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Apollo 15 CMP


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something like that


Al was the better speaker but Charlie looked exhausted as he was at the end of the tour and we left him alone at the pre meet.

I was lucky on both counts to be invited to go and meet both before the talks, I believe there can be money exchanged for photos with them.

Only astronaut I have had in the dome (that I know of) was an Italian that was in training to go up to the ISS - not even sure he went up TBH.

I have had royality though one of the princesses came in at the science museum when she was of school age Eugenie i think it was - the security was very tight and she had a rather large minder with her

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Hi everyone, look- I know it's polite to do an introduction but I've been lurking for a while and right now I would just like to share this one with you guys.


This is Alan Bean at the annual Autographica event at Heathrow, I think the fourth fella to walk. Photos are "free" insofar as you have to have stumped up about £60 for a personalised autographed photograph and then Q-U-E-U-E. I had a neat video too but deleted it in a careless moment. He's a really great guy. I attended his lecture for another £10 well spent.

These astronauts were on ordinary military wages related to rank and so I had no problem with the cost for a photo and would do it all again with a decent camera next time!

Buzz was there too, but he wanted about £300 unless you already had Neil Armstrong's and Edwin Collins' on a photo at which point it jumped to around £700, but from what I knew already, he wasn't on my list...

My names Steve BTW!


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