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IDAS - November 8th 2016 Meeting - "Equinox Sky Camp free for all"


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Hello All,


IDAS will be holding its next meeting on Tuesday November 8th, at the Hayloft, Erewash Museum, High Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5JA.  Doors will be open just after 7pm, while proceedings will begin at ~7:30pm. 


This month’s meeting will be an “Autumn Equinox Sky Camp 2016 free for all”.  Hopefully, members will be showing off their photographs/images of this year’s event.


If anyone wants to come along, then please do.  If you have a satnav then please use the address shown above.  You can also find an interactive findermap at Erewash Museum’s website:







Monmouth 3817

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Hello everyone.  Here’s a short report regarding our November meeting.


After a leisurely serving of coffee, tea and biscuits, the evening began with Mark Thomas (IDAS Secretary) giving members some Society news notes.  This included a reminder that next month’s meeting (on December 13th) was the Society’s annual general meeting/Christmas party, and everyone was encouraged to attend this very important meeting.   There was also a reminder concerning the Erewash Museum Astronomy Evening, that takes place on Saturday November 12th, and it was hoped members would be able to help out on what may be a very busy night. 


It was also mentioned that a Christmas Meal would be organised at the Hoggs Head, Ilkeston, sometime around mid-January - which everyone was clearly pleased to hear about!


This month’s meeting was entitled an “Equinox Sky Camp free for all”, and was organised to allow members to discuss and show off their images from this year’s Autumn Sky Camp.


First off, Russell King showed a series of very nice images of deep sky objects; that he obtained during his week-long sojourn to Kelling Heath.  Using 80mm and 150mm refractors, Russell managed to obtain many images, and these included the galaxy M33, the Swan nebula, the Pacman Nebula, M13, and a very good one of M45.


Next up was Mark Thomas, who gave a short presentation of his visit.  This included some general shots of the campsite, and some of the telescopes that members used.  Mark also showed some wide angle night-time shots, along with several deep sky images, which included the Dumbbell, and the galaxies M31 and M33 (which were all taken with his 120mm refractor).


Finally, John Cuthbertson showed off some fantastic images of the Sun, that he had taken with his Lunt solarscope.  These included a series of sequential images of an expanding prominence – stunning!  John also show off an image of the planet Uranus, that he had taken with his 100mm refractor.  Even though the exposure was very short (~10 seconds), it still showed many of the planet’s moons. 


After some more refreshments (and talking), the night came to an end far too early.  Even so, everyone enjoyed the entertaining evening.


Next month, it’s ar*e-kicking time, with our Annual General Meeting  J





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