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Hi folks. Total newb here.

Starman 1967

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Hey people.

ive always been interested in the stars, space and  Sifi. Always wanted a telescope but never got around to getting one.

so now I'm at that stage and I'm ready to delve. 

Id like to do Astro photography, planets, stars, moon, sun, and wide field. Also interested in live viewing too.

i have a camera a Sony a6000 and I've been told this should be good enough for my requirements to start with.

im looking to by a scope pretty soon so looking for advise and tips. I do have an idea what I want as I've asked around but all suggestions are welcome.

this is what I'm aiming for.




say hello and give me your views of do's and don'ts and must gets and don't gets. That scope is my budget maxed out so any thing else would come at a later time.


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Hi Darren, a warm welcome to EMS.

I don't do imaging, just visual, so I am unable to help on the imaging front, but the 200P delivers on the visual front. That and it's cousin the Skyliner 200P are probably two of the most popular scopes out there. And rightly so, they are excellent value for money.


Feel free to ask any questions and someone will help out. We are having a meeting next weekend at Wymeswold, you are very welcome to come along and join in. See the info and announcements section.

Enjoy the forum.

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Welcome aboard! I started with the 200p but on an eq5. The heq5 is much better for this scope especially if you are putting a camera on it. Don't forget the solar film filter if you plan to look at or image the Sun though!!

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Welcome to the forum. I started with a 200P Dob and then plonked it on an NEQ6 and did a lot of my planetary imaging with that setup. You'll get some fab results with the above setup.

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Hi Darren. Welcome to EMS


If it was me, and i'd got that budget, i'd get a 200mm (or maybe 250mm) Dob for when you want to observe.

Like this one. Amazing value, and 'bang for your buck'




The scope you link to at RVS is nice, but if you just want a grab / go session, you'll soon tire of setting up an equatorial.


For imaging, i'd look at a refractor in the 80mm range. And then get a dedicated mount to go with it.

Plenty of second hand bargains are to be had as well. Look on UK Astro / Buy & Sell and see whats about.


I'm thinking of an 80mm refractor ; something lightweight that i can maybe take abroad.

And i have this on my 'maybe' list.....






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