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Things are moving on!


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23.00hrs: Just popped out to see what the chances were of a session! 

Lots of cloud lurking, backlit by a blazing half moon. There were a few gaps but, oh dear, things are certainly moving on again! The great Orion is moving off to the west and Leo is looming into the picture...


It must be weeks since I had a decent late session due to poor weather but the seasons are marching on... gazing at the stars my thoughts then turned to things to come, the Leo triplet, Also Leo's M95, M96 & M105 and the Virgo spring galaxies... Markarians chain... and the mighty Jupiter! 
This brought a smile to my face ?

Surely the clouds will occasionally part long enough, to allow us to feast on these tasty delights!!!

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I was just thinking the same Steve. Seems like just 5 minutes since we were eagerly awaiting the delights of Orion rising at a reasonable hour, now it is at its peak about 8.30pm. Life and clouds sometimes get in the way of enjoying it, but there's always something new and exciting waiting in the wings. :)

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