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Jan interesting snaps


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I thought  very interesting object's particular what is the red moon shape object,would also like to know some of the

other planet's and star's.thanks,

TAKEN AT 5.24PM   1SEC f/5.6  800 iso,d5300 Nikon.



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Hi Ken, you could do with an app like Skysafari or stellarium etc to see the positions of planets and the moon etc. Printed star atlases don't show the wandering planets or positions of our moon, or indeed the planets moons. Also monthly magazines like Sky at Night, or Astronomy Now show the rough monthly positions etc.

E.g. Mars and Neptune are moving quite rapidly relatively to each other and the background stars... also the moon is moving several degrees every day...

you image shows mars top left then the moon in the middle of course and Venus bottom right. The red crescent shape looks like a ghost image of the moon, this is probably an optical phenomenon due to a reflection from a part of the optical train...

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