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This is how we did it in the 70s and 80s


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Moon from last weeks session. I wanted to use the last frames up on some film (Ilford FP4) that  I had in my 1984 Nikon FE slr. (The film was new, the camera is 1984 btw) :D

So I slapped it on the back of the Meade 127EDT I had set up and took a few shots with bracketed exposures.


So heres the result, a single exposure. This is what we had to put up with back then and I can tell you now I would have been over the moon (pun intended) :D to have got this back in the 70s with my Tasco 10TE and Zenit B.:D






And for comparison, here is the same shot but taken with the Nikon Df DSLR, similar settings



An interesting exercise. I think I will stick with the DSLR for lunar




OBTW both these are heavily cropped due to the small image scale of the moon on full frame, hence lack of detail

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Ta folks. Its nice to relive the experience, made me almost feel young again :D


I scanned it from negatives Graham. I send the films off to a lab for process only. They will scan and provide images on a CD but the high def scans are quite expensive, besides I like to play with my Epson V600 scanner :D

I use film quite a lot so decided to go the scanner route. One day I will process the films myself, I used to do it in the 70s and use my mates darkroom with developing and enlarging gear. Spent many a happy hour dodging and burning.

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