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Celestron NexStar Evolution 925. Thoughts?

Guest MoonMan

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Guest MoonMan

Hi guys, 


Been a while since I posted on the forum. I'm looking to purchase a new scope and wondering if any of the board members have experienced the NexStar Evolution range it at all? The technology of using a tablet | telescope together is very appealing to get straight into observing.  :)







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Hi Chris, I hope someone with one of these will get back to you, but, in the mean time I can offer some small input.

A couple of weeks ago, I helped a club member( mans & Sutton Obs) set one of these up. She had just bought the scope a couple of weeks earlier and was a bit nervous with setting it up.

So we went through the process of building it up, aligning with 2 star setup using the hand controller and looking at Jupiter, the moon and Venus. ( it was only just dusk, and we were trying to build confidence using the scope etc).

It all went quite smoothly, we had a bit of trouble lining the red dot finder with the main scope, but sorted it in the end. Unfortunately, we did not try the scope using the app on her phone because she had to leave early, but the built in wifi hub on the scope was available to connect to on her phone, the app looked great and the wifi led on the scope was showing it was available.

I was impressed with the scope, the optics were very good, the scope has lithium batts built in that last for ten hours, there are 4 ports to connect to, it seemed several steps forward on the technical control system, using a tablet or phone to control the goto etc. The motors were fairly quiet, the optical tube assembly was quite light to handle. I liked it, it did not appear to have gps built In to the scope just using the handset (we had to manually input location and time and date etc.) But this may be built into the app using the phone or tablet gps etc.

I hope this helps...


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Hi Chris

Lovely scope shame about the mount.

Single sided AZI / ALT mounts are okish for visual but if you are thinking of doing any sort of AP then I personally think you should think again.

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I had the SE mount for my C8 (single arm version before these new scopes) and even for the 8 it wobbled too much for my liking on visual only.  Got rid of the mount but kept the OTA as the optics are superb on them.

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Guest MoonMan

Thanks for all the replies guys. Very informative and still looking at the scope for purchase. I've heard you can purchase a Pro Wedge mount for AP, not sure if that makes it any easier with the single arm.

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 I have the 8" scope it is great for visual, I use it for taking a round schools it works great it is much more stable than the SE


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