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Ultimate Remote USB and power module - maybe


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Came across an interesting article about a Swedish company who are about to release a "remote" USB/Power distribution hub.


Allows Camera's,Focus's ,Heaters etc to be controlled remotely and sits in between the Mount and Scope. Plus acts as a Ascom remote server so some devices can be shared. Plus "should"  cut down on wires (DC and USB)


No price as yet but maybe interesting 


http://blueastro.se/index.php?id=20  full article in Astronomy Techn Today Vol 10 issue 4 2016 - to those who subscribe.

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that looks like a great device, a bit like one hitec astro used to make , which was expensive, hopefully this one will be reasonably priced and then i`m sure it`ll sell well, i`m always looking at ways of getting rid of cables or tidying them up, it can make a big difference to guiding.

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Wasnt the Hitec Astro Ultimate about £350+  - :(.

 Like you say Rob if it was keenly priced AND worked!! then nice - comes in 3 flavours - one is just the board so maybe that might be priced better - if its released in the UK.


The alternative is this very small (size of a brick) DC powered ,fast processor(i3-i7),high memory (16GB) ,4 port USB ,wireless/wire "mini windows 10 PC's" - but the good ones are £400+ quid and it doesn't do the DC distribution.


I will keep an eye on the BlueAstro.

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