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Macclesfield Astronomical Society Guest Lecture 3rd April


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I just received this and thought some of you guys might be interested.


Hello everyone

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend a special April lecture to be held by Macclesfield Astronomical Society.

Our speaker will be Peter McLeish of Quebec, Canada, who specialises in multi-media events which highlight the beauty of science. His subject for the evening will be the nature of Red Sprites - an elusive phenomena created by powerful thunderstorms.

Part of the lecture will include 'The Hundred Year Hunt For The Red Sprite' a 40 minute film which documents one of the most unexpected and rare scientific findings in the atmosphere during the late 20th century. The film also discusses aspects of astronomy, space science and meteorology.

The venue for our event will be Hulley's at AstraZeneca Macclesfield, just outside the town centre. The building is very modern and provides all the necessary facilities for an excellent evening, including a licensed bar. Access to the venue is easy with ample free car parking nearby.

The date of Peter McLeish's lecture will be Tuesday, April 3rd 2012, starting at 2000. Tickets are priced at £3.00. If you are a member of Macclesfield Astronomical Society, entry is free.

To make a reservation simply send an e-mail to chairman@maccastro.com. Please do not hesitate to make an enquiry if you have any questions. Alternatively you will find all the necessary details including a location map at www.maccastro.com.

Finally, thank you for reading this message, and for your support. I hope to see you on April 3rd!

Best wishes

Andrew Greenwood

Chairman, Macclesfield Astronomical Society



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I've seen that film about the hunt for red sprites - fascinating it was and if I recall there's a view out of the aircraft window (flying on the edge of space) with little or no atmosphere, at Saturn with the rings face on to Earth. It was awesome to see it that way and well worth watching just for that on 20 seconds shot of Saturn's rings alone.

Shame I won't be able to make the meeting though - sounds like it'll be a good one :)

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