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Hi all I'm thinking about buying my first telescope which should I get and how much should I pay ? I've never owned one before so any advice please ? 

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This all depends on so many factors.


Do you want to do visual or astrophotography

Do you want a Goto telescope or learn the sky yourself

How much can you lift, scopes can be very heavy.

How much room do you have to store the scope

What is your budget

Have you taken in to account eyepieces, dew control etc


If you could answer some of these it would help.


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Hi Simon and welcome to EMS. :)


Doc's right - there's a lot of stuff to consider when buying a first scope. Mistakes can be costly so his questions are good ones aimed at saving you money and helping you get the right scope for you.


It would be a good idea for you to come to a club meeting and see some scopes in the flesh and chat with the folks about their gear. We all love waxing lyrical about our scopes lol. Or you'd be welcome to pop over and see some of my scopes and have a chat over a cuppa. PM me if you fancy meeting up sometime.


Hope to meet you soon. :)

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Hi Simon, a warm welcome to EMS.

As Doc mentioned there are a good few things to consider before parting with any cash. Binoculars are a good and cost effective way of getting started and will open up another level of sky for you.

Then it's down to what would suit you and your budget. Don't struggle, just ask and you will get sensible advice on the best you can get for the money you have. As I found out the hard way, all that glitters isn't always gold.

Popping over to Kim's would be a great way to start your search and see just how big some of this stuff can be.

Enjoy the forum. :)

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Hi Simon welcome to EMS ?

Starting out can be confusing, but you are doing the right thing by asking for advice on this forum. All the members will help you if they can.

Looking forward to hearing more about your progress into this great hobby...


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Hi Simon, welcome back.


I seem to remember you asking a similar question a few years ago, did a quick search and voila, found your post......




The answers (well most of them) are still valid, so that post should add to the points above.



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