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October 2016 PoTM.

Daz Type-R

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Sorry its late, had quite a bit on lately.


  • Comets.


Derek provided some different views of Ceres and Pallas as well as some planetary bodies.


  • DSO's.


We had a nice shot of M17 from Ron, Sunny Phil provided us with a M45 picture, Red Dwalf gave us two, the Soul nebula as well as M31, Sheila gave us a Kelling shot of the Cave nebula, Silent Running provided a nice picture of the Bubble nebula, Wolfman 55 gave us a nice picture of Stephens quintet, NGC7331, NGC891 and NGC898, Ibbo and Graham provided us with a shot of the Veil nebula, well done all, some crackers there.


  • Doubles




  • Lunar


Only 2 entries for October, Philjay and Sunny Phil.


  • Planetary




  • Sketching




  • Solar


Ibbo has been busy this month, giving us a near daily dose of our nearest star, shame it has been a tad on the quiet side.....   ;) 


  • Widefield


Philjay provided the sole entry this month, giving us a lovely wide field view of the Andromeda and Perseus regions.


But as normal, there can be only one winner, and this months winner of PoTM is............................................


@wolfman_55 picture of Stephens Quintet and NGC7331.




I like this as it gives a fantastic wide view of this region of space, there is loads going off with a number of NGC's and you have also managed to capture some detail in the large galaxy NGC7331, top stuff.




Congrats to all, you didn't make it easy, keep it coming guys and gals, especially now the clocks have gone back and the dark nights are upon us.

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Gosh, lost for words. Many thanks for your kind comments, makes the hours of setting up, processing and all the things that go wrong worth it.


If only we had more clear skies........





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