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Oh Dear


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Such a shame.

There must be a lot of people in the science team whose whole lifes work have pretty much gone into this.


300 kph impact ?

Wow.....(Ker....thud !!) 

I'll be interested in the high res images when they're available.

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It's an expensive way to make a new crater. It does seem an expensive way to carry out an experiment into whether or not the "crumple zone" type of landing works. It might have done had the rest of it gone well. For me, if you are deliberately subjecting something to an impact however controlled, you are asking for trouble. I don't know if making it to work with Earth gravity would be a fair insurance it would work on Mars, it would come in faster and harder. If it survived on Earth then would it not have a better chance on Mars? I am not sure how the aerodynamics of the parachutes work in the different atmospheres, with Mars being next to none existent, you need a different chute to Earth. But if you got it to survive touchdown you have got to be halfway there, you can never over engineer something, but you can make it cheaper.

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4 hours ago, Bino-viewer said:

Just goes to show what a feat NASA pulled off with the Curiosity rover.

To land something that big, with such a tricky descent was remarkable.


May have been a fluke, have to wait till 2020 to see if they can do it again :D


Looking forward to seeing if SpaceX can land a Dragon capsule on Mars in 2018.  They've impressed me landing the first stage on a barge at sea.

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