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Dark skies

Guest Pat

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Hello people 

I've just joined and I was wandering if anyone as directions. .post code ect to the dark site at Belper or was it Heanor  i wanted to have quick look in the daylight. 

Im new to looking up and have just broght a little scope it as the go too motors on... are these sort of scopes allowed on sight or do the motor noise get on people nerves 

Regards pat 

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Hi Pat, welcome to the forum.


We have 2 dark sites, one out near Ambergate right at the end of the A610 and another one in Wymeswold approximately 15 minutes drive south of the Nottingham Night hotel on the A52.


These types of scopes are allowed (in fact - all types of scopes are allowed), most of our members have motorised scopes these days, there are just some of us who do things the old fashioned way still :P


What make / model of scope do you have?


Access to the dark sites are normally for dark site members, but on monthly meets and other occasions anybody can attend - the dark site at Ambergate is in the middle of nowhere and can be tricky to find, especially for the first time.  If you wish to become a dark site member, your first visit to each dark site is free, just to see if you like it / us ETC.


In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the forum, any questions please feel free to shout up in the relevant section.

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Hi again guys 

Thanks for replying 

I have a broght a meade etx 125.. not used yet 

I don't mind paying 20 pounds as my back garden is lit up by street lighting. The 610 ambergate sight sound closer for me 


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