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Hi all,


Just a little hello to say I'm Mike, live in Rothley (between Leicester and Loughborough). Long-time admirer of the stars, rather in to night sky photography. I'm originally from Newcastle, which is close to several excellent dark sky sites (Milky Way Class) and am looking for places closest to me where I can visit when the weather is right that has a similar SQM score.


Considering investing in an equatorial mount to capture better images of the night sky, and indeed a telescope but let's take one thing at a time... 


Looking forward to reading and contributing to this forum.



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Hi Mike, a warm welcome to EMS.

You might have a long way to travel to get really dark skies living in the Midlands, it's pretty poor locally.  Have a look round on this dark sky map, it is pretty good and accurate.




We meet at Wymeswold Cricket Club which is about as dark as it gets Leicester way, we also have a dark site at Belper Cricket Club, which is a notch darker, but we generally can't use it during cricket season. Keep an eye on the info section for the next meet, you would be very welcome to pop along.


A decent EQ mount is defo the priority for imaging, those who do image will be along shortly to say hi and offer their advice to help you get going.


Enjoy the forum. :)

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Thanks, all.


That light pollution map does make depressing reading! Guess I've been spoilt. Still, I'm going to make it my mission to find the best dark site within an hour from my house.


You can find some of my night sky shots on Instagram (www.instagram.com/itsmichaelhughes); they've all been taken with a Fuji X100s, which isn't really designed for that purpose. Am currently deciding between a Nikon D750 or D810, after which an EQ will be at the top of the list.







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The mount is the most important part of an imaging rig so I would suggest making that the priority. If you intend using a scope then get a fast one around f-5. And for the camera you will need to decide if it's to be modded - i.e. red filter removed and chip shimmed for capturing Ha wavelenths. This may influence your choice of make and model. I can totally recommend a good read of Making Every Photon Count by Steve Richards which is widely regarded as the astro photographers bible. Hth :)

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