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EMS Image of the Year 2016


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Well done Derek, finding the stuff flying around our solar system seems to be your forte. Keep up the good work, hope to see some more soon.


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Excellent stuff Derek. A lot of things had to come together perfectly to get that, including the clouds not being around during that very short time window you had. You planned well and executed it all with great precision.  :respect:


Well chosen Phil. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the write up Phil, really appreciated.


Also congratulations goes to Steve and Derek, Steve has been producing some belting imagines as of late, keep it up and I'm enjoying looking at what Derek has managed to capture, all fantastic stuff!





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excellent job Derek, and well done to all the other participants and thier excellent images, everyone is worthy of a mention as it wasnt that long ago that taking pictures like these were for professionals with big budgets and loads of equipment.

i think we get complacent now days when we see so many excellent images and videos of amazing things, so keep up the good work.

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Good to see some real astronomy being done round here [emoji4] [emoji6] [emoji106]

Well done Derek. A worthy winner.

Best wishes to all


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On 30/01/2017 at 19:55, philjay said:

Picture of the Year 2016

Well it's that time of year to announce the POTY for 2016. This is the judges favourite from the POTM entries for the past year and by heck theres been some good stuff entered. Keep it coming folks.

I'm not going to link to all the monthly winners here as that would be a pain to read, besides its already been done so I'm just going to announce it and link to teh winning image.


Having said that, it wasn't easy.

There were 2 images that said it all to me and they were:-


 Ibbos  Sol action from March.


Why? Well I am a bit of a solar imager myself and can not only appreciate the work thats gone into this image but the detail, colour, texture and the stuff thats going on that Steve has captured just make it a WOW image.



Dereks image of the Near Earth Asteroid passing by Polaris


Why? This is Astronomy and it's great to see.  I can appreciate the research that went into finding out the when's ,  where's and times to capture this object and then the work involved in setting up and capturing it.

Great work Derek


So my ultimate vote seeing as I must choose one isssss.............................................................................................................

Derek for some true Astronomy well done and keep them coming

Oh my gosh. This came as an unexpected surprise.  I am humbled.  I'd like to thank Phil for doing this, and to everyone for the nice comments.  I appreciated this very much.  It helps me to gain confidence and inspires me to continue imaging the sky.  I would also like to say well done to Steve too. 

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