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Ep case foam.

Daz Type-R

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I need to replace my foam in some of my Maplins flight cases as things have been sold, changed ETC over the years and I'm wondering where you get your replacement foam from?


I can find loads of places on the net from Amazon, e-bay ETC but none of them seem to do the size I need.


I know a number of you have cases that are similar if not identical to mine and I'm wondering where you have got your replacement foam from?


Im pretty sure this is my case as the price and product code seem to jog a memory but my measurements just don't add up, my interior dimensions seem 10mm shorter, it's proberbly my measuring but I've measured it loads and keep getting the same length.....




My internal measurements are 430mm X 310mm on my box.




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That's the closest measurements I've seen Rob, thanks for that.


But somebody must sell it here in the UK.


At least I can get it if I can't find a UK supplier.

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On ‎09‎/‎01‎/‎2016 at 20:05, Bino-viewer said:

TS are actually better than most UK suppliers.


Usually takes 3 days from ordering to receiving.

They are often cheaper than UK prices too.


I use them (and FLO) alot.

I agree Rob. :good3:


And TS have a massive variety of gear for sale when you really get to look around their website.

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2 hours ago, Tweedledee said:



And TS have a massive variety of gear for sale when you really get to look around their website.


Yes, they do indeed. And that includes Dobsonian tracking platforms.....;)

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Right-o, next question.


How do you cut / shape yours?


I have had 2 of these cases in the past, both with the pre-scored pick and pluck (I think its called that) foam, I have in the past took out all the sections I require and then cut them to size with scissors, I`m just wondering if there is a better way, as mine do not look very neat?

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I think this is what you need to make a really neat job Darren...



There are lots of different usually dearer versions of hot knives around. This one comes with an instruction DVD. I'm thinking of trying one to make a custom job rather than using pick n pluck foam.

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Yeah scissors do mess it up. I use a very sharp carving knife to get a clean cut - one stroke at a time if poss without pressing the foam down - but often it's more like two or three strokes. Avoid a sawing action - but if you do mess up a cut then place the bad side down in the case or towards the edges. Use a steel to get a real sharp edge on your knife. The only other way is how the pro's do it (case makers etc) they use very fine hot wire to cut shapes using cnc technology. :)

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Hope you peeps don,t mind me mentioning this, and please delete if I,m breaking any rules as I,m 

no longer an advertiser.

I,ve got loads of blocks to fit the N70AP in stock.


So believe me they are available in the UK


For those who follow my FB page, I,ve just done a post about this subject

Not doing an outside link as I,m not an advertiser 

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Thanks for that - will keep you in mind if I need anymore - I have 2 more cases but was hoping to get everything in the 1 to save on lugging stuff about.


Feel better about getting stuff from people I am familiar with (just received some foam from an Amazon market place seller - while fine this time I have had a bad experience with some in the past).



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