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dslr(canon) control using VirtualUSB - anyone tried it

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I have set up a test bed of a Ubuntu desktop(live CD on old vista compaq laptop) running virtualhere usb (server end) and a client of Virualhere usb(on Windows 10 - 10inch tablet) to control my Canon Dslr via BYE. As I use IP to control my mount via EQMOD and a remote virtual serial converter located at the AZEQ6 I was wanting to remove the long usb cables(yes I know I can use a USB home at the mount). I was wondering if anyone has gone this route?  my tests so far have shown BYE can connect to the canon dslr ok and take pictures/download in the normal way but i am bothered I may be loosing some speed - although tests so far appear fine. The Linux server end has a USB hub(doesn't need to could have used the onboard port by itself) which the canon is connected to in the normal way and is recognised by Ubuntu ok. The virtual client is running on a windows 10 tablet and seems to perform ok todate under test conditions. I have also connected Sharpcap(2.7) ,running on the Win 10 tablet) to the web cam(inbuilt into laptop) on the Ubuntu laptop - no problem but frames were down to 6fps. If anyone else had tried this I would be grateful to get any feedback - thanks.


Not sure if this is in the right place as it concerns mounts,camera and anything USB connected!


VNC etc been there done that so this is something different.

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