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Camera resolution

The Bagman

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Hope this has not been asked before. Does a black and white camera have 4 times the resolution of a similarly sized (Mpixel wise} colour camera? Assume colour uses 4 photo site to produce 1 resolution? point



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With a mono camera every pixel will collect the light, with a colour camera only one or maybe two pixels will collect the coloured light, if that makes sense due to the colour matrix covering the chip, also with mono you can do more I. E. Narrowband imaging.

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I REALLY wish someone would bring out a compact digital mono camera or DSLR. The Bayer matrix can be a real handicap at times. In fact the 4 times bit is not strictly true. The Bayer matrix uses twice as many green pixels as red and blue ones. For lunar images, I quite often use the green channel only, so my 24 megapixel camera is operating like a 12 megapixel mono camera. When taking daylight lunar images, I use the red channel and it therefore operates as a 8 megapixel mono camera.


Setting a colour camera to "mono" mode does not suddenly reprogram all pixels to be sensitive to luminance only.


Of course, what would be REALLY great is to have a camera that is sensitive to hydrogen alpha light.

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