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Finding Andromeda Galaxy


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Hi All


If all is clear tonight at midnight im hoping to find the Andromeda Galaxy 

Although im sure i might have problems with the moon being full

Would i still be able to view it with my scope ?




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Take a line from Markab through Alphertaz in the Great Square of Pegasus and project it past Alphertaz. Take another line in the direction pointed by the arrow in the pointy end of Cassiopeia through Schedar.

Where the two imaginary lines cross you'll find Andromeda just to the right of their intersection. Pan around a bit and you'll see a faint oval smudge with a slightly brighter center. Can't miss it in bins - dead obvious - even more so in a scope. Hth :)

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I've just had a look at it in 8x42's and 15x70's but it is not much to look at with the supermoon below it. It'll hardly be any better at midnight as the moon will still be roughly in the same place relative to the galaxy.


Have a go now, but you've picked the worst night of the month to see it due to the moon. It will look much better by the middle to end of this week when the moon is waning and out of the way.


Good luck.

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If you can locate 2nd mag Mirach then 4th mag mu Andromedae four degrees above (a bit more than half the average binocular field) then M31 is just 3.5 degrees above mu on the exact straight line through Mirach and mu...


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I had a look earlier through the Newt.

I found it ok. But it looked very dim.


Then i realised i'd left a neutral density filter in the bino......:facepalm:


Despite the moon, i could see M32 and M110 easily. But not M33 though.


Just 3 targets tonight. Lunar, Andromeda and the Pleiades. Naked eye spotting of The Pleiades was a challenge in itself.

I took a few images of Lunar, fiddled about with the collimation, then called it a night.


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The week before last I was up in the Lake District and - for the first time ever - managed to find Andromeda with naked eyes. It looked pretty good in the 7x50 Zeiss binos as well. Add to that a spectacular milky way, plus a few Orionids and in made for a worthwhile 15 minute clear session. sadly, it was the only time I saw anything that week.

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