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Comet 41p


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Had a quick look at 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak in the 15x70's tonight.


I updated comets in Stellarium for accurate positioning, and saw I could follow a line of stars a few degrees from Thuban.


Stellarium has it at just brighter than 7th magnitude and other sources at nearly 9th magnitude. I think the fainter is more like it, in fact I could only just get it with averted vision, though I didn't have much dark adaptation. It was definitely a spread out round smudge so the surface brightness is going to be much less than the magnitude suggests, making it difficult in binoculars.


It is about time a more spectacular comet came along.

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You need to start wearing your red goggles in the house for a bit before you pop out for a quick bin session ;)?

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Nice one Pete, it didn't look that spectacular in the 8" dob either.

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