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Tim Peake Tour - heads up.


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Just a quick heads up for anyone following Tim Peake the ISS astronaut.

He's visiting the National Space Center in Leicester today - so if you're in the Leicester area it may be worth your while dropping in.

See here for further details: http://www.esa.int/ESA_in_your_country/United_Kingdom/Tim_Peake_to_tour_the_UK

If you go - have fun

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Cheers Kim but what a stupid day to do it!


I would have loved to have gone and I`m sure my son would have but I`m at work and my son is at school.


Not the best way to inspire the younger generation if they cant get to see him - but I will let him off though - he normally does some fantastic out-reach.

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All the tickets for the Leicester event went within a couple of hours of them going on sale (about two weeks ago). I know, 'cos I tried to get some!. Also tried to check other venues last week, all sold out except Belfast..



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Yeah - bit of a daft day to do it - and obviously not a big enough venue for the demand. I only heard about it this morning on the news - so it coulda been advertised a bit better and a lot earlier imho. :)

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