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JWST Completed.


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NASA has announced that the build phase of this new space telescope is now complete. It will have to hang about for a bit, nearly two years until October 2018 before being launched. I suppose that will give everybody time to make sure there are no hiccups like the original Hubble optics.




I came across this article which describes the orbit it will be placed in and why. I was with it up to the point where hieroglyphics were used. It does explain Lagrange points and why they work.



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I know it has to go in for a lot of stress tests, they submit it to pressures and shake it to simulate what happens to the components during take off, they don't want anything falling off during launch, as once its up there, nobody's able to get to it to fix it, so it needs to be right first time.


Just hope it gets up there in one piece and works OK....

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They might need to clean the optics before they send it up.  I have a spare bottle of Optical Wonder I bought years ago at MC2 in Frome I can lend them.  I expect I can dig my laser collimator out while I'm at it.

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28 minutes ago, BAZ said:

Here's an interesting article, it looks like some of the dark arts are at work. I don't care who built it or what it is made with. Just make sure it works!



Fascinating stuff, thanks for that link. :thumbsup:

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