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Power feed build for my Milling Machine


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I decided to build a power feed for the "X" axis for the milling machine. I looked in the loft and found an old PC computer so ripped out the power supply unit. I needed 12v from this so I gathered all the yellow and black wires and ran five off each into a terminal block. At the same time I also ran the orange (3.3v) and red (5v) just in case I needed them. I also needed to hook up an on/off switch by using the Green wire.


Next thing was a general tidy up of the power supply  cutting off all the wires that were not needed. I then mounted the PSU onto a piece of MDF board.


Next I wired a motor controller, Potentiometer, On/off switch, and a DPDT switch to the PSU. The DPDT switch makes the motor change direction so I can forward or reverse the spindle.


The original motor I tried was too small and drew 0.23 amps the new one draws 2.3 amps and I can now run the power feed as low as a few RPM so very powerful.


The actual power feed is basically a 5/8" hexagon bar that I machined down and tapped with a 3/8 BSW thread, this screws onto the end of the feed screw. This in turn is connected via a dog clutch to the motor.


A 5/8 deep socket slides over this to provide a dog clutch. I still have to make something that will enable me to slide the socket back and forth.


It's a bit hard to grasp what I'm talking about so photo's will explain it a lot better.


The last thing I done was place all the electrics under the bench and place all the switches inside an enclosure.


I don't know how to embed videos so click on link below:






















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Very nice Mick.

One thing concerns me.

You say you screwed the Hex onto the feed screw.

How did you lock it in place.

If you didn't it will unscrew its self when you reverse the feed when taking a cut.. 

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