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Daz Type-R

Keep your kit safe at Kelling Heath star party.

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Daz Type-R




There have been some reports of items being stolen from the Kelling Heath 2015 star party this year over on SGL (thread here)....








Discussions have also been held over here on EMS, (thread here).......








I`m not quite sure what to make of it, as it is all 1st, 2nd and 3rd hand reports with people chipping in with their own opinions,  I have never heard of anything being stolen before, so I am hoping it is an isolated incident.  Also some of the things allegedly stolen are cheap, easily replaceable items with little or no value (planisphers and EP caps) but some items of value have been reported as being stolen and also people reported noticing their kit has been rummaged through.




Nobody from EMS has been affected but these people were camped on the blue field, around pitch 208.




Basically the point of this thread is to remind everybody to keep your kit safe, do not get complacent that nothing will happen to you and your kit and keep all small items and boxes ETC in your tent / caravan unless you are near them, I for one will no longer leave my ep's out and wander off like I have done in the past.




I will lock this thread and let discussions take place on the relevant threads both on here and SGL, this is just a gentle reminder to keep your kit as safe as you can.


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