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This is 25 minutes (5x500sec subs) luminence with the iTelescope T18 318mm F8.0 Planewave CDK in Spain. 


Still a bit patchy, but a bit more Luminence and then RGB should smooth things out I hope.


This was my third attempt at getting on this scope. I started at 20:45 our time and got part way through and it cancelled the run due to a reservation had priority and I had missed. The reserve didn't turn up so the scope became free and some begger jumped in, grr :angry:. So I waited for them to finish and another reservation beat me. They didn't turn up so I then blagged the scope and did a 20 minute run, I added the previous nights 5 minutes.


Ive now run out of imaging  points (cos Ive been messing around a lot:lol:on various scopes) so will wait for my top up  next week before trying again. Besides, weather forecast for the  obs region is poor.


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Was just wondering what the other objects were in there so did some searching



Not sure if the small edge on galaxy like object is PGC28848 or not, it seems a bit close to me for it to be that. Looks to detailed to be an artefact though




m81lumnom copy.jpg

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Nope don't think its PGC28848. This is Skymapro 11 with background image overlay and its on there but unidentified. I have found a couple more images on the web with it on so its not an artefact. Interesting.



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