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Scientists Are Rethinking Where Earth's Water Came From


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Interesting article here:




.....Geoscientists continue to debate two competing theories.

One suggests that Earth's water might have been captured from asteroids and comets that collided with the planet. But recent research has strengthened the case for the other hypothesis that water was always present in the rocks of Earth's mantle and was gradually released to the surface through volcanoes.

Working out which mechanism was more important would not only give us a better understanding of Earth's history but also help us in the search for other planets that could support life.


I'm still of the opinion that the most likely source of our water is from asteroids and comets since we have a very small sample size of these to compare chemical composition from so far which I don't consider strong enough evidence on which to base a conclusive argument. I also find the idea that water was already here all too convenient.

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