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iTelescope.Net Sky Tours Episode - Jupiter


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Might be interesting .... it is one of their free streams.


A Closeup of Jupiter!


his episode's theme is A Closeup of Jupiter.  We will be exploring the planet Jupiter Live so long as weather permits.  If the weather interrupts, this, however, we will be exploring the moon!

This episode will be free for anyone - all you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK  once the stream has begun and it will take you to the iTelescope.Net live stream on YouTube. 

We will begin streaming March 11th at 16:00 UTC (3:00 AEDT - Eastern Australian, 11:00 AM EST - Eastern US, and 8:00 AM PST - Pacific US), and we hope you will join us!


iTelescope Sky Tours FAQ  http://support.itelescope.net/support/solutions/articles/224389-itelescope-net-sky-tours-faqs





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Very interesting, thanks for posting that Al. :thumbsup:


Looking forward to seeing this. 

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