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sharpcap polar align feature


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Has anyone used the sharpcap polar align feature ,what are your thoughts ,any good

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I've tried this a couple of times, get to second accuracy with adjustments, but minutes out after a 2 star alignment! Use 2 scopes on a T bar, perhaps this upsets the apple cart.

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If you read the above item and go to SGL Stuart explains the principle and it doesn't really matter on where the scope is so long as the scope is attached to the mount and does not "flex" too much then it is using simple maths (:facepalm2:) to check the polar alignment. Now look what an arc second is - pretty dam small and I don't believe for one moment that all the components, in most normally priced mounts, arethat well engineered no matter what the tech spec says (Perhaps Graham would comment). Add to this the  scope balancing,loose camera mount,worn stepper motors ,worn gear cogs/belts ,worn bolts etc etc it all adds up!


You don't say if you are using a perm mount or if you are polar aligning every session or if you are using an handset etc but just MAYBE the problem is else where.  

I agree neither the Sharpcap polar alignment or commercial polar align camera's are perfect but still they SHOULD be better than doing Drift Alignment in terms of speed at least.


I still use Eqmods "Alignment points/triangle" to home my accuracy. It this does seem to improve guiding results in some area's of the sky so, even with good polar alignment ,something is clearly not 100% with me or my set up. Having said that others say the results in PHD2/PHD are far better and they don't do any other alignment.  As they have far more knowledge than me in Astrophotography/guiding i would believe them.


But after reading Stuarts comments I believe there could be problem with Polemaster so maybe there is something we are all missing and time will tell.


Perhaps a step by step change might find the problem - so perhaps number 1 should be to align with one scope attached. Perhaps remove the 2 point alignment.


I for one would be interested in the results.  Good Luck hope it works for you.


Plus remember Sharpcap is free , Polemaster and the like cost £££ so that's a big plus in my book.


However please think about donating to Sharpcap ( I am no way connected) as the guy puts a lot of work into the program.


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My set up is an eq6  not a permant setup qhy5l-11 with a qhy finder scope , I was googling pole master alternative and was unaware of sharp caps feature , guiding is all new to me but hopefully will get sorted out soon , yes free is good and I have donated to software in the past no problems doing that just didn't want to spend £250 on a camera for PA .i have read the SGL thread great info ?

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