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Next Meeting 23rd February - Aurora at Jupiter

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The next meeting of the Long Eaton Astronomical Society is this Thursday the 23rd February. Guest speaker Rosie Johnson of Leicester University will be giving a talk entitled "The Aurora at Jupiter". Jupiter like the Earth has spectacular Aurora but unlike Earth the mechanisms driving it are much different. Rosie's studies have probed this using telescopes across the globe including one owned by NASA.


Start time is at 7pm with refreshments available from 6:30pm. Entry is free for members (memberships now renewing for 2017 at £15 for the year). Visitors most welcome for a suggested donation of £2 towards refreshments etc. Under 16's welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.


After the talk there may be chance for some observing if the weather allows.

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Will have a word with the boss and see if I can get a pass out.


For those of you who attended a EMS monthly meet last year at Wymeswold (around August time ish) we also had Rosie come talk to us around the Juno probe and the aurora of Jupiter, also her time spent at Hawaii, all top stuff.



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