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Bat detector anyone tried one.


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Just wondering if anyone has ever used a bat detector.

If I sit outside my caravan at night you can see them and hear bats flying around.

Just a thought.

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Not tried one Mick but at Kelling there was a bunch of folks on a guided tour of the site all using bat detectors. I tagged along for 10 mins just watching and they seemed very effective. Didin't realise how many bats were flitting around in the twilight there. Quite fascinating it was :)

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Hi Mick

Not use one but I do fancy one

I've looked around and seen some ranging from about £80 to £2000

also saw couple of kit ones not too sure about that

I've been on a bat walk which was interesting and started the idea


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If you fancy seeing some bats close up, Chester Zoo has a walk in bat area which is superb. I was in there for about an hour (most folk go through in 5 mins).

I wouldn't mind finding some out and about around Nottingham, though seeing them is less likely than hearing. :D

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Yes I often see them in the garden around dusk & see even more at the same time at almost every bit of water where I have fished. Melbourne Hall lake is the busiest place for bats I've ever seen, especially on the wooded side - loads of 'em!

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