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Daz Type-R

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You have my sympathies Phil.

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Sorry to hear about your loss Phil.

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I am so sorry to read this sad news. Please accept our condolences.

Give Fliss a hug from us. 

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Thanks guys the kind words are much appreciated. Dad didn't quite make 90, he always actually wanted to beat his grandmothers record of 96.


Its all been a bit of a whirlwind of a time these past couple of months. Then Sunday was spent in shock, Monday was just hollow and today its been busying ourselves with sorting arrangements out and doing a bit of work to get back into living again.


When you get to a certain age its a fact of life that members of ones family get taken from you. If your lucky it doesn't happen till later in life but then it all seems to come at once.

 The past 10 years has just been one after the other it seems. This is the fourth funeral in 10 years that I'm arranging, (3 in the past 4 years), I reckon I should go into competition with the co op:) You also have to learn to develop a sense of humour at times like these as well to help you through.


Thanks again


Looking forward to the next meet, thanks for putting these on folks


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