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Brian Cox on tour

Rusty Strings

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I'd like to go too, but its hard to know about work etc 8 months in advance.

Expensive tickets prices though. I think £40 is a bit steep.


I saw him do a presentation at Astrofest a few years ago.

He's a good speaker, but i found his talk hard to understand that day. I'm afraid particle physics is a bit beyond me......

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Saw him last night at DeMontfort. Excellent show, although I have to say that without Robin Ince (who I've seen before on one of his solo gigs), it could have felt a bit longer. Sadly, I also had to contend with the wife (who bought the tickets for my birthday) nodding off in the second half... Also noticed that there were a few people who went out at the break and didn't return :facepalm:



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I was there too! Throughly enjoyed it. People were definitely getting restless towards the end and it was quite warm. Didn't learn anything particularly new but Rob Ince made it much more entertaining.

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