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M 42 in Narrow Band

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Sorry but I had to do the customary M42.

Taken with the GT 81

Atik 414.


11 X 100 second subs in HA, OIII and SII.


Stacked in Maxim.

Processed in PS 6.


I know it needs a load more data but heck you have to grab what you can at the moment :rofl:




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3 hours ago, red dwalf said:

well done Graham, i`ve been doing this target too for over 6 weeks but only managed about 7 hours worth of data, did a few 15 minute subs last night.


Rob can you post up an HA pic.

I want to compare it to my 414.

I am not that impressed with the 414 in fact I would go as far as to say my old 314 was far better.

Anyway it has got to go back under warranty as the power socket is faulty, I might just exchange it plus the extra for the 460.

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Will do Graham, would you like a single sub or a processed image ?

I had the 414 mono which I upgraded from the 314, I did a comparison which is somewhere in the forum which showed slightly better ha signal than the 314, but I still wanted something better so I returned it to flo and they very kindly exchanged it for the 460 which has smaller pixels than the 414 and works fairly well with the gt 81 and reducer, you'll need the reduced as you'll get elongated stars on the edges of the frame.  apart from the chip size I'm very happy with the camera.

Also a bit of a bargain as when they first came out they were over £2000.

I also only cool the camera down to -10 on advice from atik guys. 

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