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IC1396 - Elephant's Trunk Nebula - 6 Hours Worth.

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Had a great night on the 9th October just outside Horncastle which was clear all night. Not a single dropped sub so managed ~6 hours on IC1396. Although towards the end the subs were starting to get a bit lighter as they were entering the "murk" and getting a bit too low in the sky.


The Garnet Star giving me a bit of grief but otherwise quite happy. My previous attempt on this area was a waste, couldn't see anything.


A problem with this area is there are so many stars...it is just full of them. However the benefit of taking 75 subs is that I didn't have to perform any noise reduction at all. It was all fairly quick to process. Might spend some more time on it in future just to tease out more, the dark areas are really dark (black clipped I think).


Acquisition details:

Baader Modified Canon 6D @ ISO1600
Canon 500mm f/4 L IS @ f/4 with IDAS LPS-D1 filter.
75x5 minute subs

Avalon Instruments M-Zero


Thanks for looking...





Some 100% Crops From The Original - With Tiny Sh 2-128.




And For Those Interested - The Starting Point - 75 of these. Corners aren't great but it is merely a full frame camera and a lens.


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