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jupiter 25.3.17


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First outing in months ,nothing went to plan  ended up faffing about  but done some captures on jupiter can`t seem to get the sharpness but may be down to seeing on the night 6k of frames ran through pipp then AS2 best 35%, wavelets in registax 6 on the plus side collimation seemed to be spot on ,and the SSD drive runs like a dream capturing at  60fps no buffering using the QHY5L-11



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bit better 1x1 binning mode in ezplanetary 


1 minute ago, Tweedledee said:

Very nice and lots of detail. :thumbsup:

Thanks pete


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Lovely detail and nice colours! I would be chuffed with that image ?

Its been a while since we have had any decent opportunities, but it is great to be back in the saddle...


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