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HEQ5 Pro polar alignment with SynScan

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I think all will be obvious when you get the HEQ5 set upon the tripod! 




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Hi  I have just bought the same Mount as you have and also have the same reticle as your self after doing the 1 time set up for home position i am in the same position as you. as i am reading threw all the replies you have received it hit me like a hammer hitting an egg. we are both pointing our mount with scope to the northern celestial pole  at this point it is a case of making sure that the RA and Dec clutches are locked and in the home position scope up weights down.   Now comes the light bulb.  using just your alt adjusting bolts the flippy ones front and back adjust the position of Polaris and do the same with the 2 small Dec bolts on the front loosen one tighten the other and Polaris will move. don't forget the clock on the reticle goes anti-clock wise hope this works or have you already tried this  if you have an antenna with a light on it try aligning this to the position of Polaris if you have cloudy skies. 

Clear Skies Moe

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