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A little Eyup from Notts


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Hi folks :)

I'm Adam - and I've been battling the clouds for about a year now, having recently upgraded from my little EQ mounted reflector to a nice big (in comparison :D) Dob - a Skyliner 200p.  Still consider myself 'new' to this really despite enjoying the skies for a year - but that's just the way I like it - always something new to learn!

Right - I'm back off into the garden whilst the weather's alreet, ha.

All best,



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Eyup my duck !!


Welcome to EMS. I'm Derby based, but work in Notts.

I've been into this crazy hobby properly for the last 10-15 years or so.

I still consider myself a beginner ; maybe the next step past that point, but like you say, always something new to learn. And see !!


Enjoy the forum : we are a very friendly bunch and help is always at hand.

Hope to meet you sometime ! Keep looking up !! :):telescope:


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Hi Adam and welcome to EMS :)


Another long term beginner here of about 8 yrs lol. Enjoy the forum and hope to meet you soon at a meeting.

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Hi Adam, a warm welcome to EMS.

Well you picked a cracking scope to upgrade to, they are one of the most popular scopes out there, and they certainly provide the views.

There are a few modifications you can do to make this experience a bit more enjoyable, have a look at the bottom of Daz Type R's signature to get a taste of what you can do. (little clicky links)


There are some great objects out there at the moment, The Virgo galaxy cluster being my favourite at this time of year.

Enjoy the forum and if you have any questions just ask away. :)

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Hello and welcome to the forum, nice choice of upgrade, but then I would say that ;) 


The 200P is moddable very easily and in my opinion modding it is required to get the best out of it.  Give me a shout if you want any help or just fancy a look at mine (ooo errr), I'm in Hucknall so shouldn't be too far away.


In the meantime I hope you enjoy the forum.

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