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My dads new setup


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Hey guys, my dad went ahead and bought a set of bins and a scope without really talking to anybody. I advised him to join the local astronomy society and have a chat with them but he caved when he read the guide to the night sky for April in AN mag!

So he went for a set of Barska 15x70 bins and a SW 127 Mak synscan GOTO alt-az mount.

Any thoughts/experience about how good bad either the scope or bins are would be appreciated as I have not heard of the bins or experienced the scope setup before.



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I don't know the bins Felix - but 15x70 is a nice size as we both know. The Mak is a great little scope and will hold collimation well cos of it's design. I've seen people do some great solar system imaging with it. He'll love the goto and there's enough bright objects in the database to keep him busy for a year or two - though the deeper, fainter objects will be out of range cos of the small aperture. But you can allways take your dob to cover those for him when you visit lol :)

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Nice one.Thanks guys. Just wanted to check he had bought some good gear. It appears he has done well without anybody's help! :)

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I have no experience of the bins but have owned two 127 Mak's, one blue and one black tubed model.

I loved the 127 Mak, it made no big demands on the mount, i used a EQ3-2 and was rock solid for visual.

Nice and comfortable viewing position (if you have ever looked through a 150mm F8 Refractor or a 120mm F8.33 come to think of it you will know what I mean).

I used mine for mainly the Moon but also planets, a view of the Moon at 150x will blow his socks off.


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I love my 127mak.

I mainly use mine for imaging the planets.

I did use it the other night for a spot of visual so I popped my 30mm eyepiece in and toured the sky with the synscan tour. Feint fuzzies are not as bright but they were visable.

The best object that night was the Christmas tree which just fitted in the eyepiece.

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