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Not the biggest or brightest but for a minute or two of capture im pleased.. 30% of 3000 frames, 8.30 pm last night

Uploaded to dropbox but it says i have a 2gb limit and its full...will look into it felix

Very nice shot Wayne. What camera were you using? Any chance of uploading the original avi so I can have a look at all? It's been ages since I had a go at a Jupiter avi. Still awaiting some final bits of my setup and then I'll be joining you in he pursuit of imaging this beautiful planet. Really nice capture. Well done.

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No worries bud, it was the qhy55l mono i use for guiding, i was actually messing around with phd2 drift align and hadn't noticed that jupiter had come up...can you recommend anywhere for a 3.5GB upload Felix? and thanks guys..

Stephen not sure if i can make it bigger as it was a quick capture, im not sure if there is that much data/focus, but will try 

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Hey Wayne, just open a free Dropbox account (max 5gb) for free accounts. Upload the file and click share and copy the link to here. No worries if it's too much hassle, would just be interested to see the original footage :)

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