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PoTM October 2015

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Well the weather has been pants this month and has greatly affected the output of the imagers amongst us. I don't know if it's driven commitment or just cabin fever creeping in, but you have been out there doing your stuff. So here's my round up of what's on offer.


Comets, Asteroids, Meteors and Meteorites.

There is only one entry this month, from Russell and what a stunner it is. Granted he will say it's just a lucky shot, but he has a truly amazing shot of a meteor.




Deep Space Objects


I'll start this section with Brady's test shot of the Iris Nebula. This has very few subs, but shows the potential of this. Maybe one to return to and giving a proper sorting out.




Rob has been out and nailed a couple of old favourites, M42 and M31. M42 has some great structure, without blowing out the centre. M31 is nicely framed with M32 and M110 in shot. The dust lanes pop right out at you and star forming regions are clearly visible.






PhilJ has been and bagged NGC457, the Owl Nebula. This is one of my favourite clusters and this image shows the lovely red star at the centre of the group nicely. Well worth a look visually as well. we get a bonus murky M13 from Phil as well.






Graham has been out getting his new obsy and kit to work together, hopefully staying warm while doing it as well. His test shot of the Crescent nebula shows he's on the right track.




StuartJPP has kept the standards high with this shot of IC1396, the Elephant's Trunk Nebula. I like that this is a wide field shot and shows not only the trunk, but the dramatic black dust clouds and comet tails in the lower region as well. 




Steven Whatley has posted two in Ha, The Wizard Nebula and the Heart Nebula. Both have brought out the finer details of these area's.







Both the Phil's have been Moon bothering this month.

Sunny Phil has shown what the 127 mak and a DSLR are capable of here.




PhilJ has two phases on offer, the quarter moon one works for me, pin sharp focus and showing some lovely detail on the surface.







Brady and Ibbo have ventured in here this month.

Ibbo has one of the few images of the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Mars.




While Brady has just gone for Venus.





The Sun nuts have had a hard time of it this month as well, it's been rubbish during the day as well, with 27mm of rain here on Thursday the 29th.

Ibbo and PhilJ have been out cloud dodging.

Here's Ibbo's taken from EMS 4, which was a commendable cloud dodging effort.




Not to be put off by a bit of water vapour, PhilJ delivered this from the 26th.





First to venture in here was Vicky, with this stunning shot of a hedge. Cough. Actually a beautiful image taken of the Milky Way with the shrubbery giving a sense of scale to the whole thing.




Ron then nipped in with a test shot from one of these new fangled " Nifty Fifties". This really shows that these can deliver a nice widefield shot. I hope Ron will show us a few more from this as the darker nights progress.





The stand out images for me from this bunch in no certain order are. Russell's incredible meteor. Stuart's Elephant's Trunk and Vicky's Milky Way.


The one image that did work for me however is Brady's image of Venus. He went and did this while Jupiter and Mars were there for the taking, but concentrated on Venus. This is a difficult target to begin with and is tricky to get right due to it's brightness. 

His image is well focused and well exposed, showing a lovely phase of the Planet.




For this, I award Brady, Picture of the Month for October. Well done Wayne.



Many thanks to everyone who shares their work, it's much appreciated and I know how much time and effort has been put into getting it to be able to post it.

I sincerely hope the weather improves for next month, there are some great objects to see and image.


Clear Skies. :)

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Forgot to include some links.

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Congratulations everyone but a big thumbs up to Wayne. What a lovely image of a very hard object to capture. Very well deserved PoTM.

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red dwalf

well done Wayne, a very nice image of a sometimes overlooked subject, and also to everyone else who posted images, I thought October was a difficult month for imaging as there was always some mist or a lot of moister in the air which makes life even more difficult, so thumbs up to everyone.

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Ron Clarke

Well done Wayne as Rob said,let's hope there are more clear nights in November than October!!  :)

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Daz Type-R

Nicely done to everybody who managed to produce some wonderful shots.

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Wow....well that was unexpected, really didnt see that one coming looking at all the images thats been posted the past month, there isn't a lot i can say about the image that you all don't already know after all it was your input that helped me take it, lucky day i guess, much appreciated


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Nice one Wayne. Really is a super image. Well done to all who made it out and imaged and thanks for a great roundup Baz.

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