wayne's Stunning Trunk Image
This is a process of a previous H-alpha image that i posted a while back, managed to get the other two filters involved, just need to get my head around the new processing routine😕
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Chris's Trifid Nebula
Taken from Siding Springs Obs using T13 telescope (Takahasi 90mm and SBIG St2000XCM colour camera.
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Kev's North America & Pelican Nebulae
This is probably a personal best for me, as far as total integration time goes.
320x 60s Lights
265 Darks
327 Flats
324 Bias
Imaged over the course of 2 nights (well three, counting the extra calibration frames thrown into the mix)
Baader BCF modified Canon 1100d
250mm Soligor F/4.5 prime @ F/5.6
Skytech CLS Filter
Star Adventurer (Unguided)
Stacked in DSS (2x drizzle)
Processed in Startools (Binned 74.63% to achieve correct image scale)
Finished in Gimp

First light with my new-to-me vintage lens, and to say i'm pleased with it is an understatement, considering I paid peanuts for it. 
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